iOS 10: How To Become A Messages App Monarch (Continued)


Apple iOS 10 has brought a ton of features to the Messages App. Read on to find out more.

We’ve already told you how you can become the ultimate Messages App monarch in iOS 10. Now we’re going to let you in on more secrets that will give you more power over average joes who don’t appreciate the powerhouse that is Apple’s iOS 10 Messages App.

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As was indicated in the previous post, the Messages App in iOS 10 is probably the most modernized feature in iOS 10.

Just when everybody thought that the iOS 10 Messages App was starting to show its age, Apple came out with revolutionary upgrades that suddenly made the new Messages App in iOS 10 more exciting.

Apple did that with the addition of new features such as animations, stickers and much more.

So, here is how you can join in on all the action with iOS 10 Messages App.

Apple iOS 10 Messages App Allows Users to Send Quick Responses With Nothing But A Single Tap

No one likes to go through three of four sub-menus in order to pick out the perfect stock response to a message from a contact.

If you’re one of those people who just don’t like to type out everything every time a contact sends them a message then this new iOS 10 Message App feature is for you.

In the new iOS 10, Apple’s latest mobile operating system for iPhone 7 and other Apple devices, you can quickly add pre-made responses to your messages without much effort.

To do that, simply tap and hold on a message that you have received from any of your contacts and then, when the quick message pop-up appears on your screen, take a good look at the given options to send different quick responses.

You can easily send responses such as a heart, haha, thumbs up or down, ?? or even an A as your quick responses using the new iOS 10 Messages App.

The new iOS 10 Messages App will attach the quick response directly to your message and the augmented message will be seen in all its glory if the user at the receiving end has a iOS 10 supported Apple device.

That also means that if the person at the receiving end of your message is not using iOS 10 supported device, then that person is likely to see a weird-looking message that will basically describe the message instead of showing it to the receiver.

Do You Long For A Feature That Replaces Words With Emojis? Then Say Hello To The New iOS 10 Messages App

Yes, with the help of nothing but a tap you can actually replace words appearing in your messages with Emoji that add just a bit of more energy into your regular old boring text messages.

To replace a word with an Emoji in your iOS 10 Messages App, since type out your message the proper way.

In other words, write out your message as you would do normally. After you’ve done that then search your typed out messages for words that you think can be easily replaced with an emoji.

The iOS 10 Messages App user interface has been designed in a such a way that it makes it quite easy to search for words in your messages and then replace those words with emojis.

So don’t be discouraged by the fact that you will first have to search for replaceable words and then add emojis.

It doesn’t take much time either so there is no reason for you to not express yourself more vividly with the iOS 10 upgraded Message App.

Do take note that once you have typed out your entire message, you’ll have to actually tap the emoji button to get the process rolling.

Once you have hit the emoji button the new Messages App in iOS 10 will automatically highlight words that it thinks can be replaced with an appropriate emoji.

If you feel that one of the suggested emoji deserves to replace a given word then do that by tapping that particular word.

You’ll quickly notice that the new Messages App in iOS 10 will replace the word in an blink of an eye.

Who wants to send just text messages when the new iOS 10 Messages App has made it so easy for users to send emoji-filled messages to their friends and family.


Add balloons to you imessages.

The Messages App is More Than A Messaging Application

Did you know that you could download extra apps in order to add more stickers to your Messages App?

Not only that but the new iOS 10 Messages App also allows users to make payments through the Messages App and more if you know your way around the new iOS 10 Messages App.

This feature has been introduced for the first time in iOS 10 and it’s called the iMessages App Store.

No need to get intimidated by the new name. The iMessages App Store is just like your regular Apple App Store. However, one of the obvious differences between the two is that you have to access the iMessages App from within the Messages app.

That part shouldn’t sound difficult at all because the new iOS 10 Messages App has made it quite simple for users to access the iMessages App Store.

The iMessages App Store has been specifically designed for application that work inside the new iOS 10 Messages app.

The new feature comes with built-in functions that are bound to impress you. Right from the start, the new iMessages App Store gives you access to a dedicated GIF search engine. It also provides a few pre-written notes if that’s of any use to you.

But how about some more features? Well, here is how you can search (or explore) the iMessages App Store  for more rewarding apps.

  1. First, tap the arrow icon that is located right next to the text field in the new iOS 10 Messages app.
  2. After that’s done, hit the Apps icon.
  3. When you’re finished doing that, then tap the icon that looks like four circles and is located in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  4. Now, hit the Store button.

At this point, you should be able to browse the iMessages App Store for more content. Apps are that are available for download in the new iMessages App Store are fairly varied.

In fact, you can find apps that have all kinds of features that you may or may not ever need. To save yourself some precious time though, it is best that you stick to the various sticker packs along with games and image search engines.

These are probably the most useful apps that are available for download in the new iOS 10 Messages App’s iMessage App Store (that’s certainly a mouthful but that’s the app’s logical name).

Moreover, keep in mind that all the regular apps which you might have already installed on your Apple smartphone, preferably iPhone 7, may or may not have iMessages extensions.

Just to take a simple example, Yelp has an iMessages extension that allows users to search for coffee shops or restaurants right from Messages.

To do that, go to the store page and then hit the Manage button to see the list of apps that support iMessages Apps.

When you have found a compatible app, then you need to install it. To install it, first search for the app on the store and then hit the Get or Buy button.

If you have ever installed an app from the App Store (which is 99 percent of you folks) then you’re probably reasonably familiar with the whole process.

You can access the app (after you have search for and installed it first) by either performing a swipe action along the bottom of your smartphone’s screen while you’re in the Messages App Store menu or by hitting the four circles icon that is located in the bottom left corner of the screen in the Messages App.

Can other contacts see your extra purchased stickers if they haven’t purchased the same stickers pack?

Well, in some cases yes (if they have a set of stickers that are free such as the Mario ones) but mostly, they’ll see those stickers as images in your messages.


Customize your Message app according to your needs.

The new iOS 10 Messages App Can Send Read Receipts For Each Conversation.

This is also an important feature because sometimes you don’t want your friend/family/contact to know that you’ve read his/her message.

If you want to send read receipts some contacts and not to others then the new Messages App in iOS 10 has got you covered.

In other words, you can set your preferences for sending read receipts in the new iOS 10 without much effort.

To do that in the new Messages App simply tap the i icon that is located in the top right corner of any conversation thread.

Then scroll down until you’re able to see the option that read “Send read Receipts.”

After that, tap the Send Read Receipts option.

That’s it. You’re done.

Remember the QuickType Feature? It Has Been Upgraded (Just A Little) In The iOS 10 Messages App

Thanks to advances made in artificial intelligence and machine learning, smartphone device of today are better than ever at predicting what text a user is going to write next.

Apple is at the very forefront (behind Google of course) of using machine intelligence in its everyday apps.

And hence the predictive text in QuickType has gotten slightly smarter than before in the upgraded Messages app.

Now, it has the capability to suggest relevant answers to questions in your conversations. Well, at least it tries to provide you with answers because as is the case with all developing technologies, the QuickType feature isn’t a perfect one.

But just to take an example where it might help you, if you ask one of your contacts for another contact’s phone number then the QuickType feature automatically shows their info in its related section.

If one of your contacts asks you for your current location then you automatically get a prompt that allows you to send that contact a map with your location marked on it.

As of this moment in time, the QuickType feature is only able to provide a small number of responses. These responses include your location, contact info, multilingual typing, calendar availability and recently used addresses.

For those wondering, if they can hide this predictive text display, then the answer is yes. Sort of.



Any iPhone 7 device with iOS 10 on it is bound to change the way you send text messages.


If you want to hide predictive text display then you’re only option is to hide it on a permanent basis. Unlike the old times you can’t simply get rid of the predictive text feature by simply swiping to the right of your screen.

The solution is fairly straightforward though. Simply go to Settings and then to General. After that go to Keyboard and then hit the toggle predictive and turn it off (or on depending on your preference).



Of course, some might think that most of these iOS 10 Messages App tricks and tips are gimmicks since it can be legitimately argued that some of the stuff described here would take the same amount of time if not more than just typing and sending a plain old text message to someone.

But if you want to make your messages more fun to read (or you are just under the age of 25) then you should take advantage of all the cool new features that the new iOS 10 Messages App has to offer.

And besides, this is 21st century and regular text messages with just italics, underlines, and bold text won’t cut it anymore.

The only legitimate criticism of all these cool new features is that most of the smartphone users who are using iOS or are not on an Apple device to being with,  won’t be able to see these fancy animations.

Do let us know your thoughts on the new features that have been introduced in the new iOS 10 Messages App. How many of these features will you use? How many will you use regularly? Are all your friends on Apple devices because these new Messages App features won’t work on Android smartphone? Use the comments section below to share your answers and opinions.

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