iPhone 7: 9 Tricks To A Blissful Experience

Published: 3 October 2016

iPhone 7 beats Samsung smartphones in more ways than one.

It has been just over two weeks since Apple released the iPhone 7 at the company’s launch event that took place in mid-September and to no one’s surprise, the latest iPhone model from Apple has plenty of stimulating new features.

Not only that, but the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus smartphone from Apple also have a completely overhauled technology that, by most measures, makes this iteration of the iPhone the best smartphone Apple has ever been able to release.

But just as the case is with Apple’s new mobile operating system, the iOS 10, the iPhone 7 is teeming with new features. Some of those new features are either hidden or not so apparent.

If you want to make sure that you get the most value out of your iPhone 7, you should definitely check out our list of top tricks that will make your iPhone 7 experience like a bliss.

Apple’s iPhone 7 is an impressive piece of technology and that requires users to spend a bit of time to get accustomed to. If you don’t want to waste/invest hours trying to find all the new features then this list of tricks is for you.

Do come back to this post regularly for more updated features in the new iPhone 7.

1- You Can Wake Up Your New iPhone 7 B Just Lifting It Up

The iPhone 7 certainly has its problems when it comes to battery life and an affordable price but the one thing where it excels is, cool new features.

Apple’s latest smartphone has plenty of cool new features and one of them is the ability to wake up when lifted.

But just that we’re on the same page, you should know that the iPhone 7 comes with a pre-installed iOS 10, which is Apple’s latest and greatest mobile operating system, and that enables iPhone 7 to have some of the most refreshing features you are likely to find in the whole of the mobile industry.

As mentioned before, one of those invigorating, cool, new and useful features is the ability to wake up the display when the iPhone 7 is picked up by its user.

This has only become possible because of the perfect combination between the world’s smartest smartphone,the iPhone 7, and mobile operating system,the iOS 10.

So if you want to check your notifications without having to put up with passwords or fingerprint scans, then you can do that in iOS 10 by simply lifting up your smartphone.

This action will automatically wake up the iPhone 7’s screen and hence will allow you to see your revamped notifications area.

This also allows users to unlock their iPhone 7s quickly and without much effort.


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2- iPhone 7 is Water Resistant, Not Waterproof. Make Sure It Stays That Way

The fact of the matter is that Apple smartphones don’t come cheap. The iPhone 7 cost around $700-$800 at the moment and if you have bought one then you need to make sure that you follow the proper procedure in order to protect is from outside harm.

And while Apple has touted the smartphone’s waterproof abilities, it goes without saying that the latest smartphone from Apple, the iPhone 7, isn’t completely waterproof.

Don’t expect your iPhone 7 to work by throwing it in the swimming pool every time you wake up in the morning.

You must make sure that your iPhone 7 doesn’t get damaged by water. To do that, avoid or rather stay away from turning on your smartphone when it has been dropped in a body of water.

The best way to fry your smartphone, regardless if it’s an iPhone 7 or not, is to turn it on after it has been dropped in a body of water.

More often than not, your smartphone would never work again but of course, as many YouTube videos have shown, there are exceptions to the rule. Don’t try to be that exception.

Luckily for people who don’t like to pay too much attention to the state of their smartphone device, Apple has introduced a new feature in iPhone 7 through which the smartphone warns its owner if it detects moisture in the handset.

What should you do when you see that warning?

Well, you should immediately disconnect the iPhone 7 from any charging process or anything that might be plugged into the smartphone through the Lightning port.

Also, keep the iPhone 7 turned off till it dries off. You must make sure that the smartphone is completely turned off otherwise you run the risk of destroying your smartphone in its infancy.

But, it has to be said that the iPhone 7 does come with a waterproof technology. But that technology is only useful if you drop your smartphone in a body of water by accident.

In other words, your iPhone 7 won’t die the first time you throw it into the pool. But will it survive the tenth or the twentieth?

Always be safe than sorry.

3- Do You Want To Access Your Camera Without Having To Tap Multiple Times?


The iPhone 7 camera is the world’s best smartphone camera. Almost.

If you do then you’ll be glad to know that you can quickly access your iPhone 7’s camera without even unlocking it.

Of course, real life doesn’t wait for you to take out your smartphone and access the camera app to take a perfect potential shot.

Apple has made sure that you have the best chance of catching that shot as quickly as possible by making sure that you don’t have to tap too many times to unlock your iPhone 7 and then tap a few more times to take a simple photograph.

Thanks to revolutionary mobile operating systems like the new iOS 10, you can do that without going through a painfully long process.

You can open up the camera application by swiping your finger to the right direction on the lock screen. This trick will work even when your iPhone 7 is locked.

As mentioned before, swiping your finger to the right hand sides will bring up the upgraded camera app without the need of unlocking the new iPhone 7. But what happens if you’ve gone for a break and your friend picks up your iPhone 7 and tries to mess with it?

Will your friends be able to see your pictures since we just established that you can bring up the camera application with the help of a single swipe towards the right?

Well, the answer is a comprehensive no. No one will be able to see your photos collection or even access other application on your iPhone 7.

That will require the proper procedure to unlock the smartphone.

In other words, the new unlock camera app feature from Apple protects your private stuff even when you’re not around.

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4- Modify The Function of iPhone 7 Home Button

You might have already noticed this but the Home button on iPhone 7 has been given completely renovated. The Home button is now more responsive than before and thanks to newer technology, it can help users achieve more by offering customization options.

The new smartphone from Apple, the iPhone 7, has a new taptic engine that provides users with feedback vibrations and hence make the iPhone 7 much easier to use than before.

The Home button is also now more sensitive to how a user presses the button. In other words, the Home button will respond differently depending on the force you apply on it.

Due to the hard work of some leakers, we already knew that Apple was working on a revamped Home button, well the clearest indication of that is, now that the iPhone 7 is finally in our hands, the lack of that clicking sound when you press the Home button.

Essentially, the Home button has ceased to exist as a regular old physical button.

The new Home button in the new iPhone 7 just vibrates in a subtle manner when you press it.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of bringing in a new Home button is that the iPhone 7 lets you customize the Home button so that it can perform the exact function you want it to perform which is unlike iPhone 7’s Android counterparts where a hard-press on the Home button leads you to a useless (for most smartphone users) Google Now screen.


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5- The new iPhone 7 Camera Can Take Breathtaking Photos If You Know How To Put It To Work

The one thing where Apple has been able to keep ahead of the competition, competition like Samsung, is the quality of the company’s smartphone cameras. Apple has been high praised for the quality of photos that are generated through the use of the cameras that are installed on the company’s smartphones.

Therefore, it is no surprise that iPhone 7 follows that trend with another exceptional camera. Apple’s iPhone 7 comes with a modernized snapper that can produce some awe-inspiring photo results.

The new iPhone 7 has a 12MP sensor on its rear (primary) camera and also comes with a new technology called OIS, short for Optical Image Stabilization. This new feature is present in both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple’s new iPhone 7 also ships with a wider aperture lens that allows the camera to capture 50% more light. On top of that, the new camera is also 60 percent faster than the old one.

What does that mean for photos taken by users who aren’t photographers by profession?

Well, it means that more users will be able to take amazing photos even in low light environments since it has become a lot easier thanks to the revolutionary technology that lies at the core of the new iPhone 7.

The camera’s flash has also received a much-needed upgrade. Now the iPhone 7’s camera comes with true tone flash and has a total of four LEDs.

As a result, the photos taken from the new camera are 50 percent brighter and the camera itself has 50 percent  more photographic reach which makes everything looks more clearer and bigger.

One of the most irritating things about average smartphone cameras is the flickering effect when one tries to take photos. Another awful aspect of similar smartphone cameras is the number of problems one comes across when trying to make a video with artificial light.

The camera on the new iPhone 7 does away with both as Apple has augmented it with a flicker sensor that effectively compensates for the two negative effects.

And since everyone is talking about artificial intelligence nowadays, Apple has followed the trend and introduced machine learning in the new iPhone 7 camera.

As far as the iPhone 7 camera is concerned, the machine intelligence is used for auto exposure, selecting the white balance along with setting autofocus.

And if you combine that with tone mapping, reduction of noise and the capability of iPhone 7’s camera to glue together multiple shots then you have a smartphone that can take the ultimate shot without too much effort.

In short, Apple has made it significantly easy and immensely gratifying to take photos with the new iPhone 7 camera.

6- Want To Take Even Better Selfies? Then Apple’s iPhone 7 Is Built For You

Apple has made sure that the iPhone 7 is a remarkable smartphone is every aspect possible. So along with a supreme rear-facing camera, users can also look forward to the front-facing camera that will enable users to have plenty of FaceTime.

The front “selfie” camera has been upgraded from 5MP to 7MP and hence performs much better when you want it to take the perfect selfie photo.

As indicated before, the new front-facing camera also allows you to improve the quality of the videos in applications such as FaceTime with upgrades such was image stabilization and a wide color capture feature.

As a result, your videos look more realistic and photos have a more natural feel to them.



Using all these tricks you can take your iPhone 7 experience to another level. Stay tuned for more iPhone 7 tricks and tips to make your time on an iPhone a blast.

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