iOS 10: 9 Things That Weren’t Possible Before

Published: 24 September 2016

iOS 10 is the most advanced operating system from Apple yet.

Apple finally released iOS 10 for all of its compatible Apple devices after the company had earlier launched, the now well received, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus mobile devices.

So it is understandable that some of us might want to clear out our schedule to play around with the new operating system for a bit.

But if you want to save a ton of time though, then we have compiled the best features iOS 10 has to offer right off the bat.

Here is the list of 9 new things that Apple users can do on the iOS 10 which they couldn’t before.

1- iOS 10 Allows Users To Remove, Some, Of The Default Apps

Most modern day mobile operating systems come with a lot of bloatware that users can’t uninstall no matter what. Thankfully, Apple has tried to buck the trend by, finally, allowing users to uninstall some of the default stock apps in iOS 10.

With that said, the first app that you should, probably, uninstall the moment you power on your new iPhone device (or an older one with the new iOS 10) is the Stocks app.

So what is the procedure for that?

Well, it’s the same as always. All you need to do is tap and hold on any application icon and a small cross button will appear on the top of the selected app icon.

The only change in iOS 10 is (from the previous versions of Apple’s mobile operating system) that now you’ll be able to see multiple cross buttons on all apps that can be removed from your device.

Apple’s iOS 10 will allow users to get rid of applications like Maps, Podcasts, and Contacts.

Not that you would want to remove these apps in the first place, but if you do and then start to miss them then iOS 10 will allow you to install them back.

To do that, you will need to access iTunes and then select the removed apps from there.

However, do take note that there are still some apps that you can’t uninstall from iOS 10. These apps include, supposedly critical ones, Messages, Clock, Health and Safari apps.

2-In iOS 10, You Only Have To Lift Your Smartphone To See Notifications.

No one likes to push multiple buttons before they are able to see notifications. If you’re one of those people who would just love to see your notifications without tapping a single button then the new iOS 10 has got you covered.

Thanks to the new feature, Touch ID, now you can bypass the lock screen and get straight to your notifications area.

This function, the one that allows you to see notifications without a single tap, is the new “raise to wake” feature that comes pre-built into the new iOS 10.

How does it work? Well, as the name suggests, you just have to raise the iPhone to see notifications.

In other words, simply pick up your device and iOS 10 will make sure that you see the lock screen instead of a “turned off” screen.


Apple has brought the most advanced mobile operating system to its devices with iOS 10.

Also, don’t forget that this feature is only available on the newer models of the iPhone. More specifically, you can only make use of the “raise to wake” feature if you have iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE or one of the two iPhone 7 models.

Moreover, the new iOS also allows users to disable this feature. If you want to do that then head over to eh Display & Brightness menu inside the Settings app.

3- Energize Your Conversations With More Emojis in iOS 10

Apple has introduced a total of 100 new emojis in iOS 10. At least that’s what the official sources are saying.

That means that there is really no excuse left for you to not use these emojis to express your feelings or the general mode with the help of some colorful pictures.

In fact, iOS 10 goes one step further by providing you with emojis that are made specifically for men and women.

Not only that, but the new iOS 10 also adds other emotions such as a rainbow flag and a single-parent family emoji as well.

Moreover, the new iOS 10 has also updated and improved the designs of some of the older emojis. If you want to have a look at them, simply tap your desired emoji button to see the new design.

4- With The New iOS 10, You Can Launch The Camera App Faster Than Ever

This is actually just one of the many new features that iOS 10 has added to the lock screen. It doesn’t matter if you want to use the raise to wake feature to have a look at the lock screen or press the Sleep/Wake button to do the same, the new iOS 10 can launch you straight into the camera app with a single swipe to the left on the lock screen and you can start taking photos right away.

How is that different from the previous versions of Apple’s mobile operating system?

When Apple launched iOS 9, users had to manually swipe up on the camera icon to launch the camera app and while that wasn’t awfully hard, it did take marginally more time and effort to take photos from the camera app.

Thankfully, the new iOS 10 makes it just a bit easier than before.

Some might be put off by the fact that you can’t really turn off the new feature in OS 10 but that shouldn’t worry if you fear that somebody might access your personal photos with a single swipe.

The new iOS 10 blocks access to your photo library when the camera app is accessed from the lock screen with the help of a single swipe.

5- Siri Gets The Updates It Deserves And Now Has Third-Party App Support

This is actually the first time Apple has made Siri available to all app developers (who join the company’s program of course) to develop apps for Siri in iOS 10.

What does that mean for you as an Apple device, iPhone mostly, user?


The new iOS 10 fast camera app launch feature perfectly compliments iPhone 7’s raw photo capability.


It means that you’ll be able to use your digital AI-enabled computer assistant to accomplish more than ever before.

It also means that Siri will now support applications that haven’t been developed at Cupertino.

Of course, it will take some amount of time  for the developers to really start pumping out various Siri integrations but you will still get the benefit of all the other apps that already have Siri functions hard boiled into them.

These applications (applications that have Siri support that is) include Lyft, Slack, and LinkedIn.

The new iOS 10 will bring various other third-party applications that will make use of Apple’s Siri in the very near future.

Reports have suggested that these third-party apps will enable Siri (and hence the iOS 10) to help users in a variety of tasks such as finding photos, interacting with the health app and tracking fitness goals.

Not to mention that third-party software application access to Siri will also prove quite useful to accelerate the process of integration with the “internet of things” as well.

6- The new iOS 10 Also Allows Users To Turn On (Or Off) Read Receipts For Each Of The User’s Conversation With A Particular Contact

Sometimes you want to let the other person know that you’ve read his/her message, like your family or some really close friends, but other times you don’t want them to know if you’ve read their message for privacy or any other reasons.

The new iOS 10 ensures that you’re able to customize your options according to how you feel on the day.

In other words, the new iOS 10 allows you to now share that information (whether you’ve read a message or not) with whomever you like or don’t like.

You can easily turn read receipts on and off, in iOS 10, for each conversation in your inbox.


iOS 10 has a ton of features. You couldn’t possibly find all of them on your own. So read this guide.


To do that, simply tap the i icon that is located that the top of any of your contact’s conversation with you and you should be able to see the new option Send Read Receipts.

You can select this option to either toggle on or off receipts for your read messages.

However, this feature is only compatible with iMessage threads. So you won’t be able to use Send Read Receipts feature with your standard SMS messages.

7- Apple’s iOS 10 Can Now Make Sure That You Sleep Well

If you want to make sure that you’re getting enough rest at night (or maybe even day if you have irregular work hours) then you should head over to the Clock app in iOS 10 and make use of the new Bedtime feature.

This feature is specifically designed to aid users go to bed and then get out of bed on time everyday.

Most health experts agree that you need to sleep at the same time on all days to perform at your maximum potential throughout your waking hours.

When you turn on the feature, it will ask you your desired wake up time for each day and how many hours of sleep do you want to get.

After you have filled out that information, your iPhone device will buzz you when it’s time to wake up and go to sleep.

In short, the Bedtime feature in the new iOS 10 will motivate you to have regular sleeping patterns as much as possible.

8- The new iOS 10 Has Streamlined Lock Screen Notifications


The new iOS 10 also has some great privacy features.

The new iOS 10 has a ton of new features for iPhone and iPad users. In fact, Apple has rather overdone it this time around.

Now, users will experience a totally overhauled notifications area in iOS 10. To put it another way, the new iOS 10 allows users to have more inline functionality than before (in iOS 9 that is).

The new notifications feature is particularly useful if you just want to have a look at your notifications and don’t want to open up the relevant app.

For example, in the new iOS 10 Messages app, you can view full conversation threads on a single screen.

The amount of information that the new operating system throws on your depends on your preferences and the individual app.

If you hard-press an alert in the notifications area then the new iOS 10 will show you the various options at your disposal.

Or you can just swipe left and then hit View if you have non-3D Touch Apple devices.

Among the many benefits this feature brings, the biggest one if the possibility of cancelling Uber rides in one fell swoop.

9- Manage Notifications From Other Applications Quickly

The iOS 10 brings you a lot more new features than just tricks to save you some taps.

For example, if you busy doing something in another application and suddenly get an alert then, in the new iOS 10, you can drag down on it in order to open it up in a pop-up window. The new pop-up window will appear on the top of the existing application.

This new feature function more like a lock screen than anything else.

If you want to experience inline features in your Notifications Center, then use the same actions that are available on the lock screen.

Just to recap, all you need to do is perform a hard-press if you have a 3D Touch enabled Apple device, then a swipe to the left and then a tap on View.



There are a lot more unique features in the new iOS 10 that you can try out right now if you have the time and the necessary will.

But if you don’t want to do the digging on your own then stay tuned for more on new iOS 10 features that weren’t there before.

If you’re drooling at the prospect of getting your hands on the new iOS 10 and still haven’t bought the new iPhone 7, then you can do that right now by going to Amazon here.

What are you thoughts about the new iOS 10 and its cool new features? How many have you found out and actually tried to use?

Do let us know your thoughts and opinions by using the comments section below and don’t forget to subscribe to if you want to keep updated with all the latest happenings in the world of iOS and Apple.




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