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We are happy to hear from you. Get in touch with us. This website has changed owners in June 2016, we have no relation to the old company what so ever that owned this site and sold products and services.

ATTENTION: We do not handle any support for any hover board companies. We are simply a website that writes about the læatest gadgets and technology and link to sites that do sell them like eBay and Amazon. WE DO NOT SELL HOVERBOARDS.

If you have any questions regarding your hoverboard then go directly to the manufacturer or supplier. You can find this information on your receipt or your eBay account or your Amazon account, or your credit card account.

You can see a list of Hoverboards that have been recalled here:

It also has the information on where to go for refunds and replacements.


Our website contact E-mail: [email protected] (NOT HOVERBOARD SUPPORT)