Don’t Waste Your Pokemon Go Stardust

Published: 30 July 2016Updated: 27 September 2016

Spend some time learning how to use Stardust properly

Pokemon Go isn’t exactly an easy game. Most of you know that by now.

The fact is that it is actually quite hard to catch a Pokemon and then evolve it to higher levels.

But if you want to go down that path and become a Pokemon Go master then you’re going to need a lot of stardust in order to do so.

So what is Stardust anyway and what does it have to do with Pokemon Go?

Stardust is basically an item in Pokemon Go that is used to power up your Pokemon Go monsters.

The item is used to increase your Pokemon Go monster’s combat power, its hit attacks and lots of other hidden stats.

In short, if you want to become a powerful Pokemon Go player you need some powerful Pokemon Go monsters on your team.

To get your critters to higher levels, you absolutely must collect as much stardust as possible.

It cannot be purchased in a Poke shop as an item and that means that you need to earn your stardust by performing certain actions in the game.

So what are those actions?

Well, those actions include catching a Pokemon, hatching a Pokemon and evolving a Pokemon.

You can also collect stardust by placing your Pokemon as a defender in a Poke Gym to earn more stardust points. After placing your Pokemon at a Poke Gym, you can collect the reward from a Poke shop.

And most people know that the one reason why Stardust is present in the game is to upgrade your critters.

What most people do not know is that they need to spend their Stardust in a controlled manner in order to maximize its impact.

Needless to say, Stardust is a valuable commodity. And what do normal people do with valuable commodities?

They control it, manage it and then increase it.

That is exactly what you need to do in Pokemon Go in order to collect more Stardust and climb the Pokemon Go trainer ranks.

Use your Stardust only when there is no other option or when you can maximize its effects. Otherwise, you’ll end up stagnating as far as level ups are concerned in Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile game.

You’ll also need progressively more Stardust to upgrade your Pokemon as your Pokemon levels up.


You’ll need a ton of Stardust for your stronger Pokemon, late in the game.

More powerful Pokemon will require more Stardust to go to higher levels. Also, as you increase your Pokemon trainer level, you will encounter tougher Pokemon Go monsters.

Those stronger Pokemon Go monsters will require even more Stardust to upgrade than your initial weak Pokemon Go monsters.

Stardust will scale automatically with your Pokemon Go monsters level. As the game progresses, you will reach a point where you’ll require thousands of points of Stardust for a single power up.

Therefore, try to keep these points in mind when spending your Stardust points and limit its random use.

One way you can do that is to save Stardust for higher level Pokemon Go monsters. Don’t spend all, or any if possible, of your Stardust points to level up your early Pokemon Go monsters because you’ll be throwing them away in all likelihood.

Try to develop a keen sense of judgment of whether it will be more profitable to just look for a higher level Pokemon instead of using your Stardust points to level up a weak Pokemon that you might already have.

And while it is very tempting indeed to start powering up your Pokemon Go monsters as soon as you catch them in the wild, try to resist that urge.

It is more helpful if you wait for higher levels before powering up your Pokemon Go (PoGo) monsters with your Stardust.

As a general rule, try to reach level 10 before spending any Stardust on powering up your Pokemon.

In other words, don’t boost up your Pokemon with Stardust unless and until you get to level 10 or higher.

Secondly, boost your already powerful Pokemon first. Since the number of power ups you can give to a certain Pokemon depends on your trainer level, there will never be a point where you’ll be able to max out the combat points of a specific Pokemon.

When you trying to power up a Pokemon, spend some time looking at your Pokedex. Find the Pokemon that you have already caught and hatched.

Then look for the Pokemon that is already high on its CP bar. CP bar is the curved line that starts from the left side of your screen and goes over the head of your caught Pokemon avatar’s head and ends up on the far right of your screen.

Try to power up a Pokemon that has at least 90 percent of that CP bar filled up already.

pokemon-go-stardust (2)

Don’t waste your Stardust on weak or rare Pokemon.


Because if you do that, then you’ll only need to power up your powerful Pokemon either once or at max twice in order to keep them at a higher level than the rest of your Pokemon.

You’ll save Stardust and your Pokemon will reach higher CP levels.

And while we’re at it, avoid wasting your hard earned Stardust on Pokemon you have no candy for.

Along with that, never power up your rare Pokemon unless you absolutely have to. Why?

Because rare Pokemon means that you won’t get much candy for it.

It is better to first find a lot of candy for that Pokemon before powering it up with your Stardust. In other words, try to catch several of your rare Pokemon before you power them up.

If you can’t do that then try to use Stardust on Pokemon that you yourself have hatched since that gives you a decent amount of candy and Stardust as well.

There you go. These were the ways following which you’ll be able to manage your Stardust much better than the average PoGo player out there in the wild.

And trust us, there are many average PoGo players in the real world since anyone and everyone who has a smartphone has downloaded PoGo.

The larger the number of players, the more likely it is that there is someone out there who is worse than you.

While there have been reports of PoGo dying out because of lack of content, we can assure you that if you want to, you can spend the next year or so, easily, in trying to get to level 40 and still not be finished with the game.

Otherwise, if you want to move along and do something else, then no amount of content in PoGo (or any other game as a matter of fact) can stop you from leaving the game.

How much Stardust have you collected? Have you been able to hit level 40 (highly unlikely) in PoGo? Do you have more tips on how to save your Stardust for special occasions rather than waste large amounts of it on Pokemon you won’t even keep past level 10?

Let us know your thoughts and opinions by using the comments section below.




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