Introducing, Pokemon Go Player Who Has Caught All Pokemon Go Monsters.

Published: 23 July 2016Updated: 27 September 2016

No one can stop Pokemon Go players submitting their will to the game.

You have probably heard that about a week back, a Pokemon Go(PoGo) player in New Zealand left his full-time job because he wanted to catch all the different PoGo monsters that existed in his region.
Well, the truth is that he also wanted a break from his eight-hour job that he had been faithful to for the past six years of his life.
But we’re not here to talk about him.
Another Pokemon Go player, this time in America, has become the first (known) Pokemon Go player who has caught every Pokemon monster that is available in the whole of United States of America.
This courageous and rather determined player can be legitimately called a Pokemon Go trainer. The amount of work, money, and time that must have gone in accomplishing this feat must have been incredible.
Of course, this player(who by the looks of it, seems to be obsessed with the augmented reality mobile video game) hasn’t caught the Pokemon that are considered as legendaries and hence are unavailable in the game at the moment.
The list of Pokemon, caught by the player in question, also does not include Pokemon Go monsters that are specific to different regions.
But still, it is some achievement given the amount of time the augmented reality game has been released in the market.
Niantic Labs released their augmented reality video game, that has mind controlled whole populations, about two weeks ago in the US and that, apparently, was enough time for one Pokemon Go player to hunt down each and every Pokemon that were available in the region.
Judging by the crazy incidences Pokemon Go players have been involved in, this Pokemon Go master might even go for the region-specific Pokemon as well.
There is no reason to doubt that the man who has caught every monster the augmented reality mobile game has to offer, inside America that is, wouldn’t go after the legendaries and Ditto, once Niantic Labs introduce those Pokemon into the game.
Business Insider, a fast growing business news website with an interest in technology and gaming news, reported that the Pokemon Go player, who has been making headlines, goes by the name of Nick Johnson.
He spoke to Business Insider about his achievement and said that he had already shown his collection (his Pokedex) in a Pokemon Go subreddit.
Let us dig into the numbers then.
Nick Johnson caught about 4269 Pokemon. He then proceeded to hatch 303 eggs and in the process walked a mammoth 153 kilometers in the past two weeks alone to complete his quest.
Other enthusiastic players might be pleased to know that Nick is still short on having the ultimate complete set of Pokemon Go monsters.
He still doesn’t have,

  • Mr.Mime, which Niantic Labs have made available only in Europe
  • Kangaskhan; a Pokemon monster that is only found in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Farfetch’d, which is only available in Asia
  • Ditto, which isn’t available in the game yet.
  • Articuno, currently also not available in the game
  • Moltres
  • Zapdos
  • MewTwo
  • Mew

All of the above mentioned PoGo monsters are from the first generation of Pokemon games and their total count comes to about 151. But these Pokemon, which Nick hasn’t caught yet, aren’t available in the game at the moment.


Some of the Pokemon Go monsters are region-locked

Though, some clever PoGo players have been able to determine that these PoGo monsters are certainly present in the game’s code but are likely to become available in a future update release by Niantic Labs.
And just in case if you thought that Nick Johnson was just a 30-year-old living in his mother’s basement; he is actually the head of a business startup and can proudly call himself a published author.
Naturally, he doesn’t have too much time to play PoGo on his smartphone device. But that hasn’t deterred him from hunting PoGo monsters after he is finished with his work for the day.
Johnson told reporters that he looked for Pokemon monsters in areas close to Brooklyn and Manhattan and some of his trips, to hunt down Pokemon monsters, lasted more than seven hours.
He walked eight miles every day and had an iPhone health app installed to prove his claim.
When asked about the money he had to spend because of his Pokemon journey, he advised other PoGo players to spend more money on buying egg incubators than any other item.
Johnson also recommended that PoGo players should invest heavily in a pair of walking shoes as well.
All signs indicate that this is not the end of Johnson’s journey to catch all PoGo monsters the augmented reality game has to offer.
And if you’re still wondering about that New Zealand man who, in his quest to catch all PoGo monsters in his country, left his job; you’ll be disappointed to know that there are no updates on that story.
Pokemon Go was released for a much younger audience than it managed to pull in at the end of two weeks from launch date. It isn’t uncommon to find 40-year-olds playing Pokemon Go either with their kids or by themselves.
The problem some of the casual PoGo players have expressed is the edge microtransactions, within the game, give to players who pay for specific items.
Many PoGo players have complained about not being strong enough to go to Poke Gyms and fight with the other PoGo players even after spending a reasonable amount of time collecting Pokemon and evolving them.


Some Legendary Pokemon Go monsters are hidden at the moment.

The simple reason being that they didn’t spend money in in-game transactions on items that some other players bought to upgrade their Pokemon at a much faster rate.
To Pokemon Go developer’s (Niantic labs) credit, the game has made mobile gaming mainstream. Before Pokemon Go, mobile gaming was considered as the “junk food” of the gaming industry.
Something people played while waiting for the bus on bus stops and then forgot about as soon as they found themselves in front of their primary entertainment device in the form of a gaming PC or a console.
Pokemon Go not only has elevated mobile game’s appeal to casual as well as hardcore gamers but has also brought augmented reality games to the masses.
Because of the game’s success, the future of augmented reality games looks much more exciting when compared to pre-Pokemon Go era.
And while there is no reward for catching all Pokemon Go monsters (except an achievement to boast about in front of people who know you), Nick Johnson’s story will probably spur other Pokemon Go players to try harder in order to become a Pokemon Go master themselves.
How many Pokemon Go monsters have you caught? Tell us about your arduous journey in Pokemon Go by using the comments section below.



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