9 Strongest Pokemon Go Pokemon You Didn’t Know About

Published: 25 July 2016Updated: 16 March 2023

Is Dragonite the greatest of them all?

You want to become the greatest Pokemon Go trainer there ever was and there ever will be. We get that so we’ll not hold that against you.

But to become the greatest Pokemon Go trainer of all time, you need to have the greatest Pokemon Go monsters on your side. Not only that, you need all the greatest Pokemon Go monsters in your team in order to make sure that you’re covered from every angle possible no matter which Pokemon Go monster your opponent throws at you.

These Pokemon Go monsters will help you win Pokemon battles like never before. You’ll be able to take over entire Pokemon Gyms with these monstrous Pokemon.

If you didn’t catch the list of all 151 Pokemon Go monsters and their maximum combat power, then head over here you read that right now.

Maybe you think the list is too long and maybe you just want to get the complete picture quickly, we have picked out the nine most powerful Pokemon Go monsters that are out there.

Remember, this list does not include the legendaries Pokemon (mostly are birds) or a Pokemon that goes by the name of MewTwo.

Why? Because they are not available in the Pokemon Go game at the moment. So basically, no one has them as of now.

This list of 9 most powerful Pokemon (and a bonus Pokemon Go monster) Go monster will guide you for the rest of your Pokemon Go journey, so get reading.



This cute little monster will beat the bejesus out of every other Pokemon.

Unquestionably, at the present moment, Dragonite Pokemon is the most powerful Pokemon Go monster that is out there in the wild. And not just that, Dragonite is the most devastating Pokemon Go monster by a country mile.

It has the maximum combat power rating of 3500 and a result can deal massive amounts of damage to his foes.

The only other known Pokemon that appears to be more powerful than Dragonite is MewTwo. And since MewTwo isn’t catchable yet, this means that if you have Dragonite on your side, you can definitely start and end battles rather quickly.

Add to that the fact that Dragonite’s dragon attacks are very potent and its maximum health is also pretty solid.

All in all, Dragonite is the ultimate Pokemon when it comes to attacking or defending Pokemon Gyms or winning battles in general.

If you’re wondering about the type of environment in which you’re likely to find a Dragonite then you’re pretty much out of luck.

Since it is the strongest Pokemon around, it doesn’t show up that frequently. So you won’t find one near Pokemon Gyms or at PokeStops.

The better approach is to first catch a Pokemon that goes by the name of Dratini. You can find lots of Dratini Pokemon near historical landmarks/places.

After you have caught a Dratini, you need to, eventually, evolve it into a Dragonite.

Some Pokemon Go player have reported having found a bunch Dratini’s in city blocks. But Dratini’s aren’t that common either. So try your best to catch them whenever you come across them.

Normally, when you have caught a Dratini (a whole bunch of them actually), you need to evolve your Dratini (that might have a CP around 550) into a Dragonaire that has a CP around 1050.

After that, you need to evolve your Dragonaire into a Dragonite.

A base Dragonite has a CP of around 2100 but you can use some stardust on it in order to max out its combat power rating from anywhere between 2550 to 3500.

Happy hunting.



Snorlax is the next most powerful Pokemon Go monster in the game. Granted that Snorlax is very hard to find and not easily caught once you find one.

But its max CP of 3112 and a giant health bar makes it a perfect candidate for defending Pokemon Gyms.

Snorlax also has a solid base defense rating, so remember to use Snorlax when you need to defend in any situation while playing Pokemon Go.



Arcanine is certainly the third most powerful Pokemon in the augmented reality game. It is one of the few Pokemon based on canines.

Needless to say, it too is very hard to find and you’re probably better off finding a growlithe and then evolving (by catching a bunch of more growlithe) it into, eventually, an Arcanine.

Arcanine has a max CP of 2983 and is a great Pokemon for assault.

Its attacks are fast and do high damage. Which makes it a great candidate for taking over Pokemon Gyms.



Up next is Lapras which is the fourth most powerful Pokemon in the game. It has a maximum CP of 2980.

The main problem with Lapras is that its attacks are not amongst the fastest. That makes it a poor candidate to take down Pokemon Gyms.

However, what Lapras lacks in speeds, it more than makes up for in its health and defense stats.

High health and decent base defense makes Lapras very hard to take down. That makes it one of the best Pokemon to defend a Gym with.



This three-headed Pokemon monster is one of the most well-rounded Pokemon in the game.

It has a maximum combat power rating of 2995, which is greater than that of Lapras.

Exeggutor is a very tough Pokemon and because it is so balanced in its attack and defense moves, it can survive every kind of situation.

Its psychic attacks are very hard to defend against and work on most other moderately powerful Pokemon.



Vaporeon comes from the Eevee evolution of Pokemon and has a maximum CP rating of 2816.

The problem with Eevee evolved Pokemon is that they don’t have much in the way of health.

They can be taken down quite easily.

But on the flip side, Vaporeon can do massive amounts of damage in a short period of time. In order words, it is fast and powerful. That makes Vaporeon a great Gym conqueror.



Very hard to evolve, but worth it.

Gyarados is next in line in the list of most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile video game. Its maximum CP rating is about 2688 which gives it a solid edge over other Pokemon that are yet to come in the list.

The main drawback is the amount of time and resources it takes to evolve a Pokemon into a Gyarados.

You need about 400 Magikarp candies to finally get a Gyarados. If you can input that amount of time in catching Magikarp then all power to you friend.

You’ll need to have a lot of patience if you want to get a Gyarados on your side but once you do, you’ll have a very dangerous and effective Pokemon ready to fight for you.

There is a reason why Magikarp Pokemon are trolling Pokemon Gyms all over the country.



Flareon is the second variety in Eevee evolution system within Pokemon Go. Flareon has a maximum combat power rating of 2643.

That might not seem like much when compared to someone like Dragonite but, in truth, Flareon attacks are so fast and powerful, that it is one of the most devastating Pokemon in the game at any level.

You don’t necessarily  need to evolve it to the highest level in order to blow your opponents out of the water with Flareon.

One caveat though. Flareon, like other Eevee, evolved Pokemon, doesn’t have much in the way of health. Be very careful with how you use your Flareon because it can die pretty quickly when attacked in battle.

Charizard (And Bonus Muk)


Everyone’s favorite Pokemon Go monster also makes the list of the most powerful Pokemon in the game.

Charizard and Muk must be mentioned together because they are equally powerful when it comes to combat power.

Both have a maximum combat power rating of 2602.

Muk is the one with the better base defense stats but both Charizard and Muk are strong enough Pokemon to take on any other Pokemon.

You can evolve a Charizard from a Pokemon known as Charmander. It is one of the most popular critter that is available in the game.


How do you rate these Pokemon? Did we miss a powerful monster that you think should be on the list? If so, then use the comments section below to let us know. Also, do you know the best Pokemon Go Coordinates to find the rarest of them all? BE sure to check it out. Did you also know there are sometimes special events and challenges like the Pokemon Go Fashion Challenger? It’s wild!

Stay tuned to read more tips and tricks on Pokemon Go and if you need a bit more motivation to go out and hunt more monsters then check out the crazy things you might find in the wild world of Pokemon Go.



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