No Man’s Sky Video Leaked. Developers Disgruntled


No Man’s Sky might get lower sales as a result of the leak.

A No Man’s Sky fan bought a copy of the game developed by Hello Games  from eBay for $1250 and then proceeded to upload videos of the game on the internet.

Some fans clearly cannot wait to jump into the infinite universe of No Man’s Sky. As of yet, it is unknown who put the leaked copy of the unreleased exploratory game on eBay but game developers, Hello Games, have expressed their disappointment at the aforementioned incident.

No Man’s Sky is without doubt the most anticipated video game of this year (and Xbox One owners can only hope to watch from the sidelines as the game launches exclusively on PS4 and PC) and a sizeable chunk of the gaming community is expecting the game, that is virtually infinite, to change how people generally play video games since No Man’s Sky offers players 16 Quintillion planets to visit and explore.

No Man’s Sky is expected to launch on August 9, after multiple delays, on Playstation 4 and PC.

However, now that won’t be the case (for at least some of us) since one No Man’s Sky fan has bought the game from an online store and has started to post videos of the highly promising game on the web.

The person who bought the game and then uploaded videos of No Man’s Sky goes by the name of Daymeeuhn (normally people spell it as Damien but whatever) and he supposedly was able to get hold of a leaked PS4 exclusive copy of the game that offers an infinite universe to explore through a technique called procedural generation.

As mentioned before, the leaked No Man’s Sky copy cost him over a thousand dollars. A report on Reddit confirmed that Daymeeuhn spent around $1250 to buy the PS4 (and PC) exclusive game and try it out before anyone on the planet.


No Man’s Sky team hoped that the most of the game would remain hidden before the official launch

Daymeeuhn did get his chance to play No Man’s Sky early but the eBay advertisement from where he got the leaked copy of Hello Game’s latest video game has been removed from the website.

So there is no way to make absolutely certain that Daymeeuhn indeed got his leaked copy of No Man’s Sky from eBay.

Assuming he did get his copy from eBay, it still counts as an illegal transaction since the game has not been officially launched yet.

After Daymeeuhn got his hands on the leaked copy, he began publishing video clips of No Man’s Sky on Dailymotion (a website where users can upload videos for anyone else to watch. Much like Youtube.). Daymeeuhn also stated that he would continue to release more video footage of the game online.

After battling through naming right violations and copied secret super code (to build the game) allegations, Hello Games and Sony would not have expected something like this to happen when it is so close to No Man’s Sky official launch date.

Whatever happens from now on, it is certain that Sony will try its utmost hardest to get the videos removed from Dailymotion in order to protect its video game.

Hello Games’ most senior member Sean Murray sounded visibly distraught when he tweeted a message that advised people to stay away from watching those videos in order to fully enjoy the game when it does comes out on August 9, 2016.

Murray asked fans of No Man’s Sky to show patience and wait just a little bit longer in order to experience the game the way his studio, Hello Games, intended the game to be experienced.

Sean Murray said that his team spent years in trying to perfect their latest game (and had to overcome a lot of hurdles) and fill it with a large number of surprises.

He also said that in order to not spoil those surprises, fans of the game should stay away from leaked online videos for their own sake.

With that said, if you are not one of those fans then you can search on YouTube for the leaked videos and watch it there yourself.

Be warned though that watching the videos will definitely spoil the game’s introductory moments for you and there will probably be no way to undo that, short of a brain surgery.

Update :


No Man’s Sky studio says that it wants people to stay away from videos for their own experience’s sake

In a quite unexpected turn of events, Daymeeuhn has stopped releasing any more videos of his leaked copy of No Man’s Sky (NMS).

In an interview given to Kotaku, Daymeeuhn (the player who bought the game and then went on to upload videos of the unreleased game on the internet for everyone to see) said that initially he planned to release more videos of NMS but the message from Hello Games’ Sean Murray has had a profound effect on him.

Daymeeuhn also said that Sean Murray’s tweet made him feel sad and guilty about releasing NMS footage before the game’s official launch date.

He also said that in the beginning, he expected negative feedback from Sean Murray (Hello Game’s senior member) as it was his job to defend against leaked illegal video clips but Sean Murray’s tweet made him change his mind.

Daymeeuhn also expressed his admiration for Sean Murray after watching countless videos of his interviews with various media outlets and closely following his twitter account.

The videos have not been removed from Daily Motion but some other users have started to upload those videos on YouTube.

Daymeeuhn, on the other hand, posted on Reddit that he would not be producing any more videos.

In a message posted on the website, Daymeeuhn said that he has had enough and he doesn’t want to cause any more trouble for himself or for others involved with the game.

Daymeeuhn also revealed that since Sean Murray and Hello Games didn’t exactly appreciate his efforts, he was experiencing headaches from the fallout and that he didn’t want to be the guy who ruined the cool stuff that was in the game for everybody else.

Some people who did manage to watch the leaked video of NMS thought that the game looked exactly like it was shown previously at various gaming conventions and events.

Senior reviewers on other media outlets have expressed fears that Hello Games’ latest game would not be able to deliver on the huge promise it has made. That is, an infinite number of planets to explore.

They were of the opinion that the game would have had a better chance of success if the developers of the game concentrated on developing 100 odd planets with more detailed landscape and environment  instead of procedurally generating 16 Quintillion planets that no one is ever likely to visit.

Whatever the case may be, there is not long left to find out how much critical acclaim Hello Games’ latest Playstation 4 and PC-exclusive video game receives once it hits the shelves on August 9.

What do you think? Will the game deliver on its huge premise? Will the game be able to offer enough content to keep players interested for an extended period of time?

Let us know your thoughts and opinions on NMS and don’t forget to comment about the recently leaked videos. Use the comments section below to share your comments with the world.


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