Pokemon Go: 14 Cardinal Tips and Tricks

Published: 1 August 2016Updated: 9 March 2023

Are you only a legend? Or are you the truth?

If Mario and Zelda were a cake when combined, then Pokemon Go is the Mount Everest in terms of size.

Without a doubt, the augmented reality mobile video game that is Pokemon Go has continued to spread like a zombie virus all over the world.

On the plus side, Pokemon Go has motivated people to come out of their homes and explore their surroundings in a way that they have never done before.

However, Pokemon Go intentionally or unintentionally doesn’t give you a whole lot of tutorials on how to play the augmented reality video game in the best possible way.

There are many tips and tricks that you can learn in order to enjoy the game more and beat the life out of some Pokemon in Pokemon Gyms.

Here are the ways you can improve your experience of Pokemon Go augmented reality video game.

Travel Advice

Your physical location will determine whether you will find lots of Pokemon or no Pokemon at all. If you live in a desert, the chances of finding Pokemon or Poke Stops will decrease and hence the game will be more difficult for you.

If you live in a more suburban or rural area then you will have slightly more Pokemon and PokeStops to interact with.

To have the best experience possible, play Pokemon Go in locations that are closer to places such as community parks, buildings, landmarks, and artworks.

World Map

The world map will become your second home after your first physical home if you do decide to dive into the world of Pokemon Go augmented reality video game for Android and iPhone.

It will show you Gyms, PokeStops and Pokemon monsters near you. Basically everything you need to become a Pokemon Go master.

If you spot some rustling leaves in any given area, that is a dead giveaway that there is a Pokemon there nearby roaming the world.

When you enter this kind of an area, Pokemon from the wild should start to show up after a couple of minutes.

But that won’t be the case a 100 percent of the time. Sometimes Pokemon will show up a little further away from these areas.

If you see a lot of pink petals around a PokeStop then that means someone has activated a Lure Module.

Lure Module will increase the number of wild Pokemon presence near that PokeStop. In other words, Pokemon will appear more frequently near such a PokeStop.

If you want to extract the maximum amount of benefit from Lure then stay close to PokeStop on which Lure has been activated.

To take it up a notch, go to an area where there are multiple PokeStops overlapping with each other. Use Lures on them to get a lot of Pokemon showing up near you. For an added advantage, try installing the Pokemon Go++ app.

Catching Nearby Pokemon

If you want to track down Pokemon that have appeared nearby then use the bottom right area of your screen.

That area points to the types of Pokemon that are present near you. That graphic also indicates the number of footsteps you’ll have to take in order to reach a specific Pokemon location. In other words, it tells you how far away Pokemon are from you.

If you want to track a specific Pokemon then select the bar to bring up the entire list. When you’ve done that then tap on the specific Pokemon you want to track by highlighting it.

Then, you need to start walking. The footsteps indicator will either increase or decrease depending on which direction you’re moving in.

Go in the wrong direction for too long and you risk losing your selected Pokemon Go monster because it will disappear from the map.

If your number of steps decrease then that means that the Pokemon is getting closer to you. Continue in the same fashion until you see a Pokemon appear.

Needless to say, if you see your steps indicator increasing then quickly turn around and walk in the opposite direction until the Pokemon moves closer to you.

When your steps indicator has reached zero, then that means the Pokemon is in your proximity.

Then simply select the Pokemon and then wait for some time before it appears.

If you’re wondering what on earth these pulses are that keep emitting as you move through the world map, then know that these express the major changes that might have taken place in your area in terms of availability of Pokemon.

Get More Poke Balls

To catch Pokemon, you’ll need to hit them with Poke Balls. Naturally, you will run out of Poke Balls. In order to replenish your supply, go to a PokeStop.

PokeStops bring in new stock after every five minutes, so if you find one empty then hang around for a bit before it restocks.

Some players have used this trick to farm Poke Balls. So if you are too tired to move towards the next PokeStop then wait for five minutes and farm.

You Need Items

Pokemon Go gives you an item bag. That item bag as an inventory limit, meaning, that you need to keep an eye on your inventory list before you swipe on a PokeStop.

Otherwise, you could lose some rare items from your inventory.

Never get into a situation where you have no Poke Balls. Throw out some potions or revives if you’re not getting into fights frequently and stock up on Poke Balls.

Buy Poke Coins with real money and then buy bag space with those Poke Coins. You can also earn Poke Coins by stationing one of your Pokemon to defend a Poke Gym

How to Catch Pokemon

When you are engaged in a battle with a Pokemon, try to throw the ball in the inner circle when the inner circle is at its smallest.

Inner circle color will tell you how difficult will it be to catch a particular Pokemon.

Red is the hardest to catch while green is the easiest. Orange is a  little harder than the green.

You can use Razz Berries on a given Pokemon to lower its difficulty level. Remember, you’ll have to use another Razz Berry if your Pokemon breaks free, in order to lower its difficulty level again.

When you throw a Poke Ball towards a Pokemon, you can’t use that Poke Ball again. If your Poke Ball lands inside the color circle you stand to gain bonus XP.

Depending on the size of the color circle, you’ll get 100 XP for hitting a small circle (these are counted as Excellent throws), 50 XP for a half circle (counted as a great throw) and 10 XP for the full circle (counted as a nice throw).

Pokemon Go also allows a Pokemon Go player to spin Poke Balls in circles quickly and then throw it. This action can net you a curveball bonus if your Poke Ball lands on target.

Remember, always take your time before you throw a Poke Ball. When you are in battle, the Pokemon you are fighting isn’t just going to run away after a certain period of time.

There is no time limit. A Pokemon only runs away when you break out of a Poke Ball. And don’t try to bring up your item bag when a Pokemon starts to run away because it will still run away.


You can find Pokemon almost anywhere on the planet.

Higher Trainer Level Makes it Easier to Catch Rare Pokemon

If you don’t want to go to far off lands and places to catch rare Pokemon then level up your trainer. Some people like to explore unique environments in their search for rarer Pokemon but that method is rather hard.

The easier way to find hard-to-find Pokemon is to increase your trainer level. The higher your trainer level, the more chances you will have of encountering a rare or a higher CP Pokemon.

For Easy Capture, Turn off AR Mode

Pokemon Go is obviously an augmented reality mobile video game but that doesn’t mean you have to play Pokemon Go with augmented reality mode turned on all the time.

You can turn it off and increase your chances of hitting a Pokemon with your Poke Ball.

Yes. Turning off AR mode centers the Pokemon according to your screen and that makes it a lot easier to estimate the distance you need to throw the Poke Ball in order to hit that annoying Pokemon.

You can disable AR mode by toggling the button on the top right screen of your battle screen.

Must Evolve Pokemon

When you catch a Pokemon from the wild, it brings with it two things: Stardust and Candy. Candy is, in Pokemon Go, Pokemon type specific. It can only be used for a specific Pokemon and helps the Pokemon in its evolution.

Simply put, if you catch a Pidgey, you get Pidgey Candy but catching a Pidgeotto will also get a Pidgey Candy.

You can transfer your extra Pokemon to Professor Willow to earn one candy. Pokemon once transferred cannot be recovered back.

Each Pokemon requires a certain amount of candy to evolve. The Candy amount varies with the Pokemon.

All you need to know is that to evolve a Pokemon you need more Candy, to get more Candy you need to catch more Pokemon of the same type.

You can use Candy to make your Pokemon stronger by increasing its Combat Power or CP. This statistic is vital when your Pokemon is in battle.

Evolving a Pokemon also increases its CP and its CP cap.

Get Rid of Duplicate Pokemon

Having more of a specific Pokemon can be helpful as you can transfer the extra Pokemon of the same species to Professor Willow.

You will get rewarded with a candy that you can use to further evolve your other Pokemon.

Tap a Pokemon you want to transfer to Professor Willow when you are at the Pokemon screen. Then, select the transfer option that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Needless to say, don’t transfer the extra Pokemon that has the highest CP. Transfer the ones that are at a lower level.

Some players have made the mistake of transferring their highest CP extra Pokemon because they rushed the process.


You need to play Pokemon Go with the right attitude and the right tactics

How to Get the Eevee Evolution You Want

Eevee has three random evolution options. You can either evolve it into a Jolteon, a Flareon or a Vaporeon. However, the process isn’t as random as it was first thought.

You can actually choose which evolution you want by naming your eevee appropriate names.

If you name your eevee Sparky, you’ll evolve to Jolteon. Similarly, you’ll get Flareon for Pyro and Vaporeon for Rainer.

How to Catch Pikachu Early

Pikachu is the most recognized Pokemon in Pokemon Go universe. But it is extremely hard to find.

If you want to catch it as soon as you start the game then start a new game and progress to the point where Professor Willow grants you permission to catch Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle as your first Pokemon.

Instead of catching these three Pokemon, you need to walk away as in walk away in the real world until the starter Pokemon reappear. Your phone will vibrate when that happens.

Then simply rinse and repeat this process until a Pikachu spawns instead of the three starters boring Pokemon.

Best Way to Use Incense

Incense attracts Pokemon to your character at a faster rate for 30 minutes. You can use it to attract Pokemon to your current location if you don’t feel like moving.

Though, it is at its most potent when you activate it while moving. You’ll encounter a huge number of Pokemon if you activate it while traveling.

If you want to further increase the rate of Pokemon spawn then use Incense near patches of grass on the world map.

How to Hatch an Egg

You can get Pokemon Eggs from PokeStops. Pokemon Eggs contain a random Pokemon that you can hatch. A hatched Pokemon gives you more Candy and Stardust then the Pokemon you catch out in the wild.

You can find your Pokemon eggs on the second tab of Pokemon roster page. If you pay enough attention, you’ll notice that each egg indicates a particular walking distance that you need to travel before the egg hatches.

That’s what you need to do. To start the process, simply choose a Pokemon egg and select the option “Start Incubation”. You’ll also need to select the Incubator for the incubation.

Then you need to start walking either on foot or a bicycle. Be careful now, if you go travel distances at speeds greater than 15 MPH, the Pokemon app will not count the distance traveled.

One Incubator can only work on a single egg at any given time. If you want to incubate  more than a single egg at the same time, you’ll need to either buy another Incubator from the Shop or gain another one by leveling up.



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