Pokemon Go Fashion Challenger Lineups & Counters

Published: 16 March 2023Updated: 20 March 2023

Are you ready to up your fashion game with the newest Pokemon Go Fashion Challenger lineups and counters? This article will give you all the information you need to stay ahead of the competition. From tips on how to create a unique look, to advice on which characters are best matched against each other, we’ve got it covered. So get ready for an adventure through the world of Pokemon Go style!

The first step in becoming a master of Pokemon Go fashion is having knowledge about the different characters available in-game. Knowing who can counter who is essential if you want to win battles, so understanding what type works best against each character is key. We’ll provide insight into some of the most popular challengers and their strengths and weaknesses when facing off against others.

Finally, we’ll offer advice on creating stylish outfits that bring out your favorite fighters’ personalities. With these lineups and counters under your belt, plus our styling know-how, you’ll be well-equipped to show off your own personal flair while competing in this exciting mobile game. Let’s dive into the mesmerizing world of Pokemon Go fashion!

What Are The Fashion Challengers In Pokémon Go?

Fashion challengers in Pokémon Go are a special type of challenge available to trainers. These challenges involve catching different types of fashion-themed Pokémon and battling against other challenging opponents. Each participant must select two Psychic-type Pokémon from the list provided by Niantic. After selecting their team, they will face off with another trainer’s team and battle it out for dominance!

Catching these fashion challenger Pokemon can be tricky – depending on the area you’re located in, certain species may be more difficult to find than others. Thankfully, there is an array of resources available online that can help players track down specific pokemon locations or figure out which pokemon might work best as counters to various fashion challenger teams. With the right strategy and some clever catch techniques, anyone can become a master at taking on Fashion Challengers!

How To Battle Fashion Challengers In Pokemon Go

When it comes to battling a fashion challenger, you need more than just strong counters. You’ll want to do some research for the Pokemon Go Fashion Week Research Quest before challenging them. This will give you an idea of which Pokemon are best suited against their lineup. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, Fighting type Pokemon are usually strong contenders when facing off against their lineups. Some good choices include Machamp, Hariyama and Lucario.

Pokemon Go Fashion Challenger Lineups Counters

It’s also important to have strategy in mind when wanting to battle a fashion challenger. Consider your opponent’s movesets and weaknesses and plan accordingly with your own team members’ moveset combinations. Being aware of the different weather conditions can also be helpful as some attacks may be stronger or weaker depending on the environment. Put together a well thought out strategy that takes into account all these variables and you should be able to take down any fashion challenger!

Fashion Challenger Lineups In Pokemon Go

As the Fashion Week event in Pokemon Go continues, this year’s fashion challengers appearing everywhere! Each one of them has a unique lineup filled with different kinds of pokémon. Knowing which lineups appear and their counters can help you win battles more easily against these cool and quirky challengers.

The first type of fashion challenger is the Cool Challenger. They usually use bug-type pokémon such as Caterpie, Venonat, Butterfree, Parasect, Scyther, Pinsir and Heracross. To counter this lineup, it’s best to bring fire-, flying-, rock- or psychic-type pokémon like Charmeleon, Doduo, Onix or Abra.

Fight against three fashion challengers

Another kind of fashion challenger is the Quirky Challenger who uses water-types such as Poliwag, Goldeen, Staryu and Seel; along with electric-types like Pikachu, Magnemite and Voltorb; plus grass-types like Oddish and Exeggcute. The best way to take on these guys is to have ground-, rock- or grass-type pokemon such as Diglett, Geodude or Bellsprout at your disposal.

Battling these fashion challengers isn’t easy but if you know what lineup they’re using and its weaknesses then you’ll be able to come out victorious!

Best Counters For Pokemon Go Fashion Challengers

When faced with a Pokemon Go Fashion Challenger, the key to success is choosing the right counter. Some of the best counters for these encounters include Electric type pokemon such as Jolteon and Lanturn, or Ground type pokemon like Rhyperior and Donphan. When facing a challenging opponent, it’s important to pick a pokemon that can resist their moveset so you have an advantage in battle.

Timed Research Quests are also great opportunities to obtain powerful counters. Completing one of these quests rewards players with rare items that can help give them an edge in combat against fashionable pokemon. And don’t forget about TMs! These special items allow trainers to customize their team by teaching certain movesets which can be used strategically during battles.

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In summary, having the right counters when battling a Pokemon Go Fashion Challenger gives trainers the upper hand they need to come out on top. By using Electric type, Ground type, Timed Research Quest rewards, and TMs effectively, players will be able to defeat any fashionable pokemon they encounter!


I’m sure that with all this knowledge, I’ll have no problem taking on any Fashion Challenger. All it takes is patience, practice and knowing your opponent’s weaknesses. Plus, having an idea of the best counters to use can definitely give me an edge during my battles! If you want to install the best places then you’ll need to use an iSpoofer.

Overall, I’m glad that I took the time to research the Fashion Challengers in Pokemon Go and figure out their lineups and counter options. With this knowledge under my belt, I feel confident going into future battles with these characters. Thanks for helping me along this journey!

Brian Golding


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