Pokemon Go: How To Fix Annoying Problems

Published: 17 September 2016Updated: 5 March 2023

Don’t try to play Pokemon Go on your PC. Just follow the instructions below to fix the game on your mobile.

Pokemon Go shows no signs of stopping and is still the most popular online game in the world. Believe it or not but Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile video game has long passed its hype period and has now,well and truly, entered the age of continuity and durability.

There are literally millions of players around the world who are (still?) putting their smartphone device batteries through hell in order to level up in Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile video game.

Pokemon Go’s popularity shows no sign of waning anytime soon. But one should not overlook the fact that Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile video game is still a video game. A video game that has been developed by humans.

And because of that, it has some serious flaws in it. Despite the fact that the good ones far outweigh the bad, Pokemon Go faults are really annoying and, when they eventually arise, ruin the gameplay experience for,mostly hard-working, Pokemon Go players.

The most common problem that is associated with Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile video game is that new updates have made it very difficult for Pokemon Go players to catch Pokemon Go monsters.

If you’re one of those Pokemon Go players who has experienced significant problems while playing Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile video game, then you should read ahead to find out and implement fixes to all common Pokemon Go problems and complaints.

Of course, there is some chance that we may not have come across your specific Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile video game problem, but that shouldn’t deter you from reading the rest of the post in any case since a solution to another problem might indirectly solve your problem too.

If, after reading through all the common problems and their solutions, you can’t find the solution to your complaint then you can use the comments section at the end of the post to let us know your complications with the game.

But the one thing we can, almost, guarantee is that if you read thoroughly through each and every problem and solution listed below, it won’t be long before you get back to hunting and catching Pokemon Go monsters.

Here we go.

Pokemon Go Application Has Reset My In-Game Progress

First of all, this has happened to a lot of Pokemon Go players and lucky for you there is a solution to it.

Niantic Labs, the developer studio behind the development of Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile video game, recently released a bunch of updates and patches to the augmented reality mobile video game and because of that, some Pokemon Go players have encountered the problem of having their in-game progress reset by the game’s application.

Forums related to the augmented reality mobile video game have been flooded with complaints and comments from infuriated Pokemon Go players who have been unable to catch a single Pokemon Go monsters for who knows how many days.

Various reports have indicated that Pokemon Go players were unable to load up the augmented reality mobile video game. Additionally, some of those players have also found their level to have been reset to level 1.

What a bummer right?

In fact, some Pokemon Go players have also been unfortunate enough to not only lose their trainer level but also all the critters they had captured before. Yes, some Pokemon Go player have reported that their entire PokeDex collection has vanished, without a trace.

If you’re one of those players whose Pokemon Go level and progress has been wiped off the face of the earth, most probably after update 0.31.0, then the first thing you should do is to log out of the augmented reality mobile video game’s application then try to log back in.

This should be your first step for any problem in any game.

However, this might not solve the problem for all Pokemon Go players. If this solution didn’t work for you then, first of all, make sure that you are logged out of your smartphone’s Google account.

If you play Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile video game on Android as well as on iOS then you need to make sure that you are logged out of each device before progressing further.

Now, when you have logged out of your Google account on all your Pokemon Go devices then you need to log back into the augmented reality mobile video game using a different email address this time.

See if that works out for you.

For most Pokemon Go players, the preceding steps usually solve the problem of trainer level reset and PokeDex reset.

In other words, now you should have your trainer level back as well as all of your Pokemon Go monsters and in-game items that you might have bought or collected throughout your journey in Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile video game.

If for some inexplicable reason, you’re still at level 1 with no progress then you need to show some patience. The problem is pretty widespread and that means that Niantic Labs will be looking for an official fix as we write this sentence.

Pokemon Go Server Connection Lost/ Can’t Connect To Pokemon Go Server

This is perhaps the most annoying Pokemon Go problem of them all. It is so common that third-party app developers have actually made a whole website where you can check the status of Pokemon Go servers.

Whether that website is still working is anyone’s guess since Niantic Labs has the tendency to take down anyone and anything that tries to earn a bit of reputation off its highly successful augmented reality mobile video game.

Just to recap the problem, the “Pokemon Go server down” problem occurs when either the developers behind the game are fixing some issue or there are simply too many Pokemon Go players on a single server.

Whatever the case, it results in most Pokemon Go players not being able to play Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile video game.

And on a quite relevant side note, this error should also give us any idea on how popular Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile video game really is.

As mentioned before, when the number of PoGo (Pokemon Go) players that connect to the game’s servers becomes too great, the overloaded PoGo servers unable to cope with the pressure and fail.

Needless to say, this error is a server issue and that means that PoGo players can’t do much on their end to make things right again.


Pokemon Buddy system is great but what’s the point when you can’t even start the game.

But you can always check out the Pokemon Go server status page which essentially lets you know if the servers have come online or not. It even, sometimes, shows you how a server is performing at the current moment.

If you’re thinking to yourself right now that you already knew that there was a PoGo server status page then all hats off to you. But this is a new server status page.

The developers behind the page have put in some extra work to make sure that it is relatively simple for anyone to see which servers are up and which ones are malfunctioning.

The page also gives information about how reliable a particular server has been over the past 24 hours or so.

In fact, the page also allows users to get personalized notifications which inform users when the servers come online. Of course, since this requires are a lot of expertise, and these third-party developers don’t really have the financial muscle of Nintendo behind them, the notification feature is still in beta stages. That is, it is still buggy.

What If I See A Spinning PokeBall In My Game

Sometimes, PoGo would breakdown in a way that instead of not opening from the start, the game does start in the usual manner but during gameplay only shows the player spinning Pokeball in the top-left corner of the PoGo app screen.

What does this error mean?

Well, if you see spinning PokeBalls on your screen (while running the PoGo application obviously) then that mean that your smartphone or tablet device is trying to connect to PoGo servers.

The icon, spinning Pokeball, should disappear from the screen after some while but it if stays in the same position and doesn’t go away then you should immediately go to the PoGo server status page and check if the servers mentioned on the page are working correctly without faults.

I Get A “GPS Signal Not Found” Error In My Game

As we have mentioned before time and time again, PoGo isn’t your regular video game, it is an augmented reality mobile video game.

And that means that the game has to track the player’s movements, via GPS and/or WiFi, in order to make the game work.

Consequently, the application requires the user’s device to have a stable GPS connection on your device.

If your smartphone doesn’t have a GPS feature then you don’t need us telling you that PoGo augmented reality mobile video game won’t work on your device.

And because GPS technology along with Wi-Fi internet, are inherently erratic features, sometimes PoGo may show you a “GPS signal not found” message on your screen.

But before doing that the game usually tries to make a connection first.

But if the aforementioned message doesn’t go away from your screen then the first step you should take is to ensure that eh location settings on your smartphone device are turned on.

In other words, make sure your GPS feature is working properly.

If you’re playing PoGo augmented reality mobile video game on an Android device then all you need to do is to swipe down from the top part of your smartphone’s screen twice to bring up the quick settings menu.

There you should be able to see an icon with a “Location” label below it. Tap it to turn the icon’s color to white. The white color means that the feature is turned on. If the icon is gray in color then that means that  your device’s location settings are turned off.

There is a second method to turn on the GPS settings on your device.


Pokemon Go is an evolving game. The developers are releasing updates regularly. So just hang in there.

First, go to the Settings application then hit the “Location” option to make sure that it is toggled “On” and not “Off”.

Also make sure, as per Niantic Labs instructions, that the mode is “High accuracy” rather than “battery saving.”

If this solution doesn’t work for you then you can also try out a Google Play application GPS Booster. This application facilities your device to increase its GPS efficiency.

Needless to say, the application works only on Android mobile devices.

If you happen to play PoGo augmented reality mobile video game on an Apple device, iPhone or iPad, then all you need to do is to open up Settings menu and then hit the “Privacy” option.

After that access the “Location Services” and tap it to make sure that the toggle icon in front of the option has turned green.

If you have this problem sorted, then you might want to look for the best Pokemon Go coordinates, at these places you can find the rare monsters.

Pokemon Go Application Won’t Open On My Smartphone or Tablet.

Many PoGo players have experienced the problem where they are unable to open the PoGo application on their smartphone devices.

If you’re one of them then try to restart your mobile device, Android or iOS, and start the game application again.

Did it work for you?


Then you may be experiencing PoGo server issues. They are pretty common so don’t feel isolated if you come across the server problem. There are probably thousands of other PoGo players, at any given time, who are enduring exactly the same problem.

As mentioned before, you can always check out the PoGo server status page to see if the servers are working alright.

However, after some digging around, if you find out that the servers are working perfectly but you’re still unable to open up your PoGo application on your smartphone device then you need to open up the App Store on your smartphone device, Google Play Store for Android and the App Store if you are on iOS, and then search for the PoGo application.

After you have found it, read the text on the screen to find out if the game has had any recent updates or patches released.

Also, check if you have the option of updating the application.

Checked? Didn’t work?

Well, then you may be required to uninstall and reinstall PoGo application on your smartphone device.

Don’t’ worry about losing your progress or your profile since that is saved to the cloud.

After reinstalling the application you should be able to relaunch PoGo application and the game should allow you to sign in and continue from your previous trainer level.

In other words, reinstalling the application won’t wipe out your progress so go for it. At least it is better than not playing the game at all.



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