After iPhone 7, Apple Turns Attention To Apple Watch


Apple will bombard you with devices in your hand, on your wrist and in your living room.

Apple will roll out an update for Apple Watch which will triple the device’s speed, it has been revealed.

The Apple watch, mostly, gets a bad rap because of a lot of reasons. It is ugly, slow and sometimes a bit cumbersome to use.

The watch’s price drop (down to a mere $299) didn’t help sales either. Customers often reported being disappointed with the Apple watch regardless of the price.

And now with Google, reportedly, being close to launching its own set of smartwatches, the competition is only going to get tougher for Apple Watch.

But that could change. Apple watch can now reach otherworldly heights of greatness because of just one update. That update is the WatchOS 3 update. It’s so good that it might be the only thing that could save Apple Watch from its embarrassing first two years.

WatchOS has given Apple Watch a lot of additional speed. The animations are now much more smoother and feel more energetic.

Some have reported having experienced speeds three times as fast as the older Apple Watch with an older operating system.

Gizmodo put the Apple Watch to test: with the same smartwatch, a phone and the time it took for the Apple Watch to open up an app from a tap on the smartphone.

The results showed that while WatchOS 2 took about 6.77 seconds to open up the Philips Hue application, WatchOS 3 took a total of just 2.42 seconds.

Of course, this was just one test and as further tests revealed, watchOS wasn’t as quick with some of the other heavier applications like Uber.

With that said, even with the WatchOS 3 installed the Apple Watch still hangs if the application on the smartphone is slow or not active on your smartphone.

WatchOS 3 biggest boost to Apple Watch comes in the area of opening up recent apps. Apps related to weather and calendar opened up instantly on WatchOS 3.

Where WatchOS 2 reported a time of five to six seconds, WatchOS 3 took no time at all.

But that’s not all. WatchOS 3 provides much more than just speed boosts. The new smartwatch operating system has received some great functionality upgrades as well.

Now you can access settings such as the mute button, Airplane mode, and battery status fairly quickly with a single swipe in the upward direction.

On watchOS 2, you had to swipe up multiple times in order to open up any of these settings.

Moreover, WatchOS 3 also lets users have multiple watch faces at the same time. If you swipe let and then to the right, you can activate these faces.

This feature is beneficial only when you want to switch from a Minnie Mouse face to a, for example, workout face.

You can also customize the feel and look of your watch faces. Sometimes watch faces get messy with all the data that is shown on them, but you can program several watch faces to keep everything nice and clean.

If you already own an Apple Watch, then WatchOS 3 will give you plenty of reasons to go back to your gadget and wear it more often than normal.

Oh yeah, if you want to update your Apple watch’s operating system to WatchOS 3 you’re going to have to, first, pair it with an iPhone that has iOS 10.

And if you happen to have an un-bricked iPhone with iOS 10, then the only other thing you’ll need is an Apple Watch that is at least 50 percent charged.

You will also need to connect your Apple Watch to a charger to begin the process.


Apple Watch is now much faster thanks to an update operating system

Then all you’re required to do is to open up the Watch application and then tap on the General settings option.

After that go to Software Update and then just show a bit of patience.

The whole update is quite a massive one so be prepared to wait for a hour or two before everything is set and ready.

And while you wait for your new Apple Watch, you’ll be interested to know that Apple has been keeping it pretty busy as far as updates and patches are concerned.

The company recently launched a big update for for Apple TV in the form of tvOS. People have still not recovered from their dose of iOS 10, but Apple is on the move regardless.

Regrettably, the most important feature of the update has been left out. That feature is the single sign-on for consumers who have subscribed to cable packages.

The update has been delayed until fall.

For those who don’t know, the single sign-on feature essentially means that if you are signed into your pay TV provider in a single app, then all of the other pay TV applications will work spontaneously without you having to make them work manually.

If this update works as it is supposed to, it will address some of the biggest complaints some consumers have had with Apple TV.

As mentioned before, Apple TV owners will have to show some patience since the update hasn’t arrived yet.

Apple has said that the update is expected to come out this fall but we still do not know the actual release date yet.

Of course, if you have an iPhone then you can satisfy your curiosity needs with iPhone’s dark mode and a lot of Siri improvements.

But before you do that, know that some Apple smartphones and tablets have been bricked because of iOS 10 upgrade process.

Yes, you read that right. No one really knows what is happening with these mega technology companies nowadays, first it was Samsung that had its well-received Samsung Galaxy Note 7 literally blown to pieces and now some users have complained about having bricked devices because of Apple’s iOS 10 upgrade program.

New reports have revealed that many Apple device owners are now stuck with bricked iPhones and iPads because of Apple’s iOS 10 update.


Maybe you’re better off sticking with just the watch.

The update, in the reported cases, has caused devices to become completely useless after the users gave Apple the permission for OTA (Over The Air) iOS 10 update.

The consumers who have had their devices bricked have been forced to open up iTunes on their desktop machines, PC or Mac, and then connect their bricked Apple iPhone or iPad with their desktop computers and then restore their devices from within iTunes.

One can easily judge the severity of the problem by doing a quick search on twitter which reveals that there are a lot of people who have experienced bricked devices because of the iOS 10 update.

The only common factor in all the cases is that users who were trying to update their device were actually doing it via over-the-air update process.

Of course, there is the other (less popular) method of updating your Apple device and that is to do it by connecting your smartphone to your computer and updating it from there.

Nonetheless, the iOS 10 update issues will certainly hurt Apple. Apple recently launched the iPhone 7 and it has received almost universal acclaim.

The iPhone 7 launch event gave Apple, the company, a lot of momentum going into the new year but all of that progress can be undone if this update issue gets out of hand.

As indicated before, Apple has been on a streak of introducing new products and software updates, with the September iPhone 7 event being the most recent one, and the market expected Apple to grab the opportunity with both hands after Samsung suffered huge losses because of a global recall of its Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had worldwide battery issues which caused the device to explode at random times.

But Apple can’t pay too much attention to Samsung right now as the company now has its own issues to deal with.

With that said, Apple will be more than pleased that at least the company’s premium smartphone device isn’t exploding left and right all over the world.

Apple owners might find reprieve in a recent statement Apple gave to Recode. The statement said that the company had experienced some brief issues with the software update process which affected a small number of users during the first hour of availability of the update.

The company further said that the problem was quickly resolved and it apologized to those customers who had to experience bricked devices.

The statement further added that anyone who was affected should connect to iTunes to complete the update process or contact AppleCare for help.

Perhaps Apple was flooded with customer complaints after the update issue spread to more Apple owners and the company was forced to put out a statement in order to contain the situation.

The point is that, a simple statement from Apple isn’t going to calm down customers who have lost their expensive Apple devices because of a broken update process.

What Should You Do If Your Phone Gets Bricked Because Of iOS 10 Update Process

Well, if you’re one of those people who have experienced the bricking problem then here are the steps you need to take in order to get your smartphone device up and running again.

  1. First, plug your iPhone into your laptop or home desktop machine and then open up iTunes on it.
  2. After that, hold down the sleep and home button, simultaneously, on your iPhone so that your iPhone device can be rebooted. Sometimes, this action is called recovery mode.
  3. After that, you should be able to see a prompt in iTunes which will ask you to either update or restore your Apple smartphone or tablet.
  4. Select the update option in order to complete your iOS 10 installation.

These steps should make sure that your device gets back to working condition quickly and appropriately.

But if for some bizarre reason, the update process again takes longer than say twenty minutes then you need to unplug your device from your laptop or desktop computer.

After that, you’ll need to start the process mentioned above again, from the beginning.

Do let us know your experience with iOS 10 update process and don’t forget to voice your own opinions on Apple TV and Appel smartwatch. Use the comments section below to relay your thoughts to our team.

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