iPhone 7 Rumors: Apple May Go For Pressure Sensitive Home Button


Rumors are all over the place. From pressure sensitive buttons to no headphone jacks.

Apple may finally introduce a pressure sensitive home button for its soon-to-be-released iPhone 7 smartphone device.

Not only that, but it has also been rumored that the iPhone 7 might also launch with a “Space Black” paint job.

In a report made available by Bloomberg it has also been suggested that Apple might (finally!!) ditch headphone jack for the iPhone 7. Instead, the company will go for stereo speakers.

Of course, the debate about headphone jacks has been the most drawn out rumor this summer and with only a month left till iPhone 7’s likely release, the jury is still out on the full set of features that iPhone 7 may or may not support.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has seriously considered adding a pressure-sensitive technology feature to the home button of iPhone 7. Of course, no official word has been heard about the matter, and even the Bloomberg report has disclosed its sources to be “people familiar with the matter.”

So now, instead of having a physical home button that you must press in order to activate a certain function on iPhone 7, the new iPhone & will come with a non-physical button.

The new feature would allow the button to sense vibrations when a user has pressed the home button with enough pressure.

This pressure-sensitive technology button rumor was tipped by a Japanese blog site Macotakara about a month ago.

The latest round of reports from various media outlets, all support the theory that Apple is likely to hold back on the main design changes, this time, around for the iPhone 7. However, reports also say that Apple will make numerous minor changes to the design of the new iPhone 7 in order to give it more appeal in terms of aesthetics.

Although that reason goes against common sense since Apple has experienced considerable fall in sales over the past couple of quarters and most industry insiders, agree that Apple needs to come up with something unique and different in order to lure in new buyers to its iPhone 7 smartphone device.

Bloomberg also reported that Apple is also considering a dual camera system for its iPhone 7 Plus edition. Apple iPhone series was once deemed to be the best at taking pictures from smartphone cameras.

But in recent years the likes of Samsung and OnePlus have closed the gap considerably. Some even think that Samsung might have surpassed Apple in terms of quality of pictures when it comes to smartphone cameras.

It has been reported that the dual cameras on the bigger iPhone 7 Plus would be able to produce brighter and more detailed photos.


Older models of iPhone had single lens cameras.

Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus edition is rumored to have better camera features and a slightly bigger screen and according to one report from a user who was able to take some shot with a prototype model of the new iPhone 7 Plus, the pictures definitely look better.

Reports also explain that the dual sensors on the new iPhone 7 Plus edition will take photos separately and then will merge those two photos into a single image.

This combination will allow the photos to retain better clarity when zoomed in and might even generate images with brighter colors. The dual camera system would also have the added benefit of producing sharper images in low-light environments.

The new iPhone 7, as has been rumored so many times before, will also get rid of the standard 3.5mm headphone audio jack. This story has been particularly annoying since reports about its correctness have varied considerably over the past few months.

Sources also say that Apple will bring a second speaker in place of a traditional audio jack. If true, then this feature would give iPhone series stereo speakers for the first time since its creation.

People would be able to use headphones wirelessly with the help of Bluetooth technology or with the use of speakers that can plug into Lightning ports.

Whatever happens, it seems more likely that Apple would want the users of its latest iPhone not to use audio cables.

Some rumors claim that Apple will come up with adapters which would allow users to connect their existing audio accessories with the new iPhone 7. If that indeed turns out to be the case, then it would seriously limit iPhone 7’s design appeal to many.

9to5Mac reported that iPhone 7 would launch with a new Space Black color. The report said that it had based its information on several leaked images of the new iPhone 7 smartphone.

This specific rumor may be closer to the truth than any other because Apple has already launched Apple Watch which is available in the same Space Black color scheme.


The latest iteration of iPhone, the iPhone 7, is expected to launch before September 15

Other rumors, not related to iPhone 7 new features and specs, say that Apple could start offering iPhone 7 pre-orders as early as September 9.

The projected pre-order date has been reported by a known leaker named Evan Blass.

Evan previously, through his Twitter account, had also said that the new iPhone 7 would be made available to the public on September 16 when the official launch event takes place.

In other words, Evan doesn’t seem to know much himself since traditionally the launch date is before the pre-order date. Last year, the launch event for Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus took place on September 9, which was a few days before pre-orders began.

Assuming the rumor to be true, it seems like Evan has directly compared the last two Apple iPhone launch events because the September 9 pre-order date is suspiciously close to the pre-order date of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus last year which was September 12.

Blass, for obvious reasons, didn’t reveal the source of his information but did suggest that people can extrapolate the launch date from the pre-order date easily.

Apple desperately needs a great product for this year to turn around its decreased sales for the past couple of quarters. But one can’t overlook the fact that Apple might be tempted to hold off all their creative juices and innovative design changes until next year when it will be iPhone’s 10nth anniversary.

Indeed there have been reports, such as the one from Gurman, that have stated that Apple will let go of headphone jacks next year instead of this one.

Needless to say, all rumors including the ones mentioned here should always be taken with a grain of salt because rumor sources are inherently unreliable.

The only time all these rumored features will be confirmed is when iPhone 7 finally gets its official launch.

The launch event will be held in September. At least that is what the media is anticipating since Apple has not commented on when exactly it plans to launch iPhone 7.

Till then, news reports about fresh features and specs will be just that: reports.


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