Why You Should Get An iPhone 7


The new iPhone 7 is a magnificent piece of machinery.

Maybe you don’t need a new smartphone right now. Maybe you don’t want any smartphone ever.

But we’re here to tell you that the new Apple iPhone 7 is here and it is one of the most elegant looking smartphones in the market right now.

So if you’re looking to buy a new smartphone, you better do it fast because a smartphone as good as an iPhone sells out pretty quickly.

But how do you buy an iPhone 7? More specifically, how do you find out which deal is the best for you?

There is the regular iPhone 7 and then there is the iPhone 7 Plus. And we haven’t even touched upon the fact that you could easily go for an older version of iPhone as well.

But let’s just stick to the iPhone 7 for now.

First off, you should know that Apple hasn’t changed iPhone 7’s design that much. Regardless, the two versions of iPhone 7 have a display size of 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch.

But that’s not the only difference this time around. Apple has made sure that when people buy a certain iPhone model, they get a completely unique experience in proportion to what they pay for the device.

So which one is best for you? Or for most people?

Perhaps more importantly, which carrier should you go for?

Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers to these questions. We’ll give you enough advice that by the end of this post, you’ll know exactly what you want.

Generally, People Should

Just purchase the 128GB model that has a non-glossy back, comes in black and has a 4.7-inch display screen on Verizon.

This is if you don’t want to spend a lot of money for a device that may be overpowered for your needs.

Why Should You Even Bother With An iPhone?

Truth be told, this year is probably the first year where Apple has put so much work in the two versions of iPhone 7 smartphones that it has become rather difficult to choose between the two.

There is also little doubt that the decision to buy an iPhone is pretty tough in the first place .

But one can’t ignore that fact that for most smartphone users who want to buy an iPhone, the lure of a bigger screen is still the most polarizing factor.

It’s true that you have to spend about $120 more for an iPhone 7 Plus. But for that amount of money you get extra features such as an additional telephoto lens for improved zooming ability and depth mapping.

Of course, if you’re just a regular user and only want to use your smartphone for your day to day stuff then you probably don’t care that much about having the best zoom camera in town.

But don’t forget that if you go the iPhone 7 Plus model, you’ll be able to take full advantage of its camera which allows you to add really nice blur effects (bokeh?) in your photos.

However, you can also get those same effects (or close to those same partial blur effects) with many iPhone photo apps if you absolutely have to make your photos look cool .

In other words, Apple has upgraded the standard iPhone 7’s camera with all the upgrades that actually matter when you use your camera.

Even though the standard model is the smaller of the two it has the same optical image stabilization and the much enhanced f/1.8 aperture lens that the iPhone 7 Plus model has.

Not to mention that the standard model also has the quad-LED flash feature.

In short, the camera on either model is a fantastic piece of technology and will capture clear images when in low-light ambiance.

So why would you want to spend more when you’re getting, basically, the same stuff?

Should You Go For A 128GB Version of iPhone 7?


Do you want to look your best in your selfies? Then go for iPhone 7 Plus

It depends.

There is little doubt that Apple has made some strange decisions with regards to iPhone 7 and its internal machinery.

But doubling the storage capacity isn’t one of those strange decisions.

In fact, it is an unconditional blessing. You probably know by now that a 16GB storage for any smartphone, let alone an iPhone, is not enough anymore.

But we’re going to go one step further and tell you that a 32GB internal storage capacity isn’t reasonable either.

Let’s explain that a little bit.

If you wanted to upgrade your iPhone’s storage until last year you would have had to spend a good amount of money in doing so.

But with the announcement of iPhone 7, you can get a lot more storage for just an extra $100. Cool right?

Not only that, the further benefit of the new storage upgrade is that now you can jump to a massive 96GB storage instead of 48GB,by paying just one time.

Why would you need that big of a storage capacity?

Well, because with an iPhone 7 in your hand (or hands?) you can capture RAW photos and 4K resolution videos. That eats a lot of storage space.

And in case you didn’t know already, then the iPhone 7 doesn’t have an expandable memory slot. No microSD cards here. No, sir.

So consequently, you should go for the extra storage this time around if you don’t want to end up deleting your cherished apps and photos later on.

Besides, Apple has done its part by providing you with a good enough offer. The ball is in your court now.

Why Do You Want Me To Sign Up For Verizon?

Because we would get a ton of commissions. Why else?

All jokes aside, if you’re not happy with your current carrier and want to change things up then Verizon is probably the best carrier out there. It offers customers the widest LTE coverage anywhere in the US.

Apart from that, various reports have shown that Verizon has a wondrous customer support. And of course, there is the Wirecutter report along with LTE surveyor OpenSignal which state that Verizon indeed has the broadest LTE coverage.

The reports also say that Verizon is the clear winner when it comes to price per GB of internet data.

Should I Go For Glossy Black?

Glossy black looks terrific. We won’t hold that against you. This is the most unique iPhone look that Apple has come out with for a long time.

But if you’re one of those people who use their smartphones without a cover case then Apple’s glossy black iPhone 7 should not be on the top of your list.

See, the iPhone 7 is great but it isn’t without its flaws. Apple, of course, won’t tell it to your face but the new iPhone 7 is surprisingly prone to scratches.

At least more than its siblings with the aluminum options.

Yes, you can put a cover on it to protect against scratches but then does the finish really matter to you?

Is The iPhone 7 Plus Worth The Money?


The iPhone 7 will come to stores near you very soon.

There is no point in any discussion on the matter. If you’re a fan of a bigger screen and have a deep desire for cutting edge mobile image technology then the iPhone 7 Plus is as good as they come.

But you don’t have to go home if you don’t go big. Apple’s iPhone 7 can take care of all your daily tasks without breaking a sweat.

But if you’re a power user then the iPhone 7 Plus gives you that extra juice with better battery performance. According to Apple, that is.

Should I Try Out Apple’s Upgrade Program?

You’ll be glad to know that Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program is compatible with all carriers. All major ones at least.

However, it is not the most economical solution. But, again, the program does make it extremely easy for anyone to get the latest of what Apple has to offer, in terms of iPhones that is, every year.

And yeah, the program also comes with AppleCare+.

For the money, Apple’s AppleCare+ is a pretty good deal. So in case you were wondering if the new AppleCare is worth your time and money, then know that it probably is if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t like to go under the hood when it comes to machines.

In other words, if you don’t know how to replace iPhone parts cheaply and effectively yourself then it is a good idea to sign up for the deal.

But for those who like to tinker with their stuff, there is a good chance that you can save a good amount of money by studying the various trade-in deals on different online websites when you want to upgrade to a newer iPhone.

At least that is much better than paying Apple a total of $32 every month.

In short, if you want convenience then go the AppleCare+. If you want the best bang for your buck, then don’t.

What About iPhone 7’s 32GB Model?

What about it? It’s great.

If you want to save some of your hard-earned money or have previously signed up for Apple’s Upgrade Plan then the 32GB is a great deal on offer.

And if you really know your way around apps such as Google Photos then you can save even more space and the 32GB model, then, becomes a fine deal for you.

I Don’t Want Verizon. I Like T-Mobile.

That’s fine. Since both are great carriers and the difference between them really comes down to where you live in the US.

If you live in a crowded city somewhere and want an inexpensive iPhone 7 then, by all means, go for T-Mobile.

In fact, at the moment, T-Mobile is offering the best iPhone trade-in program of all time for the iPhone 7.

Basically, if you have a decent looking iPhone 6 or 6S that doesn’t have a cracked display screen then you can exchange your smartphone for a brand new 32GB iPhone 7 without paying a single extra dime.

Not only that but you can also go for the 128GB model by only paying an extra $100.

Be ambitious and go for it.

Verizon, on the other hand, is the most reliable and dependable carrier that you can sign up for at the moment.

T-Mobile, as mentioned before, is great too. But if you want to spend an extra 10 hours every week reading up on your “unlimited” data plan conditions then you should go with Verizon’s Simple Choice internet data plan instead of T-Mobile’s One plan.

But whatever you do, do not go for AT&T unless, somehow, your dad was tricked into signing up for an Unlimited plan. In other words, AT&T isn’t a good deal.

And neither is Sprint when compared to what’s already out there,  though the iPhone Forever program is pretty decent.



No conclusion here. If you want to go for the awesome looking glossy black iPhone 7. Then do so. Just don’t bang your head against the wall when you can’t get a good trade-in deal for it because of those damn scratches.




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