10 Little Known Facts About No Man’s Sky

Published: 28 August 2016Updated: 29 August 2016

No Man’s Sky isn’t just about smelling flowers and visiting new worlds.

No Man’s Sky is a huge game. It puts the player right in the middle (well, not the mathematical middle but whatever) of an eighteen quintillion (that’s 18 followed by eighteen zeroes) planet universe.

Without a doubt, there are many cool things that players can do in No Man’s Sky. Though the game does require you to put in a bit of effort to find those hidden details that make the gameplay all the more enjoyable.

The space exploration game was the most hyped up game of 2016 and was finally launched for the Playstation 4 on August 9 and for the PC on August 12.

The game instantly immersed players in a vast universe and hostile environment.

No Man’s Sky features activities such as mining, upgrading your ship and exosuit, trading and exploring the huge universe.

But to do all of that you need to follow some rules and instructions.

According to No Man’s Sky’s Sean Murray, the game allows players to play the game in any way they want to because there are infinite possibilities.

Though, a lot of players who have played the game have refuted that claim (you only need to look at the game’s steam page to find out why it has received a score of 45%) but that still doesn’t change the fact that No Man’s Sky presents players a host of opportunities to explore and just do things for the fun of it.

Here are the top 10 things that players usually don’t do when they play No Man’s Sky. If you follow these 10 tips then you’ll make your No Man’s Sky journey much more easier and rewarding.

1- Like An Animal? Then Feed It.

Did you know that you could feed animals in No Man’s Sky? Probably not, because this feature wasn’t present in the original game. It was only added to the game when the day-one patch came out for No Man’s Sky.

Now, you can feed animals if you feel like it. Or if you don’t like to do stuff for fun then the game also allows you to earn a bit of money by netting you some profitable resources such as Calium and Omegon.

Calium and Omegon are two of the most exotic items in No Man’s Sky. If you can get an animal to like you enough, it might guide you to a huge deposit of minerals or other resources.

The animal might also just follow you around and do nothing, so be careful of wasting too much time in feeding animals.

2- You Can Use Your Jetpack To Travel Horizontally

The biggest problem with No Man’s Sky is that it is immensely huge. A lot of players have complained about how they have to travel miles slowly on each planet in order to get to a point of interest.

Well, one way is to use the sprint button if you want to reach a mineral deposit more quickly. But as it turns out, sprinting doesn’t help much either.

If you have tried the method described above but still want to go faster then you can there is an another method which can enable you to cover vast distances like a panther.

Introducing, the jetpack. More specifically, the ability to use jetpack horizontally. All you need to do is to first sprint and then quickly press the melee button and then follow that up with the jetpack button.

This three button sequence will allow your player to hover very close to the surface and will allow you to move a lot quicker than any other method.

The only drawback is that you might experience fall damage if you aren’t careful enough and hit something or run out of jetpack fuel.

3-  Learn How to Travel into Orbit Quickly So That You Can Reach An Object On A Planet.

In No Man’s Sky, you’ll regularly come across a situation where you would want to get to the other side of the planet to look for a resource or a mineral or a special item.

Common sense should indicate that walking in aforementioned scenario is not the most efficient option.

Of course, you can walk if you want to or if you don’t have any fuel left. But that would be extremely slow. Even if you use your starship to take off and fly around the planet to look for things, you would still progress very slowly.

Don’t blame yourself since No Man’s Sky has a feature called air resistance.

To get around that feature, you can boost your ship out of the atmosphere which will result in you traveling vast distances very quickly.

In other words, you can fly at a much faster rate if you travel through the vacuum of space than the atmosphere of a given planet.

Flying through the vacuum has the additional advantage of enabling your starship to use its pulse drive feature.

In theory, this tip can help you cut down a five-minute journey to a mere twenty-second journey. The only thing you need to take care of is flying all the way out of the planet’s atmosphere.

4- Experience Starship Brake Drifting


You will come across people that will try to kill you in No Man’s Sky. Unfortunately, none of those people would be real people

Brake drifting is another feature that was added to the game after it was launched through a day-one patch.

Brake drift allows your starship to make a quick flip around and the feature is absurdly helpful in chaotic situations like when you’re fighting with space pirates.

If you know how to maneuver your ship quickly then you’ll have a better chance of surviving in the ruthless world (or universe depending on how you look at it) of No Man’s Sky.

If you want to execute the brake drift move in No Man’s Sky then all you need to do is to hit the brake button and turn the starship around as quickly as possible.

If you time these two actions correctly, then you’ll be able to turn much faster than usual.


5- If you feel like it, then sell Atlas Stones for Money

You can make a ton of money in No Man’s Sky by selling off the most mysterious item in the space exploration game.

The game will gift you one after you encounter The Atlas for the first time.

The Atlas stone is also very valuable if you want to travel to the center of the galaxy. However, if are short on money and come across a merchant that is willing to pay a premium price for your Atlas Stones then don’t hesitate to make a move.

One Atlas Stone can potentially earn you around 70,000 units but there have been cases where No Man’s Sky players have been able to make 130,000 units for each Atlas Stone.

In other words, the value of your Atlas Stone changes according to the star system you’re in. The best way to sell Atlas Stones is to search around for a bit until you find the star system that offers you double the average Galactic Trade Terminal price.

6- Fuel Your Starship Without Leaving Space

If you can’t get off a space station because you don’t have fuel and are out of money then don’t lose hope.

In No Man’s Sky’s world, you can still gather resources in order to refuel your starship’s Pulse Drive. That will save you a lot of time and effort which would have been otherwise wasted on the long trek back to your nearby planet.

You can also earn a fair bit of resource by shooting the asteroids in outer space. Each time you destroy one with your ship: you’ll earn several units of Thamium9.

Thamium9 can also be used to power up your starship’s pulse drive. If you’re lucky enough you might come across a large asteroid that is usually filled with copper.

If you bump into an asteroid that looks a bit spiky then know that the asteroid is filled with gold crystals.

You can mine the copper and the gold to sell at the trade terminal to earn some much-needed money.


If you see an animal then either feed it or follow it. Don’t kill it.

7- Sell Items At A Higher Price To Space Station Visitors

Probably one of the easiest ways to make money at No Man’s Sky’s space stations is to first purchase all the items that are available in the marketplace at a specific space station and then sell those bought items to space visitors who come to the station from the hangar.

Now, keep in mind that prices vary from vendor to vendor so you must wait for a while before you get a reasonable deal.

When you do get your ideal deal then sell the items immediately. You will need mountains of patience for this trick to work but the best part about the whole process is that you won’t have to leave the station to go to some far off places to earn money.

You won’t have to mine but you will still be able to make some easy units of money in No Man’s Sky.

8- Trail Trade Routes to Resources and Outposts

As you know, whenever you come across a planet in No Man’s Sky, there is bound to be some sort of an activity around its atmosphere.

Ships regularly fly out of space stations and go to the nearby planets in search of resources, animals and what not.

The game allows you to see faint lines that trace the routes that these ships fly through. As a pirate yourself, you can trace these routes to follow them to the location where the ships eventually land.

In No Man’s Sky, these routes are known as trade routes. If you follow them down to a tee, which has proven to be very difficult for a lot of No Man’s Sky players, then they might guide you to lucrative resources and trade outposts.

9- Earn Loot by Destroying Cargo Ships and Bases

In No Man’s Sky, whenever you warp into a new star system, gigantic cargo ships almost always appear near you.

Don’t worry about finding none. There are always these heavy cargo ships which travel quite slowly either near you or in the background. Keep a lookout for them.

The bad news is that these cargo ships are laden with killer turrets. The good news is that if you manage to destroy a cargo ship, you can earn a ton of loot.

The best news is that even if you manage to blow up the cargo ship’s cargo holds, you’ll earn a lot of resources in a short period of time.

You can also apply the same technique to specific planetary bases. Remember, the planetary bases that you can’t enter are exactly the ones that you want to destroy in order to earn some good amount of minerals.

Usually, these bases are cylindrical in nature and contain a lot of resources within their solid structure.

Of course, this method is one of the most dangerous methods of making money in No Man’s Sky. But hey, #YOLO right?


No Man’s Sky has some weird creatures to throw at you. Are you prepared?

10- Learn How to Recover Your Inventory After You Die

No Man’s Sky isn’t a particularly difficult game to play and enjoy.

However, as is inevitable in real life too, you will die. You might not die in your first hour, but eventually some pirates or animals will get to you and will kill you.

When you die in No Man’s Sky, the game respawns you in a base. The downside is that, the game takes away all your inventory.

Instead of going crazy because you lost all your Atlas Stones and Omegon units, you should regain your composure and head out to the exact place where you died.

No Man’s Sky isn’t Dark Souls, the game allows you full opportunity to return to the place of your death and recollect your rightful belongings.

This holds true even if you die in space. You can always recover your inventory.

Pro tip: Don’t collect much stuff on your way to inventory recovery or you run the risk of losing old inventory because of being full.



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