No Man’s Sky Finishes First Update Before Official Launch

Published: 6 August 2016

No Man’s Sky is riding on its mystery element for quite a while now.

The developers at No Man’s Sky nowhere near finished with their work and will release the game’s first update in the coming days.

The only problem seems to be that No Man’s Sky hasn’t been officially released yet. The patch is expected to bring significant changes to No Man’s Sky regarding new features and some environmental tweaks.

The first patch for the yet unreleased game from Hello Games will also fix bugs that have crept up in the game even before launch date.

After numerous delays, No Man’s Sky is all set to launch some time next week. And because No Man’s Sky has been hyped up to be the first game of its kind, the enthusiasm among the fans has hit record levels.

If there is anything to take away from media reports, then it is that the developers at Hello Games aren’t taking a break from work anytime soon.

The studio has stated that its developers will be working on improving the game right up to the point of its official launch.

You may not have played No Man’s Sky as of now (well, some of you must have played the game, otherwise how did those videos get leaked on the internet) but Hello Games is already thinking ahead and have finished their work for a patch that the studio is calling a huge patch for its planetary exploration video game.

If Sean Murray’s, Hello Games senior figure, tweets are anything to go by the patch, without a doubt, will not address minor bugs or stability issues.

Sean Murray recently stated on Twitter that people at Hello Games were close to wrapping up their work for No Man’s Sky’s first update. The message also stated that the first patch would bring new features and will also solve some balancing issues with No Man’s Sky.

The update patch will also inject new content into a game that is already being considered to be infinitely large because of its procedurally generated game world.

Whether the patch improves the game or not, it is certainly reassuring to see that the developers at No Man’s Sky are already thinking about bringing in new content to their already massive game in the future.

The other promising aspect of the update is that it would come without any additional charge. That means that No Man’s Sky team will offer new content to their customers for free. As of now, there have no announcements regarding paid DLC (Downloadable Content) for No Man’s Sky.

Now, just to be clear, even though this update is the first big patch for No Man’s Sky; the team at Hello Games hasn’t actually announced a specific date when the new update would be released for its game No Man’s Sky.

Hello Games hasn’t commented on the process of how the update would work for people who might already be playing No Man’s Sky.


Sean Murray said that there was a less than 1 percent chance that players could see some serious action in No Man’s Sky, if they behaved.

There has been no word from Sean Murray either on this matter. One would think that since the update, according to the studio itself, is almost complete that they would be generous enough to announce its availability date as well.

But no. Hello Games, as always, are likely to keep things under wraps right up until the actual release day of the patch.  

All of this has lead many to speculate that the first patch may indeed end up being a release day update for the much-anticipated game No Man’s Sky.

Nothing has been confirmed officially yet so news regarding No Man’s Sky first update patch must be taken with a grain of salt.

However, after much troubles with release delays and copyright issues (along with super secret code plagiarism allegations) No Man’s Sky is all set to launch on August 9.

The game will be exclusive to PS4 and PC and while it is expected to launch for Xbox One as well, no official word has been heard yet.

Just a couple of days ago, someone managed to buy a leaked copy of No Man’s Sky from eBay for $1250. Now, that same player has claimed to have beaten the entire game under less than 36 hours.

The man who bought the illegal copy of NMS (No Man’s Sky) said he managed to reach the center of the Galaxy inside 36 hours. Of course one could argue if that should be considered the end of the game.

Sean Murray of Hello Games, always expounded upon the fact that NMS is about exploration rather than completing a set number of objectives.

The guy who “beat” NMS goes by the name of Daymeeuhn earned a lot of attention from NMS fans after he revealed through Reddit that he had bought an unreleased version of the game from eBay.

Daymeeuhn also released a number of gameplay videos of NMS. But those videos were taken down quickly due to copyright violations. Daymeeuhn did eventually stop uploading new gameplay videos of the game but has kept his followers up to date on his impressions of NMS.

Just days ago, he delivered the “big” news to his fans that he had, in fact, reached the center of the galaxy in NMS.

We’ll be going through some spoilers from this point forward so to save your soul; you should stop reading this article right about now.

Through a lengthy post on Reddit Daymeeuh explained that he was able to finish off the game’s primary objective, which was to get to the center of the galaxy. Then he continued and noted that it took him about 30 hours to “finish” the game by reaching its endpoint.

That figure contradicted earlier statements from Hello Games that had the figure, to arrive at the center of the galaxy, at about 100 hours.

Fans, understandably, felt confused and perturbed by the discrepancy between the stated and actual figures to reach “the end” of the game.

To allay their fears and worries, Daymeeuhn did make the news straightforward by saying that reaching the center of the galaxy didn’t necessarily mean that he had actually finished NMS.

As Hello Games have stated before, there is a lot of other stuff to do in NMS, such as exploring an infinite number of procedurally generated planets and upgrading your ship. Not to mention, NMS will also allow you to upgrade your weapons and your suits.

Daymeeuhn further explained that he didn’t use cheats to reach the center of the galaxy, but he did say that he managed to exploit the trading system in the game to acquire large amounts of money by constantly selling and buying an in-game item.

That large sum of money allowed Daymeeuhn to upgrade his warp drive much faster than the rest of the players who wouldn’t necessarily use the exploit to speed up their upgrade process.

Needless to say, NMS has received more than its fair share of media headlines. The studio deliberately didn’t release much gameplay footage before the launch of the game to keep followers on their toes.

But the news from Daymeeuhn, must have caused displeasure to fans who had believed all the hype about NMS.


The center of the galaxy isn’t the only interesting place in No Man’s Sky

Another Reddit user, disc_humurously, released an image which explained that fans would likely feel a lot of disappointment at the beginning of the game. But gradually, they will accept the game as it is and will start to enjoy NMS.

Do remember that the PC version of NMS will not launch until August 12. Hello Games’ Sean Murray confirmed the date on Twitter a couple of days ago.

He also said the Hello Games wanted to create the best version of the game on PC and hence needed just a little bit more time in perfecting their product for PC.

Murray also tweeted that Hello Games needed to release the game for PC on a single worldwide release date so that the fans could enjoy the game to its full extent and that releasing NMS in different regions on separate dates was not the best way to launch NMS.

In other news, even though the game hasn’t been launched yet, one fan has already launched a companion app for Android devices on Google Play Store.

Stay tuned to hear any further news about NMS and its launch date for PC and PS4.




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