No Man’s Sky: How to Increase Inventory Slots

Published: 15 August 2016

In order to beat No Man’s Sky, you need slots. Lots of additional slots.

No Man’s Sky is a game where you travel the universe in search for the center of the galaxy. To do that you need to upgrade your ship, your weapons, and your suit.

To achieve that, you need to upgrade your inventory. No Man’s Sky isn’t a terribly simple game to tell you the truth.

No Man’s Sky allows players the freedom to play the game as they like. They can go around killing everything in sight including flora and fauna of a given planet and the planet itself, though that does alert the sentinels nearby to come and attack you.

But you can also play the game by collecting stuff on each planet in order to upgrade your ship, weapons and suit too, and to better prepare yourself to execute, or even complete, your journey to the center of the universe in the least amount of time.

Though, you would still attract those annoying sentinels if you keep harvesting each planet for its natural resources. It’s almost like No Man’s Sky developer team thought: “Hye Guys, this game seems like a lot of fun. Let’s ruin it by constantly bombarding No Man’s Sky players with these pesky sentinels on every planet in the universe.”

In any case, the best way to upgrade all of your equipment in No Man’s Sky is to increase the number of inventory slots that you have available.

Make no mistake; upgrading your inventory is probably the most important aspect of No Man’s Sky if you want to progress in the game.

An upgraded inventory in No Man’s Sky allows players to carry more of everything. In other words, you would be able to earn more money from activities such as mining and trading.

When you have more money from these activities, you’ll be able to prepare yourself better for a variety of different situations which No Man’s Sky will test you with.

As mentioned before, No Man’s Sky is a very unique game in the sense that you can follow multiple paths within the game from the beginning.

So in order to make yourself more resistant to a diverse range of atmospheric conditions, and to fight off those annoying sentinels without getting killed consistently, you need more inventory slots.

No Man’s Sky already gives you some in order to set you up on your way to exploring more planets and star systems. But the game also requires you to add slots to your already existing inventory slots.

In No Man’s Sky, you can easily add inventory slots to your exosuit and your starship by forming a plan before you set out to collect materials in the wild.

Additional slots will allow you to augment your existing pieces of technology in order to make them more efficient.

Along with that, you can also add more modification slots to your weapon. In No Man’s Sky, your weapon is basically known as a multi-tool. So do keep that in mind as you further progress in No Man’s Sky.

How to Get Additional Inventory Slots For Your Exosuit


Hacking these will help you upgrade your Exosuit.

In order to level up your Exosuit, you need to seek out Signal Scanners. Signal Scanners are essentially the little boxes that project orange beams of light into the air.

These Signal Scanners are located on individual planets and their moons.

In order to hack into these Signal Scanners, you need to use a Bypass Chip on them.After that you need to choose “search for Shelters” option.

Bypass chips are, fundamentally, items that are very useful in No Man’s Sky because they can be used to hack Signal Scanners among other equipment.

No Man’s Sky players can craft their own Bypass Chips using a recipe. Don’t worry about having to search for this recipe since, No Man’s Sky provides the recipe for Bypass Chips to the players from the very beginning of the space-exploration game.

To craft Bypass Chips you need to have an empty slot. Then you need to get hold of 10 Plutonium and 10 Iron in order to craft a Bypass Chip in that empty slot.

Do remember that hacking Signal Scanners is a vital part of No Man’s Sky since these pieces of equipment guide you to the most valuable facilities, treasures and yeah, more inventory slots.

When you have crafted your Bypass Chip and have hacked into a Signal Scanner, you’ll have the chance of discovering a Drop Pod. No need to go into the details of what a Drop Pod is. You’ll know it when you see it in the game.

You will find your Exosuit upgrade inside the Drop Pod. And when you have upgraded your Exosuit, No Man’s Sky will give you an additional inventory slot for your Exosuit.

On a side note, the game will provide you with your first Exosuit upgrade for free. For further upgrades, you’ll need to pay in Units.

Not only that, but you’ll also have to pay more Units to upgrade your Exosuit as you level up further in No Man’s Sky.

If you think that the above-described “procedure” is too hard then there is good news: there is an alternative way you can upgrade your inventory slots.

In order to add more slots to your Exosuit, this time, you’ll need an AtlasPassv1.

You can get an Atlas Pass in two ways.

First, after visiting your very first Atlas Interface, No Man’s Sky will present you with a Space Anomaly when you jump to the next star system.

Then, all you need to do is talk to Gek inside in order to revive your AtlasPassV1. Do take note, that this scenario will only play out if you have completed the required number of milestones.

The second method to get an AtlasPassV1 is to craft it. You can craft one for 25 Iron and 10 Heridium.

But it’s not that simple though. You’ll also need a blueprint to craft an AtlasPassV1. You’ll get that blueprint after your very first visit to Space Anomaly.

With the AtlasPassV1 in place, you can simply open the locked door that is situated in the landing area of a space station.

You’ll find it opposite to the open door when you’re inside a space station.

After entering through the unlocked door, you’ll be able to see an Exosuit upgrade station. That is the station where you’ll get your extra inventory slot for your Exosuit.

The Exosuit upgrade station works exactly the same way as the station you found in drop pods.


You’re No Man’s Sky experience will enhance proportionally to the number of your inventory slots

Bonus Guide: How to Get Off Your First Planet In No Man’s Sky

Of course, in order to follow all the steps mentioned before, you first need to get off the first planet.

Many No Man’s Sky players have reported having faced problems in getting off the first planet.

Carefully read the following steps to not get stranded on your first planet.

Here is what you need to do in order to get off your first planet in No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky will start with you standing close to your wrecked ship. Your first step, always, should be to search for materials in the nearby campsite.

Gather as much material as you can.

Secondly, your ship has two broken component: Pulse Engine and Launch Thruster. You must fix the booster first.

For that, gather the required amount of Iron from rocks in the surrounding area and then use your Mining Beam to craft three Carite Sheets.

Don’t worry about crafting Carite Sheets since once you have collected enough raw material from your surrounding, crafting Carite Sheets would be a piece of cake.

To craft a Carite Sheet, just point towards an empty inventory slot and select Carite Sheets from the resulting menu.

Now you’re good to go since you’ve made a solid start to your No Man’s Sky journey. All you need to do now is to fix your Launch Thruster. Hover over the launch Thruster in the menu and after that, select “repair”.

After that, search for more Iron near surrounding rocks. You’ll also need some Carbon, which can be had from plant life, for this next bit.

When you have enough Iron and Carbon, go to your menu and fix your broken tools.

If you have followed the steps correctly, then you should have access to the Scanner (L3) now.

Use your Scanner to search and collect Zinc along with Heridium and Iron in order to craft more Carite Sheets.

You’ll need more Carite Sheets to fix your Pulse Drive. To make it easy to find raw materials, remember that Zinc pops up on the screen with a Yellow icon when it is nearby. Similarly, Plutonium pops up with a Blue icon.


More inventory slots will lead to more upgrades for your ship, your weapon and your exosuit

You can find both of these near stemmed plants. Sometimes you’ll find Zinc and Plutonium on stemmed plants rather than near them.

Your hub should guide you to Heridium with the help of a relevant icon. Use your scanner generously in order to gather the maximum amount of material in the least amount of time.

Also, try not to run out of red elements because then you’ll have no other way to recharge your mining beam.

After collecting enough Heridium, Zinc, and Iron, craft some more Carite Sheets and then proceed to repair your spaceship’s engine.

Now all you need to do is to find some fuel for your newly restored ship.

You’ll need Plutonium for your spaceship’s Booster and Thamium9 for the Pulse. You can easily gather enough of both by using your scanner in the nearby area.

Congratulations. You now have a fully working spaceship.

Get in your spaceship and hit R2 to take off. Simultaneously, point the nose of your spaceship towards the sky in order to leave your first planet.

You can accelerate your spaceship with R2 (or with equivalent keyboard button) and can also use “boost” by pressing the circle button.

Keep zooming upwards until you start to see some stars.

Great. You’re now in space.

Now go out there and explore ‘em all.




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