How to Quickly Make Money In No Man’s Sky

Published: 22 August 2016

To make No Man’s Sky an enjoyable experience instead of a chore, you need to add more inventory slots into your equipment

Despite the bad rap No Man’s Sky has received for not having the full set of “promised” features, there is no denying the fact that No Man’s Sky vast, almost infinite, universe is a lovely place to visit. If you have the money of course.

No Man’s Sky’s 18 quintillion planets, and the space between them, present players with lots of challenges and unique adventures.

Unfortunately, No Man’s Sky players will have to earn a lot of money in order to afford the best ships along with the greatest gear that’s on offer.

No Man’s Sky players will need every bit of money that they can find on every planet in order to make their experience more enjoyable because No Man’s Sky’s universe is vast. In order to go to distant places, you’ll need a faster ship and a more advanced hyperdrive.

You’ll also need to upgrade your exosuit and inventory slots in order to store more materials which in turn will allow you to upgrade faster.

All of that will be achieved with money. So here are the best tips for making money in No Man’s Sky quickly and efficiently.

Do You Want to Earn Massive Amounts of No Man’s Sky Units? Then Read On To Find Out How.

Just before we start, perhaps it will be useful for you to know that in order to extract the maximum amount of benefit from this guide, you should ideally be at the start of the game.

But if you aren’t at the beginning of the game then that’s okay too. You can follow these steps without any problems to quickly make a ton of money in No Man’s Sky.

Resource Riches of No Man’s Sky

When you scan a planet from space with your ship’s scanners, the game reveals a number of facts and figures about the local flora and fauna found on that planet.

Do keep in mind that not every planet will reveal such information if you put down on it.

However, if you do manage to know information regarding the flora and fauna of a specific planet then you should know that there is a deeper, and much more useful, statistic that most No Man’s Sky player miss out on.

That figure is the “resource richness” of the planet in question. Sometimes scanners will point out to No Man’s Sky players if some undiscovered worlds are Resource Rich or not.

When you do happen to find a planet that is identified as a resource rich planet then know that theses planets are absolutely brimming with minerals and rare materials.

Along with that, planets which are labeled as resource rich as made-to-ordered for mining.

All of that means that if you land on a “resource rich” planet then you can expect more reselling of the materials you end up collecting which would result in faster earnings.

Always Be On The Lookout For Chest Icons.

Consider this as a rule of thumb: always search for Chest Icons when you’re on a planet.


You can use any space station, shelter or trading post to deposit your hard earned minerals and earn money

Resources which are considered precious enough by the game’s algorithm are often marked with a gray treasure chest looking icon. You’ll be able to clearly see it when using your scanner.

These gray chest icon resources have optimal resale value and present a great way for No Man’s Sky players to earn a ton of cash in a short period of time.

So if you want to save a lot of time from your mining efforts then you should use these gray icons to find high-value minerals.

If You Can’t Earn Enough in No Man’s Sky, Start to Steal.

Generally speaking, stealing is bad. But No Man’s Sky is one space-exploration game where the constant pressure to make more money in order to increase your inventory slots starts to grow on you.

For those moments, you can resort to stealing.

Of course, you’ll have to be bold and without shame if you want to take this “unethical” route in your quest for future riches.

You can always substitute underground mining with sky mining. That’s right. You can mine the skies too.

Here is how. All you need to do is to watch out for lonely ships. Once you’ve located a ship that has no backup, you can proceed to attack it and destroy it.

After you have destroyed the lonely ship and annihilated everyone inside it, you can claim the cargo it drops for yourself.

The obvious negative side effect of sky mining is that it is likely to lower your integrity level among other pirates and aliens.

You might also invite reprisal from other pirates and alien races. A lot could go wrong but hey, if it’s money you want, then you get it come what may.

Learn To Spot Things Quickly In No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky does a good job of providing you with a more than useful Analysis Visor. You can use it to identify creatures and plants wherever you find them.

Remember, every monster and flower you tag, every planet you discover and every waypoint you lay a claim to has the potential to earn you lots of money.

To do that, just press the Option button and then enter the menu that enables you to upload all the information about the discoveries you have made to a galactic database.

If you do this often enough, soon you’ll be swimming in money because every time you upload information about aliens, planets, planets and waypoints, the game awards you with some good amount of much-needed cash.

To Earn Money In No Man’s Sky, You Need Lots of Bypass Chips

The greatest thing about Bypass Chips is that the elements you need to make one of these are among the most common materials that can be found in No Man’s Sky.

They are also ridiculously easy to farm and make cash with.

Bypass chips are super cheap to manufacture because they cost you only 10 Iron and 10 Plutonium.

To maximize this technique’s effectiveness you need to store equal amounts of Iron and Plutonium in your ship. Ideally, you should store at least 1000 units of each element before going to a local space station.

After you have mined enough Plutonium and Iron, fly to a local space station. Prepare as many Bypass Chips as your exosuit can hold. Then proceed to sell all Bypass Chips to the exchange.

Repeat the process until you are out of Iron and Plutonium.

Then repeat some more. Go back to the planet you were on before you left for the space station and start mining. Fill up your capacity for Plutonium and Iron again and proceed to the space station.

It is tedious and at some point becomes boring as well. But pain is temporary, reward is forever.

To optimize your time, value and effort, you should try to find a solar system that pays premium price for Bypass Chips. Solar systems of these types will make it much easier for you to sell your Bypass Chips for more money.

You can usually sell a regular chip for 3500 units. But if you find yourself in a favorable solar system then each chip can earn you as much as 7333 units of money.

No doubt, this method is a grind. But if you have a decent exosuit and starship capacities then you can upwards of million units of money per hour by following the method described above.

Don’t Forget About Vortex Cubes

Vortex Cubes are valued trade commodities that can earn you 25-35k units of money for each piece. So if you want to load up on something, load up on Vortex Cubes to make a ton of money without breaking a sweat.

Initially, there was some confusion about Vortex Cubes and their numbers but now it has been confirmed that No Man’s Sky’s algorithm generates a good amount of these in each relevant area on a particular type of planet.

The number of Vortex Cubes in these special areas on these special planets is reported to be around 50.

Every planet that has Vortex Cubes on it basically has unlimited counts of these highly valuable items.

No Man’s Sky players have found many planets that have Vortex Cubes trashed on the ground. If you move forward and collect these Vortex Cubes from the ground, you’ll not be attacked by the Sentinels patrolling the area.

Vortex Cubes are mainly found in lush areas and caves. But some planets have Vortex Cubes that grow on Vortex Stones. If you try to collect Vortex Cubes from Vortex Stones, you will be attacked by the nearly Sentinels.

You can easily make millions of units of money in a relatively short period of time by selling your earned Vortex Cubes at trading posts and shelters.


Collect Lots of Emeril Stones To Make Lots of Money


Collecting Emeril will enable you to make a ton of money in no time

Emeril stones are basically neutral stones that are considered to be very precious. And if you can somehow find Omegon stones as well then these two stones can fetch you a lot of money from space stations and trading posts.

Remember, you will spend a lot of your time doing mining stuff in the beginning of No Man’s Sky. That’s just how the game has been designed. So if you want to earn a significant amount of money early on in the game, you need to start mining as soon as possible.

The more rare and exotic elements you’ll find, the more money you’re likely to earn from selling them at space stations and trading posts.

In other words, you need to upgrade your mining tools as soon as possible so that you can so that you can start eating up massive amounts of minerals from different planets.

Just be careful: if you try to mine a planet too much you are likely to gain significant amount of attention from Sentinels.

Upgrade Your Exosuit

By that we mean that you should get more suit slots early on in the game. That is the operative word here: early on.

And the logic is pretty straightforward: the more amount of material you can carry, the more amount of material you can sell. And the more amount of material you sell, the more amount of money you earn.

You can upgrade your Exosuit using Drop Pods. As a result, you’ll be able to carry more gathered minerals to nearby space stations.

If you have more inventory slots, you’ll be able to sell more of your valuable resources. That, in turn, would also reduce your time to earn more money since you won’t be making extra stops at trading posts, shelters and space stations.

Remember, the more money you have the more Exosuit slots you’ll get.

No Man’s Sky has been criticized heavily (you only need to check out No Man’s Sky steam page to find out) for its repetitive nature. Many No Man’s Sky players have described the game as an endless cycle of mine,sell,upgrade.

Regardless, you need to keep repeating these simple processes in order to keep putting money in your bank account.

If you didn’t know already then you can find Drop Pods by using Signal Scanners that are located on every planet.

You can hack these signal scanners with Bypass Chips and search for more shelters in order to find Drop Pods that always come with Exosuit upgrades.

With Great Money, Comes Great Responsibility to Spend That Money

Your spaceship in No Man’s Sky is like your Exosuit. You need to upgrade its inventory slot to carry more material.

Needless to say, more carrying capacity means that you can sell more on each trip. Hence you can more money in less time by upgrading your spaceship’s inventory slots.



There you have it. The preceding steps should have shown you how to make money in No Man’s Sky. There are other methods of making money as well like selling your junk and finding Atlas Stones but they aren’t as effective or robust.

Happy mining.




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