PS4 Pro vs Project Scorpio And Nintendo NX.


Project Scorpio will have to deal with Sony having more time to get to potential console gamers.

Albert Penello, whose twitter profile says he is a “leads planning” for Xbox, recently discussed Microsoft Project Scorpio’s huge power advantage over the likes of Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro.

Penello was of the opinion that the performance gap between Xbox Project Scorpio and Sony Playstation 4 Pro would be obvious.

Sony officially launched the company’s latest gaming console. In fact, Sony announced two versions of its latest consoles in the form of Playstation 4 Slim (a slimmer version of the original Playstation 4 with some tweaks) and the more powerful Playstation 4 Pro.

And since now we know most of what we want to know with regards to Sony’s Playstation 4 and Xbox’s Project Scorpio, we are in a good position to compare the gaming consoles even though Project Scorpio has not been officially released .

First off, you should know that Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro will be able to hit 4.2 teraflops of performance (in other words, computing power) and Xbox’s Project Scorpio will offer around 6 teraflops of gaming power.

This difference in power alone makes Xbox’s Project Scorpio about 43 percent more capable than Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro.

But one can’t really judge a gaming console on the basis of raw power alone. There are a ton of other metrics which determine whether a console offers the complete package or not.

Albert Penello sat down with Polygon in a new interview a couple of days ago and talked, at length, about Xbox Project Scorpio’s higher position, in terms of gaming power, as compared to Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro.

As mentioned before, Penello was of the view that the difference between Xbox Project Scorpio and Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro would be obvious to the gaming community because Microsoft was targeting high-end gamers this time around.

Penello continued and said that he was not too concerned about the fact that Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro would have a full one year head start over Xbox’s Project Scorpio.

However, even with the knowledge that Sony has already delivered its most powerful console yet, Panello refused to talk about a specific release date for XBox’s Project Scorpio.

The closest he came to revealing any information about the release date was “in holiday 2017.”

Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro will be priced at $499 when it finally ships within the next couple of weeks, but another significant unknown regarding Project Scorpio is the device’s price.

The only piece of information that Microsoft has given out in terms of Project Scorpio’s price is when the company stated that people need to think of Project Scorpio as a premium gaming product rather than just another gaming console.


Conversely, Project Scorpio will have some time to learn from the reaction that PS4 Pro gets from the market.

Nobody can currently guess what Microsoft meant by “premium product”, though some have tried to estimate the price at around $1000 which is uncomfortably close to a moderately powerful gaming PC rig.

Penello also spoke about how Microsoft knew that it was important to deliver an experience that demonstrated the power gap between Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro and Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, at a price that made sense to console gamers.

It’s not secret that Microsoft is desperately trying to drive home the point that Project Scorpio would be the most powerful console ever made. The company has repeatedly claimed that its new console would bring a revolution in the gaming industry through its raw power and backward compatibility feature.

The other thing one should be able to notice from Microsoft statements is that, Project Scorpio is likely to cost a lot more than Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro because of its “most powerful console ever” and “premium product” tag.

Phil Spencer, who is the head of the Xbox division at Microsoft, said back in June that Microsoft, in the company’s attempt to get one over Sony, could have launched the newer more powerful gaming console, Xbox One, this year.

He further added that the company decided to not release their big “premium product” this year because it wanted to have more time in order to deliver a true 4K gaming experience to the gaming community with a massive six teraflops of computing power.

Reporters also asked Penello, in the same interview with Polygon, if the company had planned a firmware update for the regular Xbox One gaming console which would allow the older console to offer 4K and HDR support to console gamers just as Sony had done with all its Playstation 4 models.

Panello answered by saying that it was too soon to speak on the matter and that he would know more what the company was doing with regards to the firmware matter.

He also said that he could not speak to whether or not Microsoft could offer something similar to Sony in the near future.

As indicated before, Sony has already announced a firmware update for all older PlayStation 4 models which will add HDR and 4K capabilities to those consoles.

The company announced its plans for bringing new features to older consoles with the help on a firmware update at Sony’s Playstation Meeting and stated that consoles as old as the ones that were released in November 2013 would get the update by the end of this month.

Microsoft currently lags Sony in terms of upgrading its older consoles as the company has only announced firmware updates for its Xbox One S Model.

The older Xbox One models, currently, will not receive any firmware updates.

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What About Nintendo NX?


Nintendo NX will have to compete on its game lineup instead of horsepower.

Since out of the three big consoles only one has been officially launched, i.e Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro, it is practically impossible to fairly compare Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro with the other, yet unreleased, two consoles from Microsoft (Project Scorpio) and Nintendo (Nintendo NX).

But what we do know is that fans of Nintendo will not have to wait long since recent reports have suggested that Nintendo will release its latest gaming console. At least not too long by the looks of things.

While Sony has stolen the march on everyone else by coming out with its “most powerful console” ever and Microsoft has heavily marketed its Project Scorpio, Nintendo has kept unusually quiet about its cryptic NX gaming console.

But now, new reports have suggested that the gaming community won’t have to wait long before Nintendo releases some definite specifications about the new NX console.

The Wall Street Journal was told by some industry analysts that they expected Nintendo to come out with more Nintendo NX details as soon as early October.

If that is indeed the case then that means, the gaming community will have to wait just a few more weeks until NX details are revealed.

Nintendo has already announced that the company’s new console will be available for purchase around March 2017. Whether the new console will be officially called Nintendo NX is anyone’s guess right now.

The company has kept particularly secretive about its latest console for reasons such as piracy and plagiarism.

As of now, the most reliable of rumors (which are still rumors by the way) have indicated that the new console from Nintendo will be able to double up as a home console that connects to a larger screen such that of a TV and a portable gaming device for gamers who like to play games on the go.

Some other rumors, particularly the recent ones, have implied that the new console system from Nintendo, Nintendo NX, will actually use cartridges instead of discs.

According to Reggie Fils-Aime, who is the Nintendo of America president at Nintendo, the company who gave the gaming community iconic characters like Mario and Link (from the Zelda series) is betting big on Nintendo NX to improve its fortunes.

Nintendo has, relatively speaking, struggled with the sale numbers of Wii U worldwide. A couple of weeks ago Reggie also talked about how Nintendo failed to communicate the positioning of Wii U to the gaming community when the company launched its Wii U console.

He was of the opinion that Nintendo did not do a good job of explaining to the gaming community the unique selling points of Wii U and that allowed competitors such as Xbox and Playstation to gain significant ground on Nintendo in terms of market share.

He said that one of the things the company had to do better when it launches the NX is that Nintendo has to do a better job of communicating the positioning for the product.

He further added that Nintendo had to do a better job helping people to understand NX’s uniqueness and what that meant for the game playing experience.

Fils-Aime, while answering questions in terms of game releases, also spoke about the frequency with which Nintendo will release new games for its latest console.

Most industry experts agree that even though Wii U wasn’t a bad package overall, one of the things that kept it back from reaching its full potential in terms of sales and financial success was the lack of regular major game releases especially from the company, Nintendo, itself.

Reggie further explained that Nintendo would have to do a better job from a software planning standpoint and would have to have that continuous beat of great new games that motivate more and more people to pick up the hardware and more and more people to pick up the software as well.

Console gamers will have to wait for, probably, another seven months for Nintendo to release the Nintendo NX, until then Nintendo fans can rejoice on the fact that the company has announced a Mario game for smartphones.

The game is titled Super Mario Run and will be available for Apple smartphone’s sometime late September.

Let us know your thoughts about the new console generation wars by using the comments section below and don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated on the latest news in gaming.


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