What’s Next for Nintendo

What's Next for Nintendo

Nintendo is the world’s largest video game company by revenue. It is a Japanese multinational consumer Electronics Company that is why the company’s headquarter is located in Kyoto, Japan. It is also considered as one of the most influential in the industry and Japan’s third most valuable listed company with a market value of over US$85 billion.

As time changes so thus technology Nintendo’s way to cope with it is by launching its very own app game, this could mean that Nintendo’s games can be played sooner in your very own smartphone. Not later but sooner as it will happen this year. Nintendo’s step by step approach will give consumers not all the games at once as it will test the waters first perhaps that is the reason why Nintendo only plans to make five games by early 2017. This is Nintendo’s next big move to produce app game for smartphones, although clueless of what will be the first app game Nintendo will offer this 2015 but hopefully Mario, Zelda, Star Fox will appear.

Nintendo’s a huge company why only offer limited number of games?

In line with why there will only be limited number of games that the company will initially offer, Nintendo said in a statement, “You may think it is a small number, but… we aim to make each title a hit.”

The company’s clear goal is quality over quantity. Nintendo knows exactly how erratic the mobile app market is, despite that it is still a highly competitive market this Nintendo said, “Its games need to raise the bar to break in and keep a foothold in a marketplace that’s wildly erratic.”

The example of yesterday’s hits Angry Birds, Jungle Run are quickly overtaken by new obsessions Candy Crush Saga, Subway Surfers, while Rovio, on the other hand, the maker of Angry Birds, is struggling so badly it dumped its CEO. While another company Zynga (ZNGA) just announced layoffs at its San Francisco offices. Clearly, this examples gives ideas to Nintendo of what approach should be taken in order to stay afloat in the realm of mobile app market.

“The odds of success are quite low if consumers cannot appreciate the quality of a game,” Nintendo stated. “If we did not aim to achieve a significant result, it would be meaningless for us to do it at all.”



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