No Man’s Sky:What Happens If You Try To Walk Around A Planet


No Man’s Sky is too huge to be explored on a spaceship. One player tried to do it on foot.

Hello Games made a lot of promises to the gaming community in terms of awesome features for its latest space exploration game No Man’s Sky.

The pre-launch trailers for the game were breathtaking to say the least.

Long story short, No Man’s Sky wasn’t even close to the game that was shown in the trailers.

Now a No Man’s Sky player has unearthed another missing feature.

You know No Man’s Sky is supposed to have about 18 quintillion planets spread throughout its “infinite” universe.

Not only that, but the developers behind the game also assured gamers before the launch that their space exploration/survival/trading/fighting game would have planets (quite obvious you might say) and those planets would be like real planets in terms of their size, orbits and a lot of other stuff that astronomers normally associate with planets and their physics.

Now we’re almost a month into No Man’s Sky launch and No Man’s Sky players have made a habit of, in their quest to see as many of these “wondrous” planets as possible, spending very little time on any one specific planet.

Even then many No Man’s Sky players have complained about the game becoming very repetitive and boring after the first few hours of gameplay.

Individual planets aren’t fleshed out enough to hold the player’s attention for long. No Man’s Sky players, usually, feel the urge to leave a planet to explore another one very quickly.

However, there are always those gamers who don’t give up no matter how frustrating a game gets and continue to log in hours after hours just for the slightest bit of excitement.

One No Man’s Sky player decided to explore an entire planet by walking around it.

Is that even possible, you might ask?

Well, let’s find out.

According to Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games, No Man’s Sky players should be able to walk across the planet if they wish.

With that said, he also revealed that such a journey would take tens of hours and that it was better for the players themselves to explore other things than the same old planet while walking.

However our No Man’s Sky player, who goes by the game of Steambot, tried to test the limits of No Man’s Sky’s procedurally generated planets with a mission to walk an entire planet.

Steambot was about fifty hours into his first playthrough when he came up with the idea of walking a whole planet.

Steambot told Kotaku through email that word had gotten out that No Man’s Sky’s center of the galaxy was just a bit more than underwhelming so he was kind of at a loss to what he wanted to accomplish next in the game.

The No Man’s Sky player further added that he was still obsessed with No Man’s Sky and didn’t plan on stopping his journey through No Man’s Sky’s infinite universe just then.

Steambot had been following No Man’s Sky since it was first announced and essentially, wanted to fight back against some of the negative reviews the game had received since launch.

Steambot, in the same interview with Kotaku, said that he really wanted to add something fun and positive to the conversation and wanted to show people (Hello Games staff included) that there were still No Man’s Sky players who believed in their space exploration game and weren’t ready to give up on them.

Somebody should have told Steambot that about 70,000 other players also tried the same and didn’t end up in a good place as was evident from the feedback the game received on its official steam page.

Anyway, Steambot continue on his journey by first selecting a planet to begin his walk experiment. Steambot told Kotaku that he picked the planet for his experiment randomly and didn’t look for the most exciting or the most populated planet nearby.

In fact, Steambot was of the view that No Man’s Sky planet name generator actually came up with some pretty fascinating names including but not limited to “Dudenbbeaumodeme.”

Steambot said that the planet he finally ended up choosing for his mission “Walk” was a cold world with infrequent and extreme blizzards that had greenish-gold days and vibrant purple nights.

He further added that the planet also had tall mountains, canyons that were deep and water-filled and large snow-capped forests in shallow valleys.

As far the creatures and plant-life of the planet was concerned, Steambot said that fourteen foot tall creatures that looked like deers wandered the land and large shark-like creatures prowled the waters.

The process was unsophisticated really. Steambot landed on the planet (Dudenbbeaumodeme) and then simply started to walk in the same single direction.

Steambot’s plan was to walk as long as was necessary to cover the entire planet or more specifically circle the entire planet until he reached his ship from the other side.

To save some time (in fact a lot of time) Steambot decided to utilize the jetpack trick in order to travel faster.


The chosen planet had plenty of distractions so steambot had to focus and focus hard.

The jetpack trick allows No Man’s Sky players to glide rather than walk across any landscape at much greater speeds. In terms of efficiency, gliding always win over simple walking.

Steambot also spoke about how his favorite moment was at the very beginning when he landed on a random planet and just started to walk when he had no idea of how long it would be before he saw his ship again.

He said that there was a noticeable sense of stepping into the unknown that he had not experienced in the game until that point.

But eventually, the feeling started to sink in after Steambot’s mission time passed four hours.

Steambot posted on Reddit that he might have bitten off more than he could chew. He then continued and said that (at that moment) he was currently about four hours from his ship and had little to no idea how much further he had to go in order to reach his starship from the other side.

Lucky for Steambot, that he didn’t or rather hadn’t captured all of the species of animals that were present on the planet and hence was able to keep his mind occupied through his long and tedious journey.

Steambot also posted that things started to get dull but were still bearable.

From Steambot’s account of the whole experiment it seems like the only thing he had going for him was the fact that he was recording all details of his journey through social media.

Some of Steambot’s followers even contributed some tips and tricks to make his long walk more bearable.

Some even recommended songs for the remainder of his expedition but of course, when do these ever help you.

Even with all this, Steambot, at one point, was the the verge of quitting his monotonous excursion.

He later wrote on Reddit that he really want to quit that night. He further said that the feeling of giving up started when somebody posted a video of themselves flying in their starship through a canyon earlier that day.

Steambot said that he couldn’t get that image out of his head as he loaded up the game and started to walk again. He said that he missed his starship very badly.

But that wasn’t even the worst part.

The fact that Steambot could just easily leave this hellhole by building a bypass chip and revving the engines up, made the journey all the more difficult.

Nevertheless, Steambot continued his painful experience out of a sense of duty to other No Man’s Sky players and followers who had been witnessing his quest with immense enthusiasm.

About ten hours into Mission Walk, things started to pick up some pace for Steambot. Steambot started to name the different animals that crossed his path. Some of the creatures, as expected, were less friendly and attacked him on sight.

But perhaps above all, Steambot tried to spice things up by exploring more of what the game offered him in order to distract himself from his utterly trite pilgrimage.

Steambot recapped on Reddit how it was very hard to resist exploring some of the caves he came across while walking for such a long time. He said that even though he didn’t know exactly what he would have found in those caves, the mystery factor was indeed very tempting.

Those of us who have played Borderlands, know how life-saving can second winds be. But for Steambot, that wasn’t the case as after couple of hours this No Man’s Sky adventurer went back to feeling deeply isolated.

No Man’s Sky landmarks that once provided so much comfort were now nothing more but lifeless structures.

Steambot told Kotaku that the worst moment was when the three other planets of what he had named “The Pilgrim Star” disappeared over the horizon.

He continued and said that for the first few hours, the planets were visible in the sky and provided a constant landmark in addition to giving a sense of how far he had traveled from his starship.

But when those three planets were gone, he felt a tangible lack of direction and coherence.

Quite predictably, things only got worse from that point onward. As has happened with countless number of No Man’s Sky players, Steambot’s No Man’s Sky also crashed and that stole a huge amount of momentum away from the daredevil.


In the end the journey did not pay off because of No Man’s Sky’s another lie

As mentioned before, he also started to lose the sense of where he was and where he wanted to go.

The waypoints in his surroundings started to waver in location. And hence Steambot became the first player in space exploration game history to experience space madness.

Steambot later wrote that he felt hopelessly lost out there in the dark and yearned to stand on a different planet and look at a differently colored sky.

What Did He Do Next?

Steambot took a few days off and recharged his utterly depleted batteries. The rest helped him and regained his energy and drive to finish the mission.

But before he could do that, there was another huge problem that had not been solved yet.

Steambot recalled that for the entire journey he could not solve one issue, that had disturbed him too, which was how could he travel in a straight line without the help of a compass or a waypoint in front of him?

At that point he got the idea of following the direction of the sun in order to simplify things and move the journey forward.

So What Did He, Eventually, Find?

Well, it might be infuriating for you to know that No Man’s Sky lied about another feature. As Steambot’s experiment showed, the game doesn’t allow you to walk around the planet and come back to a specific point from the opposite direction.

Steambot got stuck at the halfway point and could not move forward. The game kept redirecting him in the other direction. In other words, the game glitched out.

Steambot’s says he still won’t give up No Man’s Sky.

He told reporters that there was still so much to explore and cool new things to discover, every day, in No Man’s Sky.

He also said that he would like to work on No Man’s Sky Portals mystery as well.

Steambot further added that No Man’s Sky was one of the most interesting and divisive pieces of software of all time.

He was of the opinion that the game did have flaws but it more than made up for those flaws by providing players with spaceship, a laser gun, and a virtually infinite universe to explore.


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