Nintendo NX – Could be a 4K Unit

The anticipated Nintendo NX has many rumors encircling around it as the renowned gaming company likes to keep any information regarding their next console very close to their chests. In recent rumors and reports, it would seem that Nintendo’s next-generation console could be one that is able to sport 4K resolution.

Nintendo NX - Could be a 4K Unit

Nintendo NX is Rumored to Sport 4K Resolution

At the moment, just about any news pertaining to the Nintendo NX should be taken with a grain of salt. There is still no image of the console, let alone its box or packaging. The latest rumor to be brought upon Nintendo’s new console suggest that the new machine will have a lot of advancements. It might mean that they’re about to step up their own game when it comes to the console wars. A Reddit user says that they have inside information which detailed a bunch of, well, information pertaining to the new Nintendo console.

The post in the popular Internet forum has been removed, which makes people think if the source is more or less believable. But never underestimate the power of the Internet, let alone the communities found within, as Nintendo Insider has the text. The big news here is about the aforementioned resolution that the new videogame console will be supporting. Which would also mean that it could be the first home console to do so, that is, IF this releases before the also rumored PlayStation 4.5/PlayStation 4K.

Even the name for the console is still not set in stone. The retail name for the NX is still unknown at the moment for developers (or it’s just that they’re holding back in divulging the name). The new console is rumored to still support Amiibo. Of course, Nintendo is not going to do away with one of their highest money-making gimmicks that became hugely successful.

Furthermore, there are no news concerning when the official announcement, or even the release date for the Nintendo NX will be made. A similar technology or functionality to Friend Codes will still be available, as what rumors dictate. There are also other multiple “gimmicks” that the new console will have. There is an optional “gimmick” as well, but once more, new pertaining to this is still being kept behind closed doors. There are also physical dev-kits available that are out in the wild, and there is still no news pertaining to its GPU or even most of its hardware specifications. But if the new console will indeed sport 4K resolution, then it can indeed raise the bar within the console wars.


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