PS4 and Nintendo Go Head to Head in Luring Customers


Nintendo will demonstrate gameplay footage of many new titles at the event

It seems as if the console wars have truly begun with Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft going head to head against each other in a bid to attract more potential gamers to their respective gaming consoles.

Microsoft has already announced its “game changing” Project Scorpio that is expected to get a release date sometime in 2017.

Nintendo has, in a way, responded to that announcement by revealing its own Nintendo NX which is expected to debut in 2017 as well.

Now, for Nintendo’s Nindies Summer Jam the company has announced customer-grabbing titles such as Axiom Verge (average overall score of 95 percent on its steam page from over 1400 reviews), Azure Striker Gunvolt 2(average overall score of 88 percent on its steam page from over 400 reviews) and plenty of more titles.

A lot of these titles are expected to be independent games and no matter which genre you follow, the lineup for Wii and 3DS looks set to be thrilling for the rest of 2016.

Just a couple of days ago Nintendo announced a special Nindies Summer Jam, which is basically a promotional event.

It is a special program that offers discount prices on Nintendo games that have been developed by independent developers who are participating in the event.

The games are exclusively for WiiU and 3DS.

The Nindies Summer Ham is a highly anticipated Nintendo event and is scheduled to kick off with the classic hit Metroid-Castlevania action platform game Axiom Verge.

Axiom verge will be launched for Wii U and the Nindies Summer Jam will show it off on September 1.

Axiom Verge will be followed by another Wii U favourite, Jotun: Valhalla Edition on September 8.

Other games include Noitu Love: Devolution (Wii U, 3DS) on September 15 and Severed for Wii U, 3DS (along with the option of cross-buy) on September 29.

Azure Striker Gunvolt for Nintendo 3DS will also be shown off on September 29.

Nintendo also provided a list of the rest of the independent games that will be shown off at this year’s Nintendo Nindies Summer Jam.

The chart below has the details,


Readers should also know that Nintendo will host another [email protected] event as a part of the company’s Penny Arcade Expo offering.

At that event, Nintendo will exhibit games such as Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past and YO-KAI WATCH 2 for people who will attend the PAX event.

Needless to say, the exhibition will take place at a Nintendo booth, which shouldn’t be hard to find since the lineup of games that Nintendo plans to show off is truly impressive.

Perhaps Nintendo will also announce a similar deal for the game Stardew Valley which has been a big hit on the PC platform.

What Has The PS4 Done To Attract More Gamers To Its Side of The Isle.


Sony has plans of its own to increase its gaming market share with two new planned consoles

Well, it turns out, that Sony has planned a series of events for its PlayStation 4 as well.

Just recently the company announced a PS4 Slim model. Now, it has been reported that the newer, slimmer, model would ship with an updated controller.

The updated controller would have a front-facing light bar. But that’s not all, reports have also emerged that have suggested that the new PlayStation 4 slim controller would feature several tweaks and improvements.

Leaked images, videos, and other relevant information about the slimmer version of PS4 have given followers of Sony’s much awaited newer model a lot to chew on.

The leaked content has shown that the PS4 would indeed ship with an updated controller. That would in addition to other design changes.

According to leaked photos and videos, the new PlayStation controller will include several gamepad features which would tweak the functions of the controller.

Changes will also be made to the base design of the controller. One of those changes would be the introduction of the new light bar.

As of this moment, at least one source has actually managed to get a hold of the aforementioned new version of PlayStation 4. This source, as expected, has been busy in showing the new console off through a series of images and videos.

Some very specific details of the new PlayStation 4 controller have been revealed by none other than a Twitter user that goes by the name of shortman82.


The new controller will have new features

As you can clearly see in the picture that the most significant change that has been made to the controller is, without a doubt, a new light bar that has been placed on the front of the controller.

The light bar can be seen right above the controller touchpad.

Sources have also revealed that this new light bar will indicate the same color as the light on the backside of the Playstation 4 controller.

In other words, PlayStation 4 users will be able to see relevant notifications more clearly because of the new light bar.

The Twitter user shortman82 also stated that the new PlayStation 4 controller used the same battery packs as the hold Playstation 4 controller.

With that said, shortman82 continued and added that the light from the light bar seemed to last just a touch bit longer than the one of the older PlayStation controller. Of course, all of this is purely based on hearsay.

The twitter user also revealed that if the controller was plugged into the new Playstation 4, the user would be able to force the controller to communicate only over the wired connection.

As owners of the old PlayStation 4 would probably know by now, this option wasn’t available for the old Playstation 4 controller.

Odd enough, the twitter users also added that this new setting also appeared on the older, original, model of Playstation 4 console if the new Playstation 4 controller was plugged into it.

The reports about the design changes made to the current Playstation 4 console and its controller were initially considered to be of questionable nature, but Eurogamer, a reliable source, later confirmed the existence of a new Playstation 4 slim model.

It was revealed by Eurogamer, that its staff actually visited shortman82’s residence and saw the new slimmer console in action.

In all probability, Sony will make the announcement of its new slim PlayStation 4 console official at one of its upcoming events.

Authority gaming website, Gamespot, has reported that gamers can expect both the slim model of Playstation 4 and the more powerful Playstation 4 Neo to be uncovered on September 8 this year.

Of course, common sense would dictate that if anyone is looking to buy a new console, now would be the worst time possible.

Microsoft has already announced its “most powerful console ever made” in the form of Project Scorpio that is slated to get a release date sometime in holiday 2017 while Nintendo has also stated that the company will release its much awaited Nintendo NX sometime in 2017.


Sony will also try to lure customers to its brand of consoles by offering a slimmer version of its current console Playstation 4

So if anyone is willing to wait for Playstation Neo, it is pretty straightforward to hold back just a bit longer till Microsoft releases it Project Scorpio.

And we can’t write off Sony answering Microsoft’s Project Scorpio with a Playstation 5 of its own.

However, if you can’t wait for that long then Sony is giving you every opportunity to get out and buy its current consoles on the cheap .

You can get yourself the Black Ops III PS4 bundle with a $100 gift card at, none other than, Dell.

As mentioned before, Sony already has plans in place to announce at least one new Playstation system as early as next month.

If you still want to get yourself the current console even after reading the line before then we’re happy to tell you that Dell is offering you a reasonably solid bargain .

The online retailer is offering a $100 gift card with the $350 Call of Duty: Black Ops III Playstation 4 bundle.

Do note however that the gift card (which is part of the bundle) will not be delivered to you until 10 to 20 days after you place your order through the Dell website.

And you will also not see the gift card bonus pop up until you reach the checkout stage of the process.

If you have visited the Dell site already then you must have noticed that the Dell page has not provided any details on when the deal will end.

So it’s better if you act quickly and take advantage of the offer before it expires. You can also  start your purchasing process via Dealzon.

Just a reminder though that Sony’s PlayStation news event is slated for Wednesday, September 7. The event is lined up to being at 3 PM ET from the Sony Playstation Theater in Times Square.

Needless to add here that the whole event will be livestreamed.


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