PlayStation – Reports Lead to Possible New Hardware That Can Dish Out 4K Resolution

After the Game Developer’s Conference, there are rumors circulating about an upcoming PlayStation hardware. As of late, there are reports confirming that a new console from Sony is being developed and it will dish out 4K resolution. Furthermore, said hardware is now already in its prototype phase.

PlayStation - Reports Lead to Possible New Hardware That Can Dish Out 4K Resolution

A New PlayStataion Console is Already in the Works, Reports Claim

In a report by Eurogamer, the gaming website stated that they have their sources reported that Sony in, in fact, building a new PlayStation console. However, the reports submitted don’t have too many specifics as to the hardware’s specifications or the projected cost of the device.

The Digital Foundry team of Eurobaker broke down the report into saying that the potential new gaming system is already within the Japanese tech giant’s Research and Development phase. The report states, “In the wake of last week’s post-GDC outing of the hardware by Kotaku, we have independently established that it’s real and that Sony’s R&D labs have prototype devices, and we also have more than one source referring to it as PlayStation 4K, the name we’ll be using for now. And this is where things become slightly strange – because while more GPU power is being offered to developers, realistically it is nowhere near enough to provide native 4K gaming at the same quality level as current 1080p titles.”

What’s interesting about the aforementioned statement is the line towards the end. This because the Digital Foundry team from Eurogamer is speculating that the next generation console will sport a native 4K resolution (hence the unit’s name). With today’s gaming technology in terms of hardware, the PS4 and Xbox One still falls short of industry gaming benchmarks set by PCs, especially high-end gaming rigs.

There is even another report made by the Inquisitr as to whether or not a 4K PlayStation was even doable. While it might be, it still places Sony in a tough a position as they would have to be willing to take a loss initially on the hardware. When looking at today’s PC standards, a high-end graphics card would be needed (such as a GTX 980 ti or an AMD Fury X) to make do with 4K resolution. If something like this were to fit inside a home gaming console, then the price would be jacked up immensely upon first launch. Therefore, it wouldn’t be easily acquired by many gamers, especially those who are looking for a more budget-friendly offering.


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