So What Happens When You Hit The Highest Level in Pokemon Go

Published: 29 July 2016Updated: 27 September 2016

What rewards await you once you hit the max level in Pokemon Go

All have tried all and all, but one, have failed. A Pokemon Go player has hit the level cap in Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile game and you definitely should know what happens when you do get to that nirvana.

Well, we’ll apologize in advance for bursting your bubble but in truth, that Pokemon Go player used a bot to hit the maximum level of 40 in Pokemon Go.

At the rate most people were diving into Pokemon Go, you would have thought that someone must have hit the maximum level by now. Bot or no bot.

But, as it turns out, no one has legitimately hit the maximum level yet.

And is there someone to blame here?

The augmented reality game that is Pokemon Go has not been out for a full month and people have already started to worry about the endgame of Pokemon Go mobile game.

Pokemon Go was released in planned installments as far as geographical locations are concerned because the developers of the augmented reality game (Pokemon Go), Niantic Labs, didn’t think that the company had the resources available to handle very high processing requirements of the augmented reality game.

They feared that people would face a lot of technical issues if they had released the game worldwide on a single launch event. Well, Pokemon Go still experienced a lot of server problems and the search term “Pokemon Go Server Down” trended many times on Google.

Mostly those problems were related to game servers being unavailable for hours at a time.

But before we divulge on why Pokemon Go didn’t plan out their releases in a more professional manner, let’s turn our attentions back to our original issue.

What happens when you hit the max level in Pokemon Go?

The answer to that question has been a mystery since the launch of the game. Some Pokemon Go players thought that if you reached the end of the game you would be rewarded with a Master Ball of a rare kind.

And there was solid evidence for that since some clever Pokemon Go players, who happened to know a lot about code (and code in games because not all code is related to video games), had figured out that Pokemon Go video game’s internal code did have arrangements for a Master Ball.

But of course, it was all conjecture.

Now, all that has changed.


Do you have what it takes to get to the max level in Pokemon Go?

Credit should be given where it is due and this time, credit is due to a Pokemon Go player who goes by the name of Luca.

Luca is first Pokemon Go player who has been able to hit the maximum level that Pokemon Go augmented reality game has to offer, with the help of a bot.

But we won’t hold that against him since it is only because of Luca’s method that now we know what exactly happens when you max out your level in Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile game.

Pokemon Go player Luca’s Reddit handle is quite a thought-provoking one; it is _Problemz.

And a problem is exactly what Luca solved.

Luca shared his achievement on the Pokemon Go subreddit and explained that once he hit level 40 in Pokemon Go, the game him rewarded with 40 Ultraballs.

Not only that, Pokemon Go video game also awarded Luca with 40 Max Potions, 40 Max Revives, 4 incense, 40 Razz Berries, 4 incubators and 4 Lure Modules.

Hang on a bit here because there is one other reward Luca was blessed with: 4 Lucky Eggs.

If that wasn’t enough (and trust us, these rewards are more than enough for a player who used bots to get to the max level) then Luca also received double XP for 30 minutes.

Now, the more discerning of our readers might question the usefulness of such rewards since Luca already is on the highest level.

Surely, at level 40, Luca has got no meaningful use for these rewards. And that is the answer. These rewards a pretty much useless to Luca for the moment.

But this isn’t just any other game. This is history’s most downloaded augmented reality mobile video game Pokemon Go (for Android and iPhone) and that means that the developers have left just enough clues in the game to give us folks a hint.

That hint is now pointing towards future updates which might raise the max level that is achievable in Pokemon Go.

As intimated before, the way Pokemon Go has captivated the minds of over 75 million people (that is the magical number that is making the rounds this week of the number of times Pokemon Go has been downloaded), it is very likely that many other Pokemon Go players will be able to hit max level in Pokemon Go within a short period of time.

In fact, we’re betting that a lot of those PoGo(Pokemon Go) players who would hit the max level, would hit that magical level 40 legitimately instead of with the help of a bot.

So Why Did Luca Use Bots? Why Didn’t He Do it Himself?

The reason is simple actually.

The primary reason why Luca used a bot is that, if he hadn’t used one he would’ve needed to put in a countless amount of hours in gaining the experience required to hit level 40 in PoGo.

According to some estimates, PoGo player Luca would have had to earn about 50000 XP every day for 365 days straight in order to hit the max level cap.

That would have of course destroyed his soul.


What does Niantic Labs have in store for Pokemon Go players this time?

If you still don’t understand how difficult it is to earn that amount of XP in PoGo augmented reality mobile video game then try to visualize the list of tasks The Silph Road released a little while ago that comprehensively explains how much XP you earn for each activity in PoGo augmented reality video game.

The list goes something like this (in fact, it goes exactly like this),

  1. Curveball Bonus gets you 10 XP.
  2. Nice! Throw Bonus nets you another 10 XP.
  3. Great! Throw Bonus get you 50 XP.
  4. PokeStop Interaction puts 50 XP in your bank.
  5. Successful Pokemon monster Capture gets you another 100 XP.
  6. Excellent! Throw Bonus gets you 100 XP
  7. Hundredth Catch of a Pokemon Species gets you 100 XP
  8. Hatch an Egg 2 KM version gets you 200 XP.
  9. Hatch an Egg 5 KM version nets you 500 XP.
  10. Hatch an Egg 10 KM version puts a 1000 XP in your account.
  11. If you add a new Pokemon to your Pokedex you get 500 XP.
  12. If you evolve a Pokemon you get 500 XP
  13. If you train at a Gym, you get 50 XP, but it varies according to the power levels of your Pokemon.
  14. If you defeat a Pokemon at a Gym you get 100 XP. Each time.
  15. By beating every Pokemon at a given Gym, you stand to gain another 50 XP.

What do you think? A person who goes to work in the morning and has to take care of his family is unlikely to get anywhere near Level 40 in PoGo.

However, one of the best methods to gain a good amount of XP is to keep on adding more Pokemon to your Pokedex.

This action should and could be made easier with a future update where Niantic Labs introduce the option of trading in PoGo.

Niantic Labs have stated that the studio has urgent plans to allow PoGo players to exchange their Pokemon monsters.

And while we are on the subject of achievements, who here remember a guy named Nick Johnson?

He is the guy who caught every Pokemon available on the North American continent. Well now, he has partnered with a rewards company to travel the world and hunt down PoGo monsters that he hasn’t caught yet.

And don’t forget to let us know about your achievements in PoGo by using the comments section below.




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