Hate Your Eye Doctor? Check Out The Smartphone Vision Test


You don’t have to pay through the roof to get an eye exam.

Doctors, in general, charge a lot of money from their patients due to which there is hardly anyone who voluntarily goes to them even when in need of medical attention.

Eye doctors, on the other hand, tend to empty your pockets even more quickly. Now, a company has tried to combat the situation by introducing a vision test that can be carried out solely with the help of nothing but a smartphone (and an extension).

Yes, you can use your smartphone to test your eyes for possible problems using this device. Before we move onto the part where we describe how this device actually works, you must know that this smartphone powered vision test has what it takes to potentially replace your eye doctor.

For the sake of patients around the world, it would be better if the device somehow managed to get rid of eye doctors forever.

But as far as accuracy is concerned, this smartphone powered eye test is certainly the least complicated way to get an accurate eyeglass prescription. All that, without going to any eye doctor (and without the boredom caused by reading decade old magazine issues at the eye doctors clinic).

You can buy inexpensive glasses from pretty much anywhere nowadays. There are literally thousands of websites that sell you decent looking glasses of your choice at a relatively affordable price.

The other benefit of buying glasses online is that it saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to actually put on clean clothes and get out of the house to start your search for an optical shop.

With that said, buying glasses is never the real issue when you want to make sure that you see things as they are rather than as you see them.

The problem, today, is of getting a new eye prescription. The process of acquiring a new eyeglass prescription is old and most of all, painfully slow and irritating.

You probably know the drill by heart already but we’ll go ahead and describe each step here anyway to further motivate you on why you should give this new device a go.

So first, you book an appointment with your eye doctor. The eye doctor’s assistant confirms your booking on a specific date that is convenient for the eye doctor (not you).

Then, you spend way more time than should be necessary in the waiting room. And after you get exhausted from sitting around all day long at the clinic, you finally go through the full eye exam before you get your eye results back.

Sometimes the eye doctor might ask you to come back the next day to get your new eye prescription because of a problem in an equipment of some sort.

Booking an eye doctor through ZocDoc is quicker but still is a rather time-consuming process.

Enter Smart Vision Labs.

The company claims that they have the expertise to build modern tools that are built with exceptional quality and provide you with better vision.

Smart Vision Labs also believes in working hard to make sure that it easier for the general public to get a new eye prescription without wasting too much of their precious time.

To achieve that objective, Smart Vision Labs has introduced its latest product that is SVOne Enterprise.

It is basically a smartphone-powered vision test that is self-guided. Smart Vision Labs will be launching these devices in various glasses stores in New York City sometime this week.

Yes, the company doesn’t exactly have a memorable name but the possibilities seem endless. SVOne Enterprise could very well prove to be a profitable product given that there is a huge market of visually impaired people. This product could unlock the market’s true potential.

The SVOne is established on the same concepts as the company’s first product.

That is, SVOne uses the same autorefraction technology as SVOne Pro. Some of you may already know that SVOne is a handheld device that allows eye doctors perform eye test from the comfort of their homes or offices. Basically anywhere.

The technology is dependent on a laser striking the retina of your eyes and reflecting back. The device measures this reflected laser.

The new product from Smart Vision Labs goes one step further and adds a , what some would call, telemedicine component.

After you have gone through the vision test that is performed by the product itself, the results are sent to a certified eye doctor who approves (or disapproves) the final eyeglass prescription.

After that, all that is left for you to do is to download the prescription from the internet and take that prescription to an optical shop of your choice.


Optical shop owners stand to be the biggest beneficiaries of this technology.

If you took the SVOne Enterprise device as an iPhone smartphone, then we won’t judge you because it does look like an iPhone that has a specific eyepiece equipment on top of a three-legged frame.

In other words, the device is made to be functional rather than aesthetically pleasing. Basically, it is a device that optical stores can use when a customer requires the need for it and then store it away in a safe place where it can’t get damaged.

Of course, there are hardly any optical stores that can afford to keep an eye doctor full time as a staff member. As a result, most optical stores recommend customers an eye doctor to get an eyeglass prescription from.

With SVOne, optical stores would be able to attract more customers and bring in more revenue as a result of customers taking their SVOne eye tests.

Another side effect of having SVOne at an optical store would be that it would make it more likely that customers would buy glasses from the same shop they got the eye test from.

Smart Vision Labs currently charges around $40 per test but has given permission to optical stores to charge whatever they deem fair for their customers.

The founder of the company, Yaopeng Zhou, has said that his inspiration for coming up with a product like SVOne Enterprise was the simple fact that there are about 200 million people in the United States of America alone who are in need of glasses.

Despite that, only 106 million eye tests are performed every year. Zhou also said that in the US alone there is just a single eye doctor for every 5000 customers and all that begs someone to come up with a product that can perform eye tests quickly and affordably.

However, the process isn’t as simple as buying the SVOne Enterprise and using the device within the next second.

People who have reviewed the product have mentioned that an average customer would definitely need some help to through the process of setting up the device first. But even with that, the reviewers say, SVOne Enterprise saves you a lot of time when compared to visiting an eye doctor.

A customer first needs to answer some questions that come up on the iPhone screen when you use SVOne Enterprise. The questions are rather simple and relate to things like your age, any pre-existing eye condition etc.

If however, you do happen to have a severe eye condition then the application automatically instructs you to consult with an eye doctor.


The SVOne could prove to be a profitable device for a huge market

The SVOne Enterprise also allows the customer to place his/her eyes in the device’s eyepiece to test our his/her eyes individually by having him/her read from a standard vision chart and then it takes photographs to finalize the measurements successfully.

The customer is then emailed the link to the official prescription which the customer can then take to an optical shop to get a new pair of eye frames.

Potential customers might find comfort in the fact that Smart Visions Labs isn’t the first company to have launched such a product. A company known as Blink actually tried to setup a service where it would actually send someone to your residence in order to take an eye test.

Another company, Peek, tried to bring portable vision tests into developing markets. But none of those companies have been able to produce a device that can output accurate prescriptions on the go.

Yaopeng also stated that his company is trying to expand its business inside the US at the moment. The handheld device is already available in over 22 countries but has sold only 500 units of SVOne Enterprise.

Those 500 units have been responsible for performing over 40000 eye exams since the company put them on sale.

Would you like to try out such a product? Use the comment box below to let us know your thoughts and suggestions about a portable eye test device.


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