Pokemon Go is Exquisite, But Here Are the Issues You Need to Know

pokeman_goRecently launched but super successful Pokemon Go game is probably the most played mobile game right now. But that doesn’t mean it is perfect.

Users have submitted several issues that have come up in Pokemon Go.

Developer Niantic Labs have put a list of known issues, only the major ones mind you, on its official website, now that the game is available to the public for download and play.

The first problem that needs to be mentioned right now is the annoying and inexplicable error message that some users of the game are getting is, “You already own this item.”

It’s an error message that is popping up for some users who are using Android phones (or tablets).

But that’s not all, some other Pokemon Go players are experiencing a bug that is resetting all their progress back to level one. The only positive thing about this bug is that it resets your progress temporarily, instead of for all time.

And if that wasn’t enough for most players then Niantic Labs also advised that playing Pokemon Go on your mobile phone or tablet could heavily deplete your battery if you play the mobile game for extended periods of time.

The lab officials also said that the lab is working on solutions and the battery depletion issue would be resolved soon so that gamers can enjoy their new game without having to worry about running out of battery quickly and missing some of their other important appointments.

Several other problems include (but obviously are not limited to) jerky service for GPS location, audio distortion and the like.

Messages like “Please ensure location/GPS enabled and set to high-accuracy mode.” have popped up for several users of the newly released mobile game.

Niantic labs assured questioners that they are working round the clock to resolve issues with GPS accuracy and the stability of the overall application. They also said that GPS accuracy significantly depends on your connection strength, of the device on which you are playing Pokemon Go.

There were several backend issues with the game as well as Pokemon Go experienced several technical issues roundabout July 7 as well. Servers were not allowing players to connect and hence were unavailable. Players were left wanting for more as Pokemon Go servers prevented them from playing further.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality video game that is free to play. Though, Pokemon also has a fully fledged microtransaction system within itself.

However, if you don’t want to unlock your phone but want to play Pokemon Go, albeit, with some restricted features, you can purchase a $35 accessory that will allow you to do that.

The accessory is Pokemon Go Plus. It is basically a clip with an attachment that you wear on your wrist. Think of it more like a wristband than anything else.

The accessory allows you to play the game without having to constantly look at your phone and it does that by requiring you to push a button on it to claim a Pokemon when it shakes.

You can also search for more challenges online. Challenges like finding Pokemon, hatch eggs and evolve your Pokemon are some of the most popular ones.  There are also Pokemon Gyms inside the game which allow you to train your Pokemon to improve them.

Some guides also advise you on how to find Pokemon that are rare. These guides will also train you on how to actually catch Pokemon once you find them and then collect them.

Bear in mind, the Pokemon appear in the real world through the use of Augmented Reality, so you better watch where you are going if you don’t want to fall down into the subway and get hit by a car while crossing a street.

Here is the list of some more issues (and solutions where we could find them) that have been bothering players since the game was launched on July 3.

Your Trainer Progress is Reset to Level 1, Temporarily

pokemanThe solution to this problem is that you must log into your Pokemon account and check if you haven’t, unknowingly because otherwise it would be weird, made two Pokemon Go accounts.

That can easily happen with Pokemon Go since some players make one account using Google and then another account using Pokemon Trainer Club.

To avoid this problem from the beginning, don’t try to create an account with one of the two methods and then try to login with the other method because Pokemon Go will make another account for you if you do that.

Resolving this issue is pretty straightforward. Simply log out of the game and log back in with the original method that you used to create your first account for Pokemon Go.

Error: “You already own this item”

This error primarily occurs on Android devices and usually pops up when you don’t have internet connectivity while purchasing PokeCoins from the ship.

You will, in all probability, get this error “You already own this item” message and to resolve the issue, all you need to do is to first power off your device and then restart your android phone or tablet.

Audio Distortion

Niantic labs say that you need to not use Bluetooth audio headsets or earphones at the moment. Because they don’t have a solution right now.

While Pokemon Go is a popular game, you are better off turning off the music to better immerse yourself in the environment rather than the music. For the sound effect which gets delayed within the Pokemon app, well there isn’t a solution for it yet as Niantic Labs have noted.

Niantic Labs says that they are actively working on a solution.

Depleting Battery Issue

Unfortunately, there isn’t a solution for yet either. Some Pokemon players have complained of heavy battery use when playing Pokemon GO for longer periods but sadly, that will continue to happen on some devices until Niantic labs come up with a solution.

Error Message “This item is not available in your country”

Some users have received this error message while trying to download the app. The solution to this error is to double check your Google Wallet settings in order to make sure that your address is actually present in the appropriate country.

Google Play support team can be reached via Help Center if the above-mentioned solution doesn’t work out for you.

Drifting GPS Location Error

To get rid of this error, you must ensure that your device’s GPS location setting is enabled and is set to high-accuracy mode. That will use up more battery but will improve your experience on Pokemon Go.

Niantic Labs said that they are working overtime to make sure that GPS stability and accuracy is improved at the earliest.

The labs also warned that GPS precision problems mostly happen because of devices that aren’t fully capable of running Pokemon GO and your actual signal or connection strength.

Have a problem that isn’t mentioned in the list above? Make sure to mention that by making use of the comments section.


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