Pokemon Go: Five New Hatching Tips

Published: 22 August 2016Updated: 14 March 2023

Hatching eggs is a fundamental part of Pokemon Go. Use these new techniques to become a master at it.

Everyone wants to, or at least wanted to until last week, become the greatest Pokemon Go master of all time. All judgments aside, we’re here to help you out in your spiritual journey towards Pokemon Go mastery.

Traveling the whole world in search of different Pokemon Go monsters is not everyone’s cup of tea. Though there have been many reports about Pokemon Go players who have embarked on such journeys but the reality is that most of us can’t hop on the next flight to New York City in order to catch a New York specific Pokemon Go monster.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality mobile video game which encourages people to go out and hunt down Pokemon Go monsters in order to level up their trainers and hence, encounter more powerful Pokemon Go monsters to further their trainer level.

While that strategy is a solid one, it is too slow. If you don’t want to spend all your free time playing Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile video game and don’t want to travel the world while trying to level up your Pokemon then hatching eggs is the best way to go.

Hatching eggs method will allow you to “catch ‘em all” without breaking the bank.

It is no secret that indeed some Pokemon Go monsters are region specific. As mentioned before, if you take the straight route then Pokemon Go will have you travel the world in search of more rare Pokemon.

You might be wondering to yourself now that you might as well save up some money and book a ticket to some faraway place that’ll host your uncaught Pokemon Go monster.

We’re here to tell you,  “Stop.”

You don’t need to fly all over the world in order to catch all Pokemon Go monsters.

All you need to do is learn about concepts such as incubating and hatching eggs. These two activities are your tickets to acquiring those region-specific rare Pokemon.

Moreover, if you want to evolve your Pokemon into more powerful forms, you’ll need to learn a fair bit of hatching methods.

The process is pretty simple. As you collect duplicates of the same rare Pokemon through hatching, you’ll receive a bonus reward of candy and stardust.

You can use that Pokemon Go candy to evolve your specific Pokemon.

For starters, don’t just put any cute looking egg into your incubators. When it comes to hatching eggs, “Put in the incubator and pray” is not the most helpful policy.

So instead of hoping for the best, if you want to maximize your hatching efforts in terms of time and incubator effectiveness, then follow these five Pokemon Go hatching tips

1- Learn How To Get Eggs and Incubators

Your first step should be to get some eggs and incubators. Each, and every, Pokemon Go player starts the game with an infinity incubator.

But you’ll need more to speed up the process of leveling up. Acquiring more Incubators will take a lot of time and work, so be ready for that.

If you feel like you’re not up to the challenge of working long hours for additional incubators then you can always visit a PokeShop and buy extra incubators.

But before you spend that hard-earned real-world money, you should know that you can also get supplementary incubators if you level-up your trainer by playing Pokemon Go in your free time.

You might also be able to get additional incubators by visiting PokeStops. But don’t count on getting incubators from PokeStops because even though some Pokemon Go players have received incubators, they are incredibly rare.

Now we come to the egg part. Visiting more Poke Stops is, currently, the only legitimate way of getting more eggs.

You won’t be able to choose the type of egg you’ll get. Eggs are usually handed out in a random fashion.

But the three types of eggs in Pokemon Go are 2 kilometers, 5 kilometers, and 10 kilometers. Before you start to question your Physics teacher, hang on for a minute. These kilometer figures actually indicate the physical distance you’ll have to travel in the real world before your eggs, which should be inside incubators, finally hatch.

So, generally speaking, the more you’ll walk the more eggs you will hatch provided you have enough incubators.  

2- Be Prudent About Your Incubators

Okay, so now you should have a couple of eggs and some incubators. Or at least you know that you need to get some in order to move forward in Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile video game for Android.

Because incubators are such valuable commodities in Pokemon Go , you need to use them with some planning.

First, understand that the default orange infinity incubator can be used to incubate eggs, one at a time, for an infinite number of times.

However, blue colored incubators can only be used only a few times. The upside to that is: blue incubators can hatch eggs much quickly than the infinity orange incubator.

Normally Pokemon Go will throw way more 2km eggs in your way than 10km eggs. 5km eggs aren’t a rarity either so you’ll get plenty of those as well.

The problem with that is, the 2km and 5km don’t give you rare Pokemon. However, the 10km eggs have way better chance of hatching a rare Pokemon.

So what should you do?

You can’t just neglect, or throw away, all 2km and 5km eggs so that you may have plenty of time to hatch 10km eggs.

But if you are short on time, have restricted space and don’t want to waste your energy, then you need to get rid of as many 2km and 5km eggs as possible.

See, the way your inventory bag works is that it doesn’t matter if an egg is a lower distance one or a higher distance one. They all take up valuable space in your bag.

If you’re not careful, you could quickly fill up your bag with garbage low distance eggs. Pokemon Go will equip you with nine egg spaces and remember: eggs can’t be deleted.

It shouldn’t take the genius part of your brain to figure out that you need to throw away your low distance eggs and make as much room as possible for high distance, 10km, eggs.

And since the 10km eggs take a lot of time to hatch, you’re way better off putting the 10km eggs in your orange infinity incubator.

Put your junk eggs in the blue limited-use incubators. Hatch them quickly to get them out of the way.

Don’t forget that some Pokemon Go players have, in the past, managed to hatch rare Pokemon Go monsters with low distance eggs, so they aren’t a complete waste of time for you. And don’t ignore the fact that each hatched egg gives you extra experience points along with some Pokemon candy.

3- Learn How To Hatch Eggs When You’re Exhausted


You need egg incubators to hatch eggs. Buy more of them in order to hatch more simultaneously

You probably don’t have a single friend whose idea of a blissful day consists of walking 10 km to hatch a Pokemon egg.

In other words, no one wants to spend extra time and energy in hatching these wretched Pokemon eggs.

Worry not. The methods that we’ll describe to you now have been considered as cheats by the purists in Pokemon Go world. Nevertheless, these are still options which you can avail.

You can easily hatch eggs if you keep the game running while you take a ride on a city bus.

The bus moves slowly enough that the game thinks you’re traveling by yourself rather than on a vehicle.

On a side note, hatching eggs while riding a bus also has the advantage of you coming across a lot of PokeStops. Visit them to earn extra experience points.

If you happen to come across a Snorlax or a Pikachu while riding on the bus, don’t jump up and down asking the bus driver to stop.

Instead, just tap (rather quickly) on the nearby Pokemon and draw it into battle. Turn off AR feature by sliding the AR toggle switch in the upper right corner of the screen and start your battle.

Turning of AR is a great idea when you want to catch Pokemon without stopping.

Other tips include resting your smartphone on a record player, taping it to a ceiling fan to register more distance on Pokemon Go.

But, as always, you should be super careful about these tricks. Niantic Labs has made a habit of punishing Pokemon Go players who want to fly a bit too soon, so just keep everything under control.

When Pokemon Go was initially released, it was relatively easy to make use of these tips and tricks. Now Niantic Labs have cracked down hard on Pokemon Go players who have played the game by utilizing loopholes.

Now, if you try to play Pokemon Go in your car, a notification will pop up on your screen and will ask you if you are a passenger to confirm that you aren’t traveling on a car.

Also, if you move too fast (because you’re riding on a car or a bike) the GPS system in Pokemon Go shuts down for some bizarre reason.

As a result, your incubator count remains static and you are unable to register any distance traveled.

So to be on the safe side, never travel faster than 24km if you want to keep the incubator counter working.

Many Pokemon players, on Reddit, reported having been temporarily banned by Niantic because the studio deemed them of going too fast.

4- Sometimes Eggs Won’t Hatch. Here Is What To Do.


There are a ton of way to hatch eggs faster or without effort. Some of those aren’t so ethical

Sometimes all your efforts will go to waste and the damn egg won’t hatch because your Pokemon Go app won’t register any distance traveled.

If that’s the case with you, then know that Pokemon Go might be having some server issues.

So, always double check that the white Pokeball in the upper left corner of the screen isn’t spinning.

If it is then that means the game has encountered an error or is trying to load resources.

And if you have religiously waited hours for the PokeBall to stop spinning and the ball hasn’t stopped spinning then you should stop moving and shut down the Pokemon Go app.

Restart the application and check if the spinning PokeBall is now static. If it isn’t spinning anymore then continue your long walk to egg-hatching-freedom.

As mentioned before, don’t try to go too fast. If Pokemon Go servers feel that you’re moving too fast, say like 32km per hour, then they will stop counting your distance.

In short, don’t try to trick the game into registering your distance by traveling in a car while playing Pokemon Go.

5- If You Don’t Have The Time Or The Money to Hatch Your Own Powerful Pokemon Then Cheat

Just put in some search words and get yourself some Pokemon Go bots. You can also buy Pokemon Go accounts which come laden with rare Pokemon.

Though good Pokemon Go accounts cost a significant amount of money and who in their right mind would want to pay for a game that doesn’t even have its own official league.

If you don’t want to spend your money on buying accounts then you can always use the unofficial desktop version of Pokemon Go.

Check out this list for a complete guide on how you can play Pokemon Go without ever moving a muscle.

Lastly, always make sure that your smartphone screen is turned on the entire time you walk to hatch your eggs. If your smartphone screen shuts off then Pokemon Go still stop your mileage count.

If you like to hatch eggs then you really want to learn about the Pokemon Go Bravest Bird Ticket, it’s an event you can’t afford to miss.



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