Don’t Use Google Search: 5 Reasons

Published: 22 August 2016Updated: 12 February 2024

Google has changed millions of lives, mostly for the better, through its myriad of services ever since it came onto the scene with its revolutionary search engine a decade ago. 


Right now, Google is everywhere and everything. Most of you, if not all, use Google as your default search engine, calendar, email service, video player (Youtube), smartphone OS (Android), car and maybe even your watch.

And we’re not even going to mention Google Chrome which has become the premier browser for the masses to browse the internet whether on desktops or mobile.


Is Google really doing all this in the name of progress and awareness?

Even with all that, most of us know Google from its Google search engine. A search engine that has annihilated all comers. There was a time when people had to suffer through search engines such as and to get their queries answered.

Google changed all that and provided users with comprehensive answers to their questions instantly.

As of now, Google search engine has a 64 percent market share as far as US surfers are concerned.

But even outside the US, Google search engine is the primary engine for the majority of people who use the internet on a regular basis.

With that said, if you are one of those people who have never used any other search engine besides Google to get answers for their problems, then you have a serious problem.

You must rethink your strategy of accessing the internet.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that if something doesn’t exist on Google, or more like isn’t ranked on the first page of Google, then it probably doesn’t exist.

There is more to the internet than just Google.

Here are the top five reasons why you should try out other search engines for your queries. You would be surprised at the quality that is out there if you just willing to move out of your Google bubble.

1 – Google Tracks You And That’s Enough Of A Reason For You to Stop Google From Spying On You.

Of course, there is not a soul on this planet that is related to Google which will tell you the truth about why Google tracks you like a creepy little stalker.

People, along with Google of course, come up with all sort of reasons to justify insane amounts of tracking.

Reasons such as Google is only tracking its users because it wants to provide them with the most relevant advertisements and wants to improve other services such as Google Now sound reasonable at first.

Needless to say, Google is tracking your every move and every search query on the internet.

But does Google really need to spy so much on its user base in order to better its services? Does Google really wants to help you solve your problems quickly or is there something more sinister going on?

Whatever the case may be, you should definitely start thinking about keeping your online activities private and away from prying eyes.

You could always use a VPN to hide your activities from companies such as Google and keep your data private but there are other methods as well.

If you somewhat want to get rid of Google’s unbelievably refined tracking technology you could always use Google search engine in a private tab. Private browser tab is a feature that is available on all major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.


Google search engine is one of the most sophisticated pieces of technology every conceived by man.

You could also try to turn off search tracking. That will require you to follow a complex set of steps but you can easily do it by following this guide.

But the most practical way of securing your search activities is to keep Google search engine out of your life as much as possible.

You can start that process by using DuckDuckGo as your default search engine.

This search engine does not track you and neither does it collect private information from people who use it.

Most of all, it can give a Google a serious run for its money in terms of search results quality and has a weird enough name to get stuck in the mind.

2 – If You Want To Search For More Technical Stuff Then You Are Better Off Without Google

Google search engine is the most advanced piece of technology ever built by man. It has countless clever ways of tracking your activities online.

But even with that, it doesn’t have the broadness in terms of diversity of search results when pitted against the might Wolfram Alpha.

Wolfram Alpha can help you with virtually everything. From Scrabble scores for words to the precise location of International Space Station, Wolfram Alpha tries to cover every topic as accurately as possible.

Of course, you can easily find answers to questions like these on Google as well but Wolfram Alpha’s search results are more curated.

Wolfram Alpha can also help you solve fractions, probabilities and other advanced maths problems and that too with much more insight.

Google is pretty good at solving simple math problems such as addition,subtraction,multiplication,division and sometimes can give you correct exchange rates as well, but Wolfram Alpha still edges it in terms of quality of results.

Wolfram Alpha is so deep that it can even pick out the most popular words in distinguished works of literature.

3 – Almost Everything That Is Of Value Is One Google. Almost.

Obviously, the deep web is multiple times bigger and more massive than the normal web. But most of the stuff in the deep web is unethical at best and deeply horrifically disturbing at the worst.

However, as Snowden’s story shows, the deep web can have a significant number of privacy related applications and not everything on the deep web is related to drugs,weapons and body organs.

If you regularly access the deep web then you need to make sure that your privacy and security is watertight.

Your identity should be of utmost importance to you because there are a lot of creepy folks in the deep trenches of the internet.


There isn’t one single search engine out there that can compete with Google. But specific search engines for specific searches can compete with and sometimes surpass Google.

Naturally, if you want to make sure that Google isn’t tracking your deep web activities then you need to replace Google as your default search engine.

You can use the previously mentioned DuckDuckGo or Grams among a glut of search engine software out there.

If you didn’t know already then Grams is the deep web search engine of choice. It is considered to be the Google of the deep web as it can provide you with the information you are looking for, with anonymity, in the least amount of time when compared to other methods of search in the deep web.

Needless to say at this point, Google can’t access the deep web (or the dark web as it is called sometimes). But don’t get discouraged, neither can any of the other standard search engines like Yahoo, Bing or DuckDuckGo.

Your regular web browser is not made to have access to the dark web. Since traversing through the deep web is a specialist job, you must use specialist tools to make good use of your time while surfing the deep web.

You can download a web browser that goes by the name of Tor. Tor is a one-stop complete solution for all your deep web needs. Just make sure you go over its manual at least once to take all the necessary precautions to stay safe while browsing the deep web.

4 – For Better Video Search Results, leave Google

A lot of people think that Bing has Google’s number when it comes to displaying video search results.

To give Bing a fair shake, it does display its video results better than Google. The Bing interface is much more refined.

Though the same can’t be said about the quality of video results that Bing shows its users when compared to Google.

Bing shows videos in a thumbnail-style and most of all, you can watch instant previews of the videos you hover over. This feature alone is a big edge over Google search results.

Bing also provides users with more filter options and lets you watch videos without going to the actual sites like YouTube.

It also lets users specify sorting options such as video length, resolution, date, and source.

On the other hand, Google only shows video results that are present on YouTube. YouTube is, without a doubt, the biggest video search engine on the planet by a long shot.

But some videos aren’t available on YouTube because of its crazy copyright policy. Bing can show you those videos because it searches sites like Vimeo and Dailymotion as well instead of , as in Google’s case, just YouTube.

5 – If You Want To Make Some Easy Money, Get Off Google

If you live in the US and use Bing as your search engine of choice then you can earn money while you surf away the precious minutes and seconds of your life.

Microsoft Rewards is a program that is offered only to Bing users. Formerly it was known as Bing Rewards and basically the scheme awards you voucher credits if you use Bing to search the web.

It also rewards you with points when you try out new Bing features and sign up for other special offers.

The credit you earn for your surfing efforts on Bing can be redeemed at online retailers such as Amazon, GameStop, and many others.

You can also cash in on your Bing Rewards through online services such as Xbox, Hulu, Skype and more.

Who could have ever thought that searching Usain Bolt’s fastest 100m time would earn you money?



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