New Pokemon Revealed As Niantic Acts Against Cheaters

Published: 20 August 2016Updated: 27 September 2016

Pokemon Sun and Moon will have a larger roster of Pokemon than ever before.

Good news: Humanity has finally mustered up enough willpower to rid itself of Pokemon Go mania. That’s not to say it still doesn’t dominate the augmented reality mobile gaming market, but the buzz around Pokemon Go has dropped significantly.

Maybe the new tracking system and the shutting down of third-party Pokemon catching services helped push people away from Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile video game.

So what’s next you might wonder?

Well, if there is one thing we are sure of, it is this: Nintendo will throw all its financial and technical might behind its new Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon role playing video games.

In other words, there is not a chance in hell that Nintendo would not want to piggyback on Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile video game’s unprecedented popularity and financial success.

And hence, Nintendo has revealed four new Pokemon for its Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon video games.

The four new Pokemon will reside in the Alola Region of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon video game.


As you can observe, the new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon debuted less than a day ago and already has hit one million views on youtube. The trailer shows off four new Pokemon which will be available in the latest iteration of Pokemon games.

Judging by the trailer, which was released on the official channel of Pokemon, the four new revealed Pokemon are Crabrawler, Sandygast, Palossand and Stufful. These four are the latest additions to the long lineup of Pokemon critters in Pokemon games.

If you’re really interested in finding out more about these four Pokemon monsters then you should google “Pokemon 2016 World Championship Sun and Moon Trailer” and look for any youtube result.

You’ll probably stumble on the most relevant video but who knows where the vast world of the internet may lead you.

Coming back to the four new Pokemon; Crabrawler, which was exhibited during the 2016 Pokemon World Championships, was introduced by Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda.

Masuda, during the presentation of the character, said that he really loved crabs and hence wanted to come up with a Pokemon that had crab characteristics.

For those who aren’t aware of Crabrawler, and there will a bunch of you out there, is a Pokemon that is a Fighting-type crab. That’s all you really need to know about Crabrawler.

The other two Pokemon that were revealed in the trailer were sandcastle-themed and were appropriately named Sandygast and Palossand.


The new Pokemon have received a lot of media attention since Gamescom 2016.

Palossand is the evolved form of Sandygast. Those who have even played an hour of Pokemon Go what Pokemon and their evolutions mean as far as Pokemon games are concerned.

Sandygast and Palossand are both Ghost and Ground Types. Sandygast and Palossand also possess Water Compaction ability.

And the final Pokemon that was revealed was Stufful. Stufful is a new Pokemon that has the ability to evolve into Bewear which is another Pokemon that was announced recently.

Needless to say, just like Beweat, Stufful has two Pokemon Types, namely, Normal and Fighting.

Earlier this week, another Pokemon as revealed during a Gamescom event. That special critter went by the name of Turtonator. Its special ability is Shell Armor and unique move is the Shell Trap.

As the name suggests the Pokemon looks like a standing turtle except that it is red and yellow in color and has a horn looking mouth.

Nintendo also showcased more gameplay footage of Sun and Moon’s new Battle Royal mode at Gamescom 2016.

Along with that, Sun and Moon’s Team Skill mode was also advertised in a trailer that was released recently.

The trailer was exclusively made for Sun and Moon role playing games and features Alola forms of numerous Pokemon. The top three Alola forms were of Raichu, Meowth, and Marowak.

So now you should have a clear idea of which Pokemon Nintendo is aiming to introduce in its upcoming role playing games Sun and Moon.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Nintendo’s close partner Niantic taking away Pokemon instead of adding in new ones to the game.

Niantic has taken strict against players who have been caught cheating at Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile video game.

According to an article which appeared on the official website of the company; Niantic Labs has started to go after players who have abused its augmented reality video game which has had an adverse affect on those who are playing the game fairly.

The post on the website also said that anyone caught “taking unfair advantage of and abusing Pokemon Go” would have their accounts permanently deactivated.

The statement from Niantic Labs also read that the main priority of the studio was to provide a fair, fun and legitimate game experience for all Pokemon Go players.

The latest blog post from Niantic Labs means that players who have been using desktop emulators, automated bots, and Pokemon trackers would lose their progress if caught by Niantic Labs.

So if you’re one of those people who have just started to play Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile video game then beware of these cheats. These cheats might make you a Pokemon Go master much much quicker than any of the methods your friends might have tried out, but Niantic Labs will ban your account if you are caught using these “cheats”.

You will lose all your progress though if that wasn’t clear from the start.

Digging deep into what Niantic Labs said through the blog post, it becomes clear that if Niantic system is able to conclude that a player has used any of the methods that are considered as cheats then the player would receive an email.

The email’s content, as expected, would be along the lines of the player’s account being disabled and deleted.

On the brighter side, Niantic Labs statement also pointed out that if a player’s account has been terminated by mistake i.e the wrong account got deleted, then the player in question would have the option of a ban appeal.

Niantic Labs will allow the player to report the problem, or the mistake, via Pokemon Go help center.


Pokemon Sun and Moon will have a new Pokemon region Alola.

This isn’t the first time Niantic Labs has taken such stringent measures to assure the quality of Pokemon Go experience as the studio also removed Legendary Pokemon from players accounts which the studio said had appeared in the game by error.

The Legendary Pokemon had not been released in the augmented reality mobile video game officially but they started to pop up in players accounts.

Niantic swiftly acted on reports pointing towards Legendary Pokemon appearance in the game and announced that the studio had removed those legendaries from players accounts.

Niantic also disabled and shut down third-party applications that helped Pokemon Go players track down and catch the specific Pokemon that they were searching for.

Now there are no known Pokemon tracking websites online. Niantic also changed the tracking system within the game itself.

The Nearby Pokemon feature was enhanced with a new Sightings service.

Many Pokemon Go players have complained about how Niantic Labs has forced its will on the players by removing third-party applications and other player-made alterations to the game.

In its quest to keep Pokemon Go experience “pure”, Niantic Labs has released a number of patches that have fixed several bugs in the game.

Some Pokemon Go players are of the opinion that the recent announcement made by Niantic Labs, of hunting down players who have cheated in the augmented reality mobile video game, would have little effect since most of the Pokemon Go players have already built up an impressive Pokedex collection using unfair means.

It is not uncommon to see players with 3000+ CP Dragonites and the end result is that players who haven’t used any unethical methods to level up their trainer and Pokemon level are unable to compete with players who have.

Of course, there is the other side of the argument that, by default, Pokemon Go doesn’t spawn much in the way of Pokemon and Poke Stops in low population areas.

Hence, the players there are forced to try out these “cheats” in order to enjoy the game to the fullest extent possible.

And then there is the problem of Pokemon Tracking system which has been unreliable, to say the least. Some Pokemon Go players have demanded a better tracking system which is able to indicate a rough direction and distance to a “sighted” Pokemon.

One more problem is that of players who are disabled or have difficulty in traveling to locations that have more rare Pokemon, Poke Stops, Poke Gyms and Shops. In order to make the game equally difficult for all players, there needs to be mechanism within the game which takes into consideration a wide array of special situations.

Since Niantic Labs has not addressed these issues, players who are disabled/poor/without transport/live in the countryside, have been compelled to use other methods in order to enjoy the augmented reality mobile video game.






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