BAFTA 2016 – Here are the Award Winning Games of This Year

BAFTA 2016 has just recently been concluded, and with the closing statements comes the applause of both winners and to those who went home empty-handed. Speaking of which, there are many who anticipated that The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt would be made the best game of the year. However, that title was shunned in favor of post-apocalyptic killing-spree that is Fallout 4. The annual awards ceremony was hosted by Dara O’Briain, and there are many other titles that have won different awards during said event.

BAFTA 2016 - Here are the Award Winning Games of This Year

BAFTA 2016 Presents the Awards

Let’s start with the best game presented in BAFTA 2016, Fallout 4; while the graphics have indeed been sharpened since its predecessor, it is basically still a couple of hundred hours trudging along a post-apocalyptic wasteland. There are familiar ruined building, grit-infested bunkers, and spiked roadblocks in multiple areas across a seemingly open-world map. In the wasteland, you will be able to gather “junk” to build your own special weapon, or to fortify your own settlement (which is basically your home in the game). What made this game win the coveted Best Game award is its rich side-stories, fleshed-out characters, and overall immersive gameplay.

Another award worth mentioning is the best Debut Game/Game Innovation?Mobile and Handheld Game, which was awarded to Her Story. This BAFTA winner was truly an innovation in just about every sense of the word. It is a mobile phone and Windows game which lets the player rifle through police records in hopes of piecing puzzles together to solve a murder mystery. There are many twists and turns within the game despite it looking to be overly simplistic. Even its ending is such a fiending gem that even M Knight Shyamalan wouldn’t see this one coming.

As for the best story award, many would already find it obvious that Life is Strange would win that hands down, and it did. Players would play through a U.S. teen drama indie flick type of game, and this episodic adventure is a wild ride for each episode you have to go through. It lets players engross themselves to make certain decisions that would affect the entire storyline. In other words, depending on what choice was chosen, the ending for the episode will come out different.

Other winners that were mentioned in BAFTA 2016 were best Family/Multiplayer game, which was awarded to Rocket League, best Audio Achievement, which went to Everybody’s Going to the Rapture, and best British Game, which was awarded to Batman: Arkham Knight.


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