Augmented Reality Company Metaio – Acquired By Apple

Published: 5 June 2015

Augmented Reality Company Metaio - Acquired By Apple

There are multiple news circulating around that Apple recently bought a German company that allegedly intensifies Augmented reality software particularly for mobile devices.

 Apple acquired Metaio a German company which is an augmented reality small technology business. The Augmented reality is a live view of the physical, real-world environment whether it is directly on indirectly. The composition of elements in this software were augmented sensor input which is generated by computers. This means that digital images can appear on top of real-life objects when you view them on a smartphone or tablet.

 Since Apple already aquired Metaio which provides the necessary tools for developers to create apps that will let users experience the wondrous advances of technology this could mean that a new technology innovation for Apple’s iPhone and iPad customers is about to pave its way with this acquisition that could lead to another means of computing. Why?


There are many factors that lead to this claim and let’s discuss these considerable factors one by one:

 #1) Apple Maps

Allegedly the first application that shall receive first rate upgrade with the augmented reality software is the Apple Maps imagine a group of certain animals for instance, could lead you to a animal zoo? How interesting, or other destination when you walk with the supplemented directions provided by an app?

 #2) Outlining Estimate

 If the phone is given the capability of able to identify, buildings, streets, landmarks, signage’s there’s no way to get loss, this would be great additional feature to a smartphone.

 #3) Consumers Tool

 What is another good thing about this technology is that it can help a buyer examine product features before the actual purchase, according to Metaio.

 4) Communication

 Nonetheless the technology will give surprising twist and other means of communication.

 Other tech companies such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook have already offered sort of this augmented reality. The founder of FB Mark Zuckerberg, believes that virtual reality is the computing platform after mobile phones. Perhaps Apple believes with it too, otherwise it will not acquire Metaio.


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