Virtual Reality – Pioneer Warns of Potential Abuse

Jaron Lanier, a Microsoft Research Scientist, has been one of the pioneers with regards to the technologies behind virtual reality for 30 years. As of late, it is clear that VR is a prime subject that did and will hit the market by storm. However, the research scientist has concerns over a potential abuse.

Virtual Reality - Pioneer Warns of Potential Abuse

Jaron Lanier Warns of Potential Abuse for the Subject of Virtual Reality

There are those who would think that the Microsoft Research Scientist and pioneer of virtual reality technology would be elated. It has been more than 30 years already after his pioneering work for such a technology, and VR finally appears of becoming an “in” thing as companies prepare to bring the tech to the masses. There are now major companies that are investing in the technology, and a few of them are Oculus, Facebook, Samsung, and HTC. There are now high-end products that are hitting store shelves, as well as developers from many locations around the globe are now popping up to create different experiences for the technology.

However, rather than being excited, the virtual reality pioneer is, instead, deeply worried. In particular, he is quite concerned over the fact that the technology will put even more power towards the hands of a small number of already grand companies within the industry. Lanier told Troy Wolverton of The Seattle Times the following over a phone call: “We can’t keep on pretending that this isn’t a gigantic problem. We have more power than we can handle.”

Wolverton had called Lanier to talk about the scientist’s thoughts about Google’s Daydream project, in which the search engine giant would bring VR technology with the use of Android-powered smartphones. The scientist then objected on that topic as he noted that he had numerous conflicts with regards to his interest. At the time of writing, he is working as a scientist over at Microsoft Research, which is one of Google’s competitors. To recall, the firm known for their search engine had purchased the technology that is owned by one of his companies. Therefore, he does know many people who now work with regards to Google’s VR project as well as those who are currently working with other companies.

Even though it has been reported that Lanier did not want to place comments towards any company’s particular virtual reality efforts, he did want to discuss the possible dangers of what he sees about the development of the technology, according to Wolverton.


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