Leap Motion Controller Lets Users Interact With Their Computer

Leap Motion Controller Lets Users Interact With Their Computer

The Leap Motion Controller does not replace the keyboard and the mouse but it allows users to interact with their personal computer.

“But the keyboard and the mouse already do that.”

Yes, but what’s different is that this controller lets users perform commands for their computer by doing motion control. It captures the movement of the hands and fingers so that you don’t have to touch the computer, or its peripherals, to perform specific functions. Think of it as controlling your smartphone without the screen or the handset itself. Some commands include swiping, pinching, or grabbing the air in front of your computer allows you to interact with your device. There are hundreds of apps in the Leap Motion App Store to assist you in getting the best motion experience for you and your computer.

 Users Are Able to Interact With Their Computers in a Whole New Way with the Leap Motion Controller

There are many features to look out for when purchasing The Leap Motion Controller. First of all, it has a very accurate, sub-millimeter hand tracking technology with near-zero latency. In other words, it follows the gestures made with the hands and fingers to near perfect timing. Hence, users will experience zero lag from the controller when interacting with their computers.

Users also do not have to worry about sticking their hands close to their computers when interacting with their devices with the Leap controller. The company responsible for making the controller explains that it has a Real 3D Interaction feature. This means that it has a 150-degree field of view that creates a wide interactive space between the computer and the person’s hands. The package also includes easy installation instructions. Users need only to download the Leap motion software into their computers then plug the controller in. After a few easy clicks, the motion controller will be ready for use in no time.

Aside from these features, there will be free apps included with the device but there are also hundreds of downloadable apps available at the Leap Motion App Store. There are also automatic software updates for the continuous improvement on the device. The Leap Motion Controller is a tiny device but packaged with an immense number of huge capabilities. It is has a sleek design that can fit inside hands snuggly. It takes up hardly any room on anyone’s desk. It uses complex infrared cameras and very intricate mathematical algorithms to make it work alongside computers and its peripherals.

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