PlayStation 4 – How to Stream Games to Your PC or Mac

The recent PlayStation 4 update (codenamed “MUSASHI”) has just been recently released and with it comes with a good array of updates and improvements. One of the new features brought about by the patch is that it adds Remote Play for PCs and Macs. Why the need for streaming games from a PC or a Mac when it can be done from Sony’s home gaming console? Think about this – you really want to play a game when you get home only to find out the TV is being used by someone else. So what do you do? Either you wait for them to finish what their watching on your TV, or you fire up your PC or your Mac and start playing from there.

PlayStation 4 - How to Stream Games to Your PC or Mac

PlayStation 4 Update Brings Remote Play Capabilities to Your PC and Mac

Because of the new Remote Play feature for the PlayStation 4 that allows you to play games from your PC and/or Mac computer, you no longer have to wait in the corner of the room grumbling at the fact that you can’t use the TV. This new feature should work on most desktops and laptops. It should be noted, however, the computers running Windows 8.1 or higher, as well as OS X Yosemite or higher, will be able to use said functionality. Furthermore, the computer needs to have at least 2GB of RAM, a 1,024 x 768 or higher resolution display, and at least a 2.4GHz Core i5-520M processor.

It is recommended by Sony that for the best performance to use the Remote Play feature for your PC or Mac is you have to have an Internet connection with upload and download speeds of at 12 Mbps.  Those who are unsure of what their Internet connectivity speeds are can head on to to check.

If everything checks out, here’s what you need to do first on your PS4. First of all, head to the Settings menu then select System Software Update to update to the new patch (if you haven’t). Once the update has been successfully installed, you can enable Remote Play by heading back to the Settings menu, then clicking on Remote Play Connection Settings. Afterwards, select the check box to enable the Remote Play functionality.

Once Remote Play has been activated on your PlayStation 4, set it as your primary system. Then, while still on the Settings menu, go to Power Save Settings, then select Set Feature Available in Rest Mode. While still in that window, make sure the boxes that read “Stay Connected to the Internet” and “Enable Turning on PSY from Network” are enabled. Once these have been done, you can then download the Sony Remote Play software to your computer of choice and install it. All you need to do now is launch the app from your computer, sign in to your PlayStation account, and it should search for your system. Connect your DualShock 4 controller to your computer and you’re good to go!


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