iPhone 7: Hissing, Hidden Weaknesses and Note 7’s Destruction


iPhone 7 might have caused Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s downfall

Many of the top commentators in the smartphone industry have criticized the, now, familiar and rather mundane design of Apple’s iPhone 7.

In fact, some even consider the much recognizable iPhone 7 design as a blunder on part of the company as far as creative looks are concerned. A few even think that with iPhone 7, Apple has given the clearest indication yet that the company is running out of ideas fast.

With that said, what most people fail to perceive is the fact that iPhone 7’s unimaginative appearance may have given Apple an important, but inadvertent,  advantage over its rivals.

Would anyone want such an edge over the competition is a matter of contention.

Bloomberg recently published a report which revealed that the early speculation about an  extraordinarily uninspiring iPhone 7 was actually the reason why some Samsung executives at the top got emboldened and sensed an opportunity to speed up the development of the company’s new Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

In an attempt to get one over its rival (Apple), Samsung engineers worked recklessly and hence the company had to bear the explosive battery problem less than a week into the smartphone’s launch.

Not only that, the explosion incidences have also caused Samsung’s ambitions, of overtaking Apple as the number one brand name in the smartphone market, to go down in flames.

Bloomberg’s report said that after a select group of top managers got their hands on the early versions of Note 7, they gushed over the upgrades and praised each other’s work.

After that, the Bloomberg report continues and says that the top executives at Samsung also thought that if Apple wasn’t going to come up with something exciting for the consumers, then Samsung certainly would.

The Bloomberg report, while describing the situation at Samsung according to one of the employees, also says that with Chairman Lee in the hospital, the younger Lee and co-vice chairman of the company G.S Choi huddled with Koh and executives of Samsung’s other affiliates, that manufactured semiconductors, glass panels and batteries, the executives at Samsung went ahead full steam with a slew of new features and updates that had been on the company’s product roadmap.

The report from Bloomberg then continues and states that those new features would include an improved screen and a stylus and then these same executives approved a launch date 10 days earlier than last year.

Bloomberg report clearly indicates that the account of the events mentioned in the report was according to one of the people familiar with the matter.

Just to recap a little bit, in Samsung’s bid to overtake Apple, the company rushed the development cycle of Note 7.

Samsung employees along with the suppliers of the company were put under immense pressure, even more than what is usual at these hyper-competitive technology companies. It has also been revealed that some Samsung workers even opted to sleep in their offices so that they could save time and get more work done.

One other factor that went against the company in its bid to upend Apple with its Samsung Galaxy Note 7, was that the company executives changed the deadline and shifted it about ten days before the original date.

Bloomberg also reports that Samsung told the publication that the release dates for all the company’s products were calculated after proper completion of the development process and the readiness of the product for the market.

Of course, now we know that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was anything but ready. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was simply not cut for consumer use. It might have looked great at the opening presentation or maybe even at the countless display shops, but the smartphone was not a complete product.

As indicated before, shortly after Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was released, a number of reports came out where owners of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 described how their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded during the charging process.

Samsung did order a global recall, which apparently didn’t go too well either, but the irreversible damage to the company’s reputation as one of the premier smartphone manufacturer had already been done.

DJ Koh, who is the Samsung Mobile chief, recently said in an official statement that the company sincerely thanked their customers for their understanding and patience.

Who knows, maybe Apple will release another iPhone next year with the same exact design as the iPhone 7’s in the hope that Samsung might put the final nail in its coffin (as a top Android smartphone manufacturer) itself.


iPhone 7 also has some of its own “lesser known” weaknesses

With that said, Apple looks to be trying its hardest to not take advantage of a massive slip up from Samsung.

Some iPhone 7 users have complained about a weird hissing sound coming from the iPhone 7 without an apparent source of the cause.

However, if your Apple iPhone 7 is making a hissing sound, as some other iPhone 7 consumers have suggested, then you should know that the iPhone 7 does that when the device is pushed to the limits (not absolute limits though) of its processing power.

At least that is what 512 Pixels have reported.

If you want to know what does the hissing sound, sounds like then check out the video below.

Assuming the video did actually play, which it should, then it can be easily ascertained that there is an audible hissing sound coming from the back cover of the iPhone 7.

What could be the reason for this sound? In other words, what’s happening with the new iPhone 7? Is it slowly but surely turning into another Samsung Galaxy Note 7?
Stephen Hackett, of 512 Pixels, was actually the first person to identify the peculiar sound that emanated from his own Phone 7 smartphone device.

Afterward, the same “sound effect” was confirmed by other users of the smartphone. One of the iPhone 7 users who was experiencing the same sound issue as Stephen was TechCrunch’s Darrell Etherington.

As of this moment in time, there are a lot of possible explanations (for the hissing sound on the iPhone 7) making rounds all over the internet circles but, as expected, no one has been able to come up with a solid answer for the sound’s cause.

Jon Fingas, who works at Engadget, said that some suspected  coil whine or similar electromagnetic effects.

He also explained that the hissing sound problem on the iPhone 7 was not a worldwide problem for the simple reason that he had rested out an iPhone 7 himself using the 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme test.

The ice Storm Extreme test is the standard performance benchmark test that puts a serious amount of strain on the device’s processor. Fingas said that he did not hear any hissing sound when he carried out the test on his iPhone 7 a while ago.

Marco Arment, who is an iOS developer and an author, had slightly more colorful remarks and said that it was the smartphone’s equivalent of hearing the fans spin up loudly whenever one’s Mac’s CPU got used to its actual potential.

Well, people are still trying to decipher exactly what Marco meant there, but we’ll leave it that at.

Apple Insider, which is an Apple exclusive rumor and news website founded in 1997, hypothesized that the problem with iPhone 7 with regards to the hissing sound could involve the RF transmitter or some other form of interference with the speaker system of the smartphone.

Gizmodo tried to contact Apple for a comment on the situation and asked whether the company knows about the possible causes of the hissing sound that was coming out of some iPhone 7s.

As expected, Gizmodo wasn’t able to share any information about whether Apple responded to their question or not.  

Stephen Hackett, Gizmodo revealed, had Apple replacing his smartphone.

What does it mean for the rest of the “normal” users?

Well, Apple could replace iPhone 7 if the company felt that your complaint was genuine but even with that, typically you’ll have to wait around 5-7 days in order to actually receive the iPhone 7 replacement.

But apparently, this isn’t the only flaw in Apple’s latest smartphone device, iPhone 7. Well, in all honesty, they aren’t really flaws in iPhone 7.

They are more like hidden weaknesses in the construction material of the smartphone.

For the average consumer, or even for the one whose above average because these “hidden weaknesses” are downright crazy in nature, it is more than enough to read a couple of reviews about any product before making a purchase decision.

One can simply learn a lot about any device from just reading the specs and the new features. However, with that said, how about testing the device, in this case iPhone 7, out in the real world to see how the smartphone will hold up in case you dropped the smartphone in a grinder or set it on fire?

Well, let’s check it tout.

The first not-so-prominent weakness in iPhone 7 is regarding hydraulic presses. Don’t know what we mean?

Watch the video below.


Apple claims that the company has made the iPhone 7 more waterproof than the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S by getting rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack.

However, as can be seen in the video, the new model of iPhone isn’t really more hydraulic press-proof than the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S.

Apple may or may not work on his problem but, hey it never hurts to plan for the worst.

Talking about the worse case scenarios, how about putting iPhone 7 through the test of “drilling hammers.”

Check out the video below to see how well the iPhone 7 does against the raw power of the sledgehammer.


What about Angle Grinders?



No iPhone 7 smartphone in the world can stand against these real world tests.

The new iPhone 7, Apple says, has a jet black finish. Most of you know by now that the jet black finish has actually given the smartphone a glossy look.

Some people do like the idea of a glossy iPhone 7 and hence the color has proven to be quite a popular one in certain circles of the consumer market.

But that sleekness comes at a price.

If you go to the official launch page of iPhone 7, you can read in the footnote that Apple is actually warning users that iPhone 7’s high shine may show fine micro-abrasions with use.

Unfortunately, the phone doesn’t look that neat when up against a diamond-bladed angle grinder.

Can you break the iPhone 7 with your bare hands?

Well, one guy tried and couldn’t. So what did he do next?

He made good use of his furniture and got successful in his quest to break the iPhone 7 with nothing but his hands. And some support from his trusty furniture as mentioned before.

Check out the video below to see how a Russian guy breaks his iPhone 7 with the help of his furniture.


What about Axes?

Can the new iPhone 7, the most advanced smartphone in the whole wide world, stand up against an Axe?

Watch the video below to find out.


And fire?


Isn’t that pathetic when compared to some of the rival smartphones in the market? Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would demolish iPhone 7 in the fire test right?


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