Explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recalled


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 received positive reviews, so what happened with the device now?

Bad new for every Samsung Galaxy fan as Samsung has suspended the sale of the company’s latest Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone device.

The South Korean tech giant decided to recall all its Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after reports about exploding batteries emerged recently in the media.

The reports stated that some of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone shipped with faulty batteries which caused them to explode and in same cases, catch fire.

Many users uploaded videos and pictures of the Galaxy Note 7 where the smartphone was shown to be partially burned.

Some photos also showed the remains of Galaxy Note 7 after it had caught fire. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users told reporters that their Note 7 caught fire while it was being charged.

The South Korean giant, which sold more smartphone units than any other smartphone manufacturer in the world last year, stated that the company was hard at work to replace the fault smartphones with new ones.

The company also said that the process of smartphone replacement would take around two to three weeks in total.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was launched just two weeks ago and because of a fault in the phone’s battery, the whole smartphone lineup is now being recalled.

The latest smartphone from Samsung garnered rave reviews upon its launch and the demand for the new smartphone soared exponentially so much so that Samsung sold about one million units in the first two weeks since Galaxy Note 7’s launch.

Even in the US market, which is generally hard to please, Note 7 was able to receive positive reviews from both customers and critics.

It may be just a coincidence but Samsung’s main rival, Apple, is expected to launch its own version of the latest iPhone model sometime next week.

Samsung on the other hand, has got its plate full with a recall process that would require huge logistics operation.

Samsung was forced to recall its Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone on Friday. As mentioned before, the reason for the recall was exploding batteries of the smartphone while it was being charged.

Now, Samsung has announced that it will remove Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from store shelves in more than 10 countries including countries such as South Korea and the United States of America.

Whichever way one looks at it, as far as Samsung is concerned, the previous two weeks have been chaotic for the company.

However, the company has announced that customers who have already bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be allowed to exchange their faulty smartphones with new smartphones within two weeks.

Samsung’s mobile business president Koh Dong-Jin apologized to the customers for the trouble, inconvenience, and concern caused by the company’s latest Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.

Moreover, this is the first time Samsung has recalled one of its new smartphones. Though, the recall isn’t a first for a battery fault.

Nevertheless, the recall could not have come at a worse time since Samsung, as a mobile business, is currently going through the most decisive phase in the company’s financial year.

To further rub salt in Samsung’s wounds, Apple is on the verge of revealing it’s biggest smartphone device of the year in the form of a new iPhone sometime next week.

Samsung initially had hoped that the momentum from Galaxy Note 7’s sales and positive reviews along with an insane demand among the customers would protect the company from Apple’s onslaught on the high-end smartphone market.


Apple will definitely try to take advantage of Samsung’s misfortune.

But all that seems a distant dream as the company told reporters that it had confirmed 25 cases of Note 7’s battery catching fire and, in same cases, bursting into flames.

However,reports about customers injuries caused by the fault Note 7 smartphone have been nonexistent in the media.

Samsung has also stated that the company was still searching for a reliable way to predict which Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, out of the 2.5 million it had sold worldwide since the smartphone’s official launch, were, may be, faulty and hence put the user’s life at risk.

Though the company has given a rough estimate and has said that in about 1 in 42000 Note 7 units , there is a chance that the battery may have a manufacturing defect.

The South Korean tech giant made no comments about whether customers should or should not cease the use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The company also didn’t speak about whether the smartphone could malfunction, and hence explode or catch fire, while it wasn’t being charged.

As of this moment in time, almost all customers complaints, about the phone bursting into flames, have come when the smartphone was hooked to a charger.

Ramon Llamas, who works at IDC which is a research firm that tracks mobile devices said that the ball was in Samsung court now to rectify the situation.

He also said that customers wanted more information about what was going on regarding exploding phones.

He also talked about how customers yearned for peace of mind that an event like this wasn’t going to happen again.

Ramon also told reporters that no one wanted to wake up at night to find out that their smartphone was on fire.

He further added that smartphones bursting into flames was not something that happened every day and Samsung’s Note 7 case was indeed unusual.

Ramon also said that 35 instances of detonating smartphones were, in fact, 35 too many.

Perhaps, followers of Samsung mobile smartphones should have expected Note 7’s burning problems since the company also experience quality control problems with another of its lesser known smartphones.

Yes, we are indeed talking about the niche Samsung Galaxy smartphone called Galaxy S7 Active.

Various consumer reports revealed that Galaxy S7 Active was actually not a water resistant phone. And that would have been perfectly fine if Samsung hadn’t made the promise of introducing a water resistance smartphone in the form of Galaxy S7 Active.

In that case, too Samsung gave out the statement that there were very few Galaxy S7 Active smartphones, relatively speaking, which had malfunctioned.

The company, then, also said that it had actually recognized the problem with S7 Active and had already come up with a new solution to the manufacturing trouble.

Moreover, even in the case of Galaxy S7, Samsung announced that the company would replace malfunctioned smartphones if the faulty smartphones were still within their warranty expiry date.

The company, however, did not allow customers to swap their smartphones if they didn’t have a legitimate warranty claim.

Samsung also did not issue a recall as far as the Galaxy S7 Active smartphone was concerned.

But that was then and now Samsung needs to come up with a better explanation as to why its flagship smartphones are breaking down under normal usage conditions.

After initial reports about Galaxy Note 7 complained surface in the online world, Samsung stated that it had found the root cause.

The root cause was that, a battery cell manufactured by one of Samsung’s two battery suppliers experienced a failure which caused the Galaxy Note 7 to explode in some cases and catch fire in the others.

Samsung’s president, Koh, refused to identify the supplier that shipped faulty batteries to Samsung for its Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.

Koh , at a news conference, also told reporters that there was indeed a minute problem in the manufacturing process of Note 7’s batteries and hence it made it very difficult for the company’s tech teams to figure out the original problem.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone will be fixed very soon, the company says.

Koh then continued forwards and said that the recall process would hurt the company a bit too much. So much that it made his heart ache.

He also said that the reason why Samsung made this decision was because the company considered customer safety as its highest priority.

If you didn’t know it already then know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone will cost you around $850 in the United States of America.

That price beats almost every other smartphone in the market in terms of being expensive.  As far as the Unites States of America customers are concerned, the company said that it would allow these customers to swap their faulty device, in other words, downgrade their current smartphone device, with a Samsung Galaxy S7.

The company also stated that it would refund the price difference between Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung also provided its customers with a third option: customers will be able to replace their defective Note 7 smartphone with a new and improved Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone as early as the very next week.

Samsung was, in a way, forced to direct extra quality control tests for its Note 7 device after some customer reports had shown burned Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.

The company also delayed shipments of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 the previous week before it had announced a general recall in over ten countries across the world.

Park Soo-Jong, a high school teacher in South Korea, told reporters that she had hurried to purchase the new Note 7 smartphone and even pre-ordered it after Samsung had announced the Note 7.

She had also activated here Note 7 on August 19 which was coincidentally also Note 7’s official launch date.

The 34-year-old who lives in Busan, a port city, also spoke about how she suffered bruises on her body when she dashed out of bed after she had learned that her new Note 7 smartphone had blown up into flames.

She also said that the smoke from the Note 7’s flame filled her bedroom and she experienced difficulty in breathing inside her bedroom because of the foul-smelling chemicals.

Park Soo-Jon also noted that she now had second thoughts about purchasing another one of Samsung’s  “new and improved” smartphones.

She cited reasons such as loss of personal data and loss of trust for being unsure about whether she would ever buy a Samsung smartphone again.

She also posted on a popular online forum and said that if the smartphone had exploded near her head, she would not have been able to write that post.

Park also shared an image of the scorched Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and also talked about how she had to pour liquid over the fire in order to put it out.

With that said, it should also be noted that China will not be affected by the recall orders from Samsung.

Because even though the tech giant has suspended sales in over 10 countries (apparently China not being one of the ten), Samsung representatives stated that the company had used another battery which was manufactured by a different battery supplier for the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone that was sold in China.  


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