How to Make Samsung Gear S SmartWatch Work With Samsung Galaxy J7


Samsung Galaxy J7 can pair with Samsung Gear S if you have the right tools

Who doesn’t want to pair a smartphone with a smartwatch?

And since Samsung Galaxy smartphones are among the best smartphones that are available in the market today, it is even more important for you (and everyone else who own’s a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, specifically the J7) to be able to pair it with your smartwatch.

First off, it should be quite obvious to you that you can only pair Samsung Galaxy smartphones with compatible smart watches.

The official Samsung Gear S smartwatch is the one you need if you want a seamless experience between your smartphone and your smartwatch.

Now, don’t take this the wrong way but even though the Samsung Galaxy J7 offers tremendous value for money, it is aimed at the entry-level smartphone market.

And as a result, the Samsung Galaxy J7 lacks a lot of features that are almost ubiquitous in high-end smartphones such as VR support and a gyroscope feature.

Perhaps you have already figured out what we are getting to here: Samsung Galaxy J7 doesn’t natively support pairing with Samsung Gear S smartwatch.

In other words, if you go to a market and buy yourself a Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone along with a Samsung Gear S (S2/S3?) smartwatch and then try to connect them out of the box, you’ll fail.

But don’t worry because that is exactly the reason why we have made this guide.

You’ll need a couple of things before we start the process though and we’ll come to that shortly.

What you need to know now is that we’ll show you how to pair your Samsung Galaxy J7 device, which should be running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop software, with Samsung Gear S smartwatch.

We’ll show you all the steps you need to take, in order, to pair your smartphone device with a smartwatch.

After you have read this guide and implemented all the steps, you should be able to get notifications on your Samsung Gear S from a Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone device.

Notifications will include messages from services such as Hike, WhatsApp, Emails, Facebook, and Gmail. You’ll also be able to receive notifications on your Samsung Gear S smartwatch from your Samsung Galaxy J7’s default messaging application.

Not only that, but after you’re done with this guide, your smartphone device will also enable you to see all your contacts from the device on the smartwatch’s display.

Cool right?

Let’s get to it then.

What You’ll Need

You will need two applications in order to start the process of pairing your Samsung Galaxy smartphone device with your Samsung Gear S smartwatch.

Those two applications are as follow,

  1. Samsung Gear: which is an application specifically made for Samsung Galaxy devices. You can download it from the Galaxy App store. It won’t cost you any money and has a relatively small size of 1.09MB. So you won’t have to spend too much on your data plan either in order to follow this guide till the end.
  2. Notifications on Gear S: this is also an application that is particularly made for Samsung Galaxy devices and you can download it from Google Play Store. It isn’t free, so you’ll have to pay about $2.04 to get it from Google Play Store. Notification on Gear S is small in size, about 178KB, but massive in its significance as far as pairing your smartphone with your smartwatch is concerned. Get it here.

Now you need a way to reset your Samsung Gear S device. So go to the Settings menu and then tap on the Reset Gear option.

You’ll be prompted with a notification. You should tap OK to reset your Samsung Gear S smartwatch.

Don’t forget to wait for a few seconds before your smartwatch resets itself.

Now, you should restart your Samsung Gear S smartwatch by tapping on the home button.

There is a good chance that when you’ll reset your Samsung Gear S device, you might end up losing your language preferences.

If that happens to you, and you’ll for sure since your smartwatch will display information in some strange Chinese-looking language, then don’t panic and stay calm.

Follow the procedure that we’ll describe to you in the following lines even though you can’t understand anything on the Samsung Gear S smartwatch display screen.

So after you have restarted your Samsung Gear S smartwatch, you should be able to see a screen with a message written in some alien language.

You’ll also see two buttons below the foreign message. You should go ahead and tap the button on the right.

Got that? Great.


Samsung Gear S can enhance your connection with your Samsung Galaxy J7

Now pay careful attention because this next step is a bit odd.

You need to tap at the upper left corner of your smartwatch’s screen 25 times. Yes. Not five or ten, but twenty-five times.

Go ahead and do that.

After you have tapped the upper left corner of your smartwatch’s screen 25 times, you’ll get a quick message on the screen before it disappears (probably forever). Don’t pay any attention to that.

Instead, you should be able to locate a small, white, Gear S logo on the top left corner of your smartwatch’s screen.

Got it? Okay, then go ahead and tap and hold that Samsung Gear S logo for about three to four seconds.

After that keep pressing the singular buttons that appear on your screen. Since all the text on your smartwatch’s screen will be in Chinese (presumably), you won’t be able to understand anything. So take our word for it and tap away.

You will also encounter screens that will ask you to swipe either to the right or to the left (with the help of displayed arrows, otherwise it would be impossible right?). Go ahead and do that the screen tells you to.

Your Samsung Gear S smartwatch screen will also ask your two swipe upwards and downwards several times. All you need to do at that stage is to simply swipe up and down as the respective arrows indicate.

After you’re done with all the swiping, the smartwatch should prompt you with another message,written in Chinese of course, which will (again) have two buttons at the bottom.

You need to press the button on the right in order to progress further.

Now, you should swipe another time in the upwards direction to open up the main menu.

We know, about right now you must be feeling a bit lost. But as mentioned before, you don’t need to panic. Not yet at least.

All you need to do is follow the instructions we give you in order to, eventually, pair your Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone device with your Samsung Gear S smartwatch device.

So from the main menu, that you accessed from the previous step, you need to scroll down to a blue gear icon.

We’re going to stress again that even though everything on your smartwatch’s screen is in Chinese, you should be able to navigate through it with the help of visual clues.

So go ahead and tap on that blue gear icon.

Now this menu is also in Chinese and even worse, there is a list of options that are written entirely in Chinese.

Look closely enough and you’ll notice small blue icons at beginning of each option. Keep a close eye on these icons.

Scroll down this menu until you see a blue square icon that has an “A” written inside it.

Tap on that to enter the language menu. And guess what? The menu is still in Chinese.

Anyhow, you should just go ahead and tap on the first option.

Now keep your composure here since you’re about to change your language to the English language. Scroll up the current menu until you see the English option in the list.

Do remember that before you encounter the English option you’ll go through plenty of other language options such as Russian and Turkish.

Don’t give up then just because you keep seeing these otherworldly languages that you can’t understand. Scroll upwards until you reach planet English.

Congratulations. You’re now English.


You can also manage specific apps on your smartphone through your Gear S smartwatch

Connect Both Devices Through Bluetooth

Turn on Bluetooth on your Samsung Galaxy J7 device and your Samsung Gear S smartwatch.

After that pair both of them with each other after making them visible through the Bluetooth menu.

You can easily detect any Bluetooth device that is near your device by long tapping on your Bluetooth option in your Settings menu (that’s the menu you get when you swipe downward from the very top of your screen).

Don’t forget to do the same on your Samsung Gear S smartwatch as well. That is, go to the settings menu and discover your J7 device and then pair with it.

Now Connect Your Smartphone and Your SmartWatch to The Same WiFi Network

Simply put: turn on WiFi for both your smartphone and smartwatch and connect to a working internet connection.

You will need a good internet connection on both the devices in order to update the required software.

When you have done that then you need to go tap on the Samsung Gear application icon on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone device.

You should see a big bright yellow screen on your smartphone now. Let it load completely before banging your smartphone against the wall.

Now you should be able to see a “Connect To Gear” button at the bottom of the screen. Tap it.

Your smartphone will now display a message about Bluetooth pairing request and will generate a passkey.

The same notification will also appear on your smartwatch. Tap the OK button to progress further.

Now leave your smartphone on the side for a bit and concentrate on your Gear S smartwatch.

In the Settings menu, you need to scroll down to the option labeled “Find My Device”. When you have found that icon, tap it and then tap Agree on the resulting screen.

Now the process of Bluetooth pairing has begun. So be patient.

Your J7 device will show you another message and you’ll need to tap Next again. Then the smartphone will show you another “Legal Notice” which will require you to first check the I Agree checkbox and then tap Next.

Go ahead and do that.


When you’ve done that, your Samsung Galaxy J7 device will show you yet another Legal Notice. You’re free to read each and every line of the Legal Notice but usually, if you just check the “I understand and agree to All of the above” box and tap Next, you should be fine.

Congratulations. Both of your devices have been paired via Bluetooth

What About Samsung Gear Application

You can use the Samsung Gear application on your smartphone to actually find your gear S smartwatch.

Just open up the application and scroll down to the option labeled “Find My Gear”. As usual, check the I Agree box and tap the Next button.

Then tap Start on the ensuing screen.

Your smartwatch will start to vibrate and set off a loud sound so that you’re able to locate your Gear S smartwatch.

That’s one use of the Samsung Gear application on your smartphone. There are many other options and you should try them all out in order to get a hang of things.

You can also use the Samsung Gear application on your Galaxy J7 device to select which notifications you want to be shown on your Gear S smartwatch.

Usually, people go for applications such as Gmail, Hangouts, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messages and Missed Call to be shown on their smartwatch’s display.

Manage Your Notifications Through Notifications For Gear S Application

You should have installed this application on your smartphone in the beginning of this process. So we’ll assume you have Notifications For Gear S application on your smartphone right now.

Go ahead and tap on the application’s icon on your home screen.

You will be taken to a notifications menu.

From there you need to tap on the wrench icon somewhere in the top right corner of your screen. This will take you to a Settings menu inside Notifications For Gear S application.

From here you can manage which applications you want to be shown as notifications on your smartwatch.


Remember, you will need both the apps to make sure that you get notifications on your smartwatch.

It’s always better to have two options instead of just one so keep both Samsung Gear and Notifications For Gear S applications active on your smartphone device.


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