11 Things You Didn’t Know About The New Siri

SIRI T-shirtPeople buy Apple products for two reasons nowadays.

First, because it’s Apple and people associate that name with the marketing genius that was Steve Jobs.

Second, because Siri is a galaxy mile ahead of the competition (like Cortana of Windows) when it comes to intelligent personal assistants.

Providing answers before you ask questions is all the rage these days and the iPhone will continue the hunt for that holy grail by making big changes to Siri.

The voice assistant is rumored to work with a lot more apps than before.

In fact, it will be able to interact with non-Apple apps as well.

In order to expand the Siri’s influence on Apple as a brand feature, Siri will also be introduced in iMacs and MacBooks.

Siri’s predictive abilities will get a major upgrade, which would mean happier customers for Apple Inc.

iOS 10 is currently in beta stage and will launch later this year, so you better make sure you know how to handle Siri before that.

Here are all the ways you can interact with Siri and get your work done quickly with a lot less stress.

Car Updates Will Ensure that You Can Connect with Your Car in More Ways That You Previously Thought Were Possible

CarPlayWe all remember that historic (for some, not for many) day when Apple announced the new feature with which Siri would be able to connect, was known as CarPlay.

And if media reports are to be believed, then this feature will probably draw more people to Apple then all the other new features that are expected to ship with the new Siri.

With that said, it is surprising that it took Apple this long to implement Siri in a feature that common sense dictates should have been present from the start.

Being able to talk to your car has been the dream of every sci-fi fan since the first Back to the Future movie.

As of today, the only way you can interact with Siri is by pressing a button on your car’s steering wheel and when prompted, speak to give Siri commands that you want it to execute, which is quite similar to what you would do if on an iPhone or a Mac.

Currently, you can instruct Siri to guide you with direction to a particular location and send messages to your friends.

You can also create calendar entries, set alarms and reminders for those special occasions.

You might ask, what will the new features bring then?

Well, the updates this time around would mean that both Siri and CarPlay will get some well-needed upgrades.

The new upgrade would mean that now Siri, as well as CarPlay, would support third-party additions.

That basically means that car manufacturers, now, will also be able to control and optimize some aspects of your car.

For example, you’ll be able to modify climate control settings and regulate radio functions with nothing but your voice.

You’ll also be able to send messages with your voice using WhatsApp.

New Devices Will Be Able to Operate Inside Your Home

Having the ability to control the behavior of compatible smart home devices with using just your voice (with Siri of course) is nothing new.

Apple did that quite a while ago with HomeKit.

The commands, back then, allowed you govern your smart devices, with Siri, from any location.

But these commands were only compatible with devices such as iPads, Apple Watches, iPods, and iPhones.

You could make the argument that Apple TV also was able to work as a remote hub with HomeKit. But if you tried to do the same with an Apple TV that was from the fourth generation then you would have come face to face with a message that read something like, “Sorry.

I can’t help you with …”

The new updates will enable you to give commands using Siri to all your HomeKit smart devices using any Apple device.

For example, you could easily command Apple TV or a Mac, to switch on light or lock the front door, using Siri without any problems.

Mac Will Get Siri

Apple has already announced that Siri will be coming to the Mac.

In fact, you can already test it out in the new iOS 10 beta that comes pre-installed with Siri.

Siri will reside in the menu bar and will come to your aid with a single call.

For those still wondering, Siri will be able to help you tasks such as setting an alarm or a reminder or a calendar event, it will also help with messaging your friends, toggling settings like power plans, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Not only that, Siri will also aid you in calling people, setting up movie times, opening up documents you worked on from a day before and searching for all photos that were taken within the last month.

In short, Siri will be very versatile this time around.

Multitasking Will Be Made Easy

This feature will make more sense to people who actually own a Mac where you can do several things simultaneously to boost your productivity levels.

For example, you might search for some documents using Siri and then instruct Siri to merge them with the ones you’re currently working on.

You can also instruct Siri to save some documents in the notifications area for later reference.

In other words, you can drag and drop files as many times as you like.

These new updates aim to make Siri more useful in a Mac setting.

Whether Apple will introduce these changes right now is a matter that is still a mystery.

Money Transactions with Friends

The reason for voice activated intelligent computer assistant program is to keep your workflow clean and fast.

At the moment, Siri can only integrate with apps like Facebook and Twitter.

As you can imagine, that isn’t exactly an exhaustive list of third-party apps.

These latest updates are expected to open up Siri to more applications and developer teams.

That could mean that you might be able to operate on your Evernote app with only your voice.

For example, instead of going to your Square Cash app, pressing the button, selecting the person (e.g. Frank) to send cash to and then hitting “send,” you could easily just say “Hye Siri pay Frank 10 Dollars using Square Cash.”

Now that would be cool, wouldn’t it?

Ordering for Services Would Be Much Easier

Apple is expected to bring a new feature to Siri this season and that would be to integrate as many service oriented companies with Siri as possible.

For example, it would be perfectly possible for you to call for an Uber (or Lyft) without ever pressing any buttons on your smartphone.

You could just say “Siri, get me an Uber ride (or Lyft ride).”

Same would be the case with other services like ordering a Pizza or the hottest Burger King deal.

Support for Messaging Apps Will Increase

The simple fact of modern life is that you need multiple messaging apps to stay connected to all your friends.

No one solely uses Facebook or Twitter or WhatsApp or even Google Plus.

Apple is behind its competitors in this area because currently, one can only send a message, using Siri that is, through Apple native apps like Mail or Messages.

With the news that third-party app support might finally me coming to Siri, it could mean that you’ll be able to exchange messages with your friends and family, without opening up any extra apps and just message with the ones that have Siri support.

With these new updates, you could try out infinite variations of,

  • “Let Noah know that the meeting is off for today through Skype”
  • “Ask John if we are eating out tomorrow at 9 or 10 using WhatsApp”
  • “Start a video call with Alex on Viber”

Better Predictions Are Coming Too

Siri will also delight you with its capabilities related to your smartphone’s keyboard.

The new Siri will silently study your Messages folder and then will provide you contextual input without you asking for it.

For example, if you want to input a Calendar entry, Siri could help you with suggestions on what to do next base on what you have normally done in the past.

Not only that, but Siri could also provide you with an answer if your friend, in a conversion, asks for someone’s email address.

Instead of you holding down the home button (or shouting “Hye Siri”) to call Siri, the voice assistant would automatically suggest you the correct email address.

That would be a big step forward for Siri because currently a lot of iPhone users have complained about Siri not being able to spell their names correctly. That problem has been addressed now.

Apple TV Could Be Used to Search YouTube

Make no mistake. Siri is already a great companion for Apple devices.

Even now, it can save you time by allowing you to navigate and jump to whatever you want much faster.

The new update, that is likely to come later this month, will take that to the next level.

Right now, if you’re on Apple TV, you can’t really search YouTube. You actually have to open up YouTube App and select the search box and then push the Siri button to start your voice search.

But new updates will make that process much less painful by allowing you to search by just saying “Search for Pokemon Go tips on YouTube.”

This feature will also come on the iPhone.

Live Television Accessibility

Apple’s Siri is not just about going up against its competition; it is about breaking new ground in voice activated AI computer assistant industry.

A new update is bringing the ability to watch Live TV by just saying “Lets Watch CNN” or “Watch HBO.”

Before this update, you had to (just like in YouTube’s case) open up individual applications for channels such as Discovery, Fox Sports, FXNow and then select your options from the menu.

Thankfully, that is all going to change now.

Movie Search, But Only with Topics Rather Than Actual Names

Siri can only help you search for movies through the following ways,

  • Through movie genre
  • Through movie title
  • Through movie director etc.
  • Through movie actor
  • Through movie release year

While that isn’t bad, but if you wanted Siri to pick out a movie about time travel or big sharks, then you would have been disappointed since Siri can’t do that.

With the new update, the voice activated computer assistant would be able to find you movies from commands such as “Suggest movies about dreams” or “Find movies on true events.”


With all these new (and cool) features, you can bet that your experience with your Apple device would enhance several folds.


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