Uncovering the Mysteries of Sealed Tunnel Elden Ring: Tips and Strategies

Published: 27 May 2023Updated: 5 September 2023

The Sealed Tunnel of Elden Ring is a mysterious yet alluring place with secrets hidden behind every corner and danger lurking around each bend. But there is also a great reward for those brave enough to explore its depths!

Sealed Tunnel Location Elden Ring

Overview of Sealed Tunnel

Sealed Tunnel is ancient structure located deep in the Elden Ring. It’s an incredible sight to behold – with its wooden platform supported by tree roots and surrounded by towering walls of stone. Not only that, but it also houses a powerful Smithing Stone capable of crafting weapons unlike any other. This place has been guarded for centuries by an Onyx Lord who prevents anyone from entering without permission. Sealed Tunnel is filled with secrets waiting to be unlocked, and we are sure there are plenty of adventures out there ready to take on the challenge and uncover what lies within these hallowed halls. Who knows, maybe you’ll come across something extraordinary if you’re daring enough.

Sealed Tunnel Location

The Sealed Tunnel is a mysterious and treacherous catacomb hidden within the Capital Outskirts, near the west entrance of the Leyndell Royal Capital from the outside, down beside the lake, head south. Just like in walking in a mausoleum on Elden Ring, this underground labyrinth is also shrouded in darkness, and only the bravest and most skilled adventurers dare to venture inside. The Sealed Tunnel is known to be home to all manner of dangers, from deadly traps and treacherous pitfalls to fearsome monsters and otherworldly entities. Many brave warriors have attempted to conquer the tunnel and claim the legendary treasures that lie within, but few have succeeded.

After finding the Site of Grace in the entrance, turn right and go up to the indented section of the rock wall. Then a hidden door will appear. Once the passageway enters a large, open space, turn right and ascend the wooden stairs.

Sealed Tunnel Walkthrough

So let’s open it up and see what surprises are in store! The journey may not be easy, but if we persevere, then surely something extraordinary awaits us at the end. Who knows where this adventure will lead, so buckle your seatbelts and get ready to embark on a journey like no other! To gain entrance to the rest of the dungeon once inside the Sealed Tunnel, you need to find an Illusory Wall. To do this, strike to the left of the torch, and the wall will reveal a hidden passage. The Illusory Wall is not visible, and striking it is the only way to access the rest of the dungeon. Once you enter the hidden passage, you can explore the rest of the dungeon and uncover its secrets.

Focus on the illuminated area when exploring the Tunnel

Items in the Sealed Tunnel

The farm items include, Golden Rune, Cracked Crystal, Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot, Poisoned Stoned, Ruin Fragment and Large Glintstone Scrap. The upgrade materials include Smithing Stone, Somber Smithing Stone and Smithing Stone. Another equipment that can be found here is the magic equipment Onyx Lord’s Greatsword. Other items include Miner’s Bell Bearing, Lightning Grease and Stonesword Key.

Finding the Onyx Lord Boss

The task is daunting- finding the Onyx Lord and his Greatsword! But fear not brave adventurers, for we have come prepared with knowledge that shall help us on your quest. You will need to start by locating the dead-end wall in the passage where you began your trek. After searching through nooks and crannies, you will encounter a strange wooden wheelbarrow containing unusual items, such as summoning pools and mysterious artifacts. Take back to camp and study them intently until you come across an ancient stone that revealed clues about the location of the Onyx Lord’s sword. With this newfound clue, you can set off again into the Sealed Tunnel Elden Ring ready to face whatever was waiting for us there.

Strategies for Defeating the Onyx Lord

There are a few tactics that can help you out – like running jumps onto tree roots or taking out exploding enemies before they get close enough to hit you. And then of course there’s corpse holding – an old favorite which works even against tough opponents like the Onyx Lord. The trick here is timing – if you don’t time your attack correctly, the enemy will just dodge it and come after you again. But once you’ve got the hang of it, it really does work wonders!

During the fight, players will need to stay focused and observe the boss’s movements closely. The Onyx Lord has a number of attacks, including a powerful sweeping strike and a devastating ground pound. However, one of the best times to charge for an attack is when it’s charging the Meteorite attack. This is a crucial moment where players can deal significant damage to the boss, and potentially turn the tide of the battle.

Players should also be careful not to get too close to the Onyx Lord, as its sweeping strikes can deal massive damage. Instead, it’s best to stay at a distance and use ranged attacks, if possible. In addition, players should make sure to equip their best gear and upgrade their abilities before entering the fight.

Loot Found in the Dungeon

As soon as you enter through the stone archway, you’ll notice wooden floorboards creaking under your feet and a dark corner filled with possibilities. If you head towards the northwest corner of this dungeon, something special awaits: a glowing statue! This statue is said to be made from pure gold, so make sure to have your eyes peeled for it. And don’t forget about all those other treasures laying around too—we’re talking about diamond rings, ancient coins, magical artifacts.

Secrets and Hidden Areas

The secrets of the sealed tunnel are hidden in plain sight. Taking a closer look around, you can find abnormal stone clusters or yet another illusory wall that hints at something greater beyond its reach. It’s almost as if someone was trying to hide these walls from curious adventurers who travel through the Elden Ring.

Unraveling each secret brings you one step closer towards discovering even more mysteries within this mysterious land; such as large tree roots and divine towers of the west. These ancient artifacts have been forgotten by time itself but still hold their own significance in our journey to uncover what lies beyond the tunnel.

Tips for Surviving the Dungeon

First up, if you want to get through, you’ll need a Rune Arc! This magical artifact is said to be able to break any Illusionary Wall. Make sure you grab one before heading down into the depths below. Next up are the Three Smithing Stones located in the Eastern Corner of the dungeon. These stones will help with your navigation as they’re scattered throughout each Far Wall – so make sure that when you find them, use them wisely! Now these aren’t essential for passing through but they can definitely aid your journey.

Boss Battles

Let’s get ready for a fight! Boss battles are some of the most intense and thrilling moments in Elden Ring. They require you to think fast, act with precision, and execute your strategy flawlessly.

Here’s what you need to know about them:

  • First up is getting through the Divine Tower. You’ll have to deal with an Abnormal Stone Cluster before entering the boss arena.
  • Then it’s time for Iron Maiden – she’ll abductor virgin souls if given half a chance so be careful!
  • Next is The Faceless King who will test your endurance as he has no weaknesses or strengths that can be exploited by any weapon type.
  • Finally, there’s Queen Myrine who loves one-on-one combat and requires quick reflexes to defeat her powerful attacks.

These battles are extremely difficult but they make victory even sweeter when achieved and you win an Elden Ring trophy! There is nothing quite like facing off against these formidable foes successfully – something all players should strive for at least once during their playthrough of Elden Ring!

Challenges After Completion

There’s still plenty of challenges ahead after completion. First up: a large root blocking your way in the final portion. Then, keep an eye out for any self-destructing enemies while traversing the tunnel – they can be dangerous! Lastly, look out for a miner sitting on top of a wall at the end of the path – he might have some valuable information to give you if you talk to him. Once all those obstacles are cleared and you reach the end, congratulations! You’ve made it through this tough section of Elden Ring and should receive something special for being so brave.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Enemies Are Encountered in the Elden Ring Sealed Tunnel?

The main enemies include Miner, Vulgar Militia, Abductor Virgin, Abnormal Stone Cluster and Onyx Lord.

Are There Any Rewards for Completing Side Quests in the Dungeon?

Not only can you uncover hidden secrets and lore that the developers have cleverly placed throughout, but you might also get your hands on some sweet loot! Some of these rewards include rare items which can help give you a huge advantage in combat situations.

Are There Any Hidden Areas or Secrets That Can Be Found Within the Dungeon?

There are plenty of goodies out there just waiting to be discovered. You never know what kind of treasures await when exploring mysterious dungeons like this one, so make sure you research and plan before heading in.


Bring your best gear if you want to complete any side quests while there because rewards are never guaranteed. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for hidden areas or secrets within the dungeons walls – who knows what kinds of treasures await? So summon your courage and enter the Elden Ring Sealed Tunnel – it’ll definitely be worth it!


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