Unveiling the Mysterious Realms: Where Does Elden Ring Take Place?

Published: 14 May 2023

Elden Ring is a game released by Bandai Namco and FromSoftware, the creators of popular franchises like Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Fans have awaited news about the game’s world setting since its announcement in 2019. We will have the Elden Ring story explained: where it takes place and what type of environment players can expect to explore when they enter it. We know from trailers that it looks as though it has taken place in a fantasy-like realm with plenty of forests, castles, and other mythical locations for players to explore. So let’s dive deeper into where exactly Elden Ring takes place!

Where Does Elden Ring Take Place?

Where Does Elden Ring Take Place

Elden Ring is set in the fictional world of The Lands Between. It is a dark fantasy world filled with diverse cultures, lush forests, and ruined fortresses. The game is said to be an open-world action RPG and will feature an interconnected world with grand scope and scale. The mythical world of Elden Ring is a dark and mysterious place, filled with secrets waiting to be discovered. Fans of both franchises have long sought after the fictional realm of The Lands Between. In this treacherous land lies the Great Rune, an ancient relic with untold power – not to mention a host of secrets regarding its past. Great Runes have been salvaged from the broken Elden Ring by a number of grand demigods, but none have adequately attained the power to either replace Marika or repair the Elden Ring. Lunar Princess Ranni also resides in these parts; her beauty is matched only by her cunning mastery of magic. Whatever you may uncover as you explore this fantastic kingdom, one thing’s for sure: you won’t soon forget your journey through Elden Ring!

Elden Ring is filled with mythical creatures and grandiose landscapes. At the center of it, all lies Queen Marika, who possesses phenomenal power due to her contact with the Elden Ring — an ancient relic that binds together the Souls series games and fantasy novels such as J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings. The Elden Ring bound everything in The Lands Between under a Greater Will, and the authority of Queen Marika’s reign allowed the region to flourish. The Greater Will was a divine manual that ensured everything functioned as it should. Those seeking to possess this great power must battle their way through dragons and giant beasts to reach it. The player will explore ruined temples, climb treacherous mountains, and venture deep into dark forests while they search for clues regarding where the Elden Ring is located and what secrets its stronger will holds.

Along the way, players must master new weapons, magic spells, and items as they take on enemies from human foes and powerful beasts. With every step taken comes increased risk and a chance at uncovering incredible rewards hidden within this captivating world!

Regions Featured in Elden Ring

Based on the information that has been officially announced and shared in trailers and interviews, here is a list of some of the regions that players may encounter in Elden Ring:

The Lands Between

This is the game’s primary setting is a vast open-world realm filled with diverse landscapes and environments.


A towering tree that serves as the world’s central hub and is said to connect all regions.

The Great Plains

A wide expanse of grassy fields and rolling hills.

The Felsweyr

A harsh, rocky region characterized by rugged cliffs and steep ravines.

The Bishagoya

A swampy region filled with dangerous creatures and treacherous terrain.

The Rheinlands

A snowy, mountainous region home to fierce warriors and ancient ruins.

The Vampires’ Castle

A gothic fortress ruled by bloodthirsty vampires.

The Drowned Kingdom

A sunken realm filled with underwater ruins and sea monsters.

Creation of the Lands Between

According to Elden Ring lore, a powerful being known as the God of Light harnessed the power of a full moon and used it to create The Lands Between. As such, this is where our story begins. This vast region consists of four main areas: the royal capital of Forossa; Eichenwalde, an ancient forest shrouded by dark magic; Ashina, a land where samurai roam its lands; and Harun-Kal, home to mysterious creatures known only as Dung Eaters. Each area plays host to its own unique challenges that test even experienced players. With so much diversity scattered throughout these lands, one cannot help but feel drawn into their world and discover what lies beyond each horizon. You’ll encounter many other Tarnished heroes while exploring the Elden Ring Lands Between, particularly in Roundtable Hold, which serves as a shelter for Tarnished people outside the Lands Between. However, you are the one who must succeed, Elden Lord.

Become the New Elden Lord

Elden Ring Exploration

Elden Ring is set in a vast world of peril and mystery, one filled with tarnished encounters brought about by the Elden Lord. This prominent figure has shattered reality, creating an Elden beast for all to contend with as they traverse this fractured land. The journey through Elden Ring will be fraught with danger and glory, giving players plenty of opportunities to test their mettle against the powerful forces at play. With no clear path ahead, it’s up to brave adventurers to chart their own course through this treacherous land and uncover its secrets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are The Developers Of Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is being developed by two of the biggest names in gaming: FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin, the author behind Game of Thrones. It’ll be the first collaboration between creator Hidetaka Miyazaki and author George R.R. Martin, who’s worked together on this game’s story. With such high-profile developers involved, fans expect big things from Elden Ring when it releases.

Does Elden Ring happen in Ohio?

No, Elden Ring does not take place in Ohio. It is set in a fictional world of magic, mythical creatures, and ancient ruins. While the exact location of the game’s world is unknown, it is not set in any real-world location, including Ohio.

How Do The Characters In Elden Ring Interact With The World?

The characters in Elden Ring interact with their world in various ways. From traversing the vast open world to engaging in intense combat and completing complex puzzles, each character can explore their own unique story arc within this mysterious universe. Players must use strategy and skill to overcome obstacles while making choices that ultimately shape how they experience the game’s narrative. As they progress through the game, players discover more about the secrets and mysteries in Elden Ring’s story and uncover new paths.

How close is Elden Ring to Dark Souls

Elden Ring will feature a similar dark fantasy atmosphere, challenging combat, destined death and an expansive open world to explore. However, Elden Ring will also offer a few new features and mechanics, such as an open-world setting, new characters and creatures, and an all-new story. While it will likely remain true to the core of the Dark Souls Games, it looks to be a new and unique experience in its own right.

How Is the First Elden Lord

Godfrey was a mortal hero known for his remarkable abilities, which became the first Elden Lord and later married Queen Marika the Eternal. Despite achieving great success and becoming a demigod, he lost his divine status after a significant triumph. As a result, he was banished from the Lands Between and became the original Tarnished.


We hope your question about where Elden Ring takes place has been answered. The primary plot of Elden Ring’s story follows a protagonist journeying through a mysterious world in search of truth. The game world itself plays a major role in Elden Ring. Its sprawling landscapes are filled with creatures and characters that interact with one another as players progress through their journey. With its unique setting, engaging storyline, and captivating characters, Elden Ring promises an unforgettable experience for gamers.


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