Abandoned Cave Elden Ring: All You Need To Know To Conquer It

Published: 24 May 2023Updated: 27 May 2023

Have you ever wanted to explore a mysterious cave in Elden Ring? If so, you’re gonna love this guide! The guide contains secrets to make your adventure even more exciting and challenging. So, if you’re looking for an exciting journey full of mystery, read on! This guide will give you the necessary information to make your exploration successful. With detailed descriptions and tips on navigation, it’ll take your experience to the next level.

Abandoned Cave Guide Elden Ring


The Abandoned Cave is one of the minor dungeons, which is a mysterious location in the world of Elden Ring. It is an ancient ruin with a history shrouded in mystery. It is said to be a place of great power where many of the game’s secrets are hidden. The cave is located in Dragonbarrow, Caelid. It can be found on the eastern wall of the canyon, east of Smoldering Wall Site Grace, and slightly northwest of Sellia Evergaol. This location can only be accessed by crossing the canyon from the west using a tree. Inside the cave, players will find a variety of puzzles, traps, and enemies. It is not known why the cave was abandoned, but it is speculated to be related to the game’s mythology.

All Items in the Abandoned Cave

1. Gather & Farm Items

The first step is to find and defeat a Sickle Knight – that’ll get you some gold scarabs! Then, use those ranged attacks to get yourself some horn charms. They gonna come in handy when it comes to the farm’s runes. Now it’s time to go hunting for those runes. Keep your wits about because this ain’t no easy task – you’ll need to be quick and accurate with your movements if you wanna succeed in grabbin’ all the runes you can find! So keep your eyes peeled and head on out there! Gathering and farming items in the Abandoned Cave of Elden Ring is not easy, but if you stay sharp and use your resources wisely, you might find yourself with an impressive collection of runes!

2. Upgrade Materials

You’ll need four key items: Cleanout Knight, Fire Grease, Golden Scarab, and Dragonwound grease. You can find the Cleanrot Knight by exploring a hidden passageway at the end of a tunnel. Fire grease is usually located in chests that are hidden behind secret walls. Golden Scarab Talisman can be found throughout the cave, so keep your eyes peeled! Lastly, Dragonwound grease is rarely seen but can be found by slaying monsters occasionally found near pools of lava.

And if you’re looking for something to help preserve all that hard-earned loot from your adventures, don’t worry – there are preserving boluses for that. Just get enough so you don’t run out during your travels! All these items will come in handy for upgrading your gear and keeping it in top condition no matter what kind of danger comes your way. So there you have it – stock up on these items before venturing deep into the Abandoned Cave of Elden Ring!

3. Equipment & Magic

When exploring these areas, you may even come across powerful magic. This can be used for various effects, such as healing or increasing damage output. In the cave, you can find Golden Scrab, Venomous Fang, and Serpent Bow.

Abandoned Cave Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses

Let’s dive deep into the Abandoned Cave’s darkness and look at all the creatures and enemies you’ll come across on your journey. To start, two rats will scurry about and try to bother you, but they’re pretty harmless, so don’t worry too much about them. You’ll also find Aeonian butterflies known for their beauty and grace, although they can be pesky if you get too close.

Next up are the more dangerous foes like skeletal militiamen, duo bosses, and mushroom mages. These baddies will put up quite a fight, so make sure your sword is sharpened and your spells are ready!

With these powerful creatures populating the cave, it’s quite clear that getting through the abandoned cave won’t be easy – but with enough skill and bravery you can do it!

Regular Creatures & Enemies

The Abandoned Cave location is about to get real! You’ll face some of the toughest enemies in Elden Ring, and you’d better be ready. From the powerful Second Knight, who will surely put up a fight, to all sorts of other nasties that you’ll need to head east and battle:

  • Lurking in dark corners are giant spiders who are always looking for their next meal
  • Be careful not to disturb the huge bats living in the depths, as they’ll attack with a vengeance
  • Don’t forget about the enormous centipedes that can quickly overrun an area if left unchecked

It’s time to gear up and prepare for what lies ahead. There’s no telling what kind of horrors await you in the abandoned cave, so it’s best to come prepared. A good strategy and a sharp mind are key to surviving this journey and coming out alive. The rewards will be great, but how much are you willing to risk?

Field Bosses & Bosses

Now it’s time to talk about field bosses and bosses, so grab your weapons and prepare yourself for battle! When entering a boss room, look for any attacks they might have coming your way. Some bosses may summon trees from the ground or shoot flames from their mouths, so you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared as best you can. You don’t want to end up getting scorched by a giant fireball!

Additionally, watch out for any traps they may have set in the area. It’s important to stay vigilant to make it through alive. This will be no easy feat – these baddies don’t go down without a fight. But with enough preparation and determination, we know you can do it!

Abandoned Cave Walkthrough

The dungeon begins with the player dropping into a pool of scarlet rot, a one-way entrance. After moving to the left and avoiding the geysers of rot, the player will come across a fork. The right path leads to a dead end with a Dragonwound Grease item, while the left leads to a downward-sloping dry tunnel leading to the next room. The martyr effigy for summoning is at the bottom of the slope on the left side.

The next room has another scarlet rot pool, and the Serpent Bow item is visible below it. To the pool’s right, a Servant of Rot stands on dry land, indicating the path forward.

Continuing down the tunnel, the player will enter a room with a Rat and a Servant of Rot. The tunnel curves right and leads to a small room with two rats and a Fire Grease on a corpse.

As the tunnel opens up into a larger room, a Giant Miranda Flower can be found in the center, surrounded by shallow pools of scarlet rot on the right. Moving towards the center causes smaller Miranda Flowers to emerge from the ground. On the left, a pile of broken Iron Virgins can be climbed to reach a ledge with the Venomous Fang. On the opposite side of the room, there is another ledge with two Servants of Rot, and behind them, a short tunnel leads to the boss.

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Boss Fight: Cleanrot Knights

Here are some general tips that could be helpful in defeating duo bosses:

Focus On One Knight at a Time

Dealing with two Cleanrot Knights at once can be overwhelming, so it’s important to prioritize one of the Cleanrot Knight duo over the other. Focus your attacks on one of the knights and try to defeat them before moving on to the other.

Watch for Openings

Observe the Cleanrot Knights’ attack patterns to find openings to attack or use abilities safely. Be patient and avoid overextending yourself.

Use the Environment

If there are any hazards or obstacles in the area, try to use them to your advantage. For example, if some pillars or walls can break the line of sight or block attacks, use them to your advantage.

Use the Right Equipment and Abilities

Ensure you have the right weapons and abilities for the fight. Consider using weapons that are effective against the Cleanrot Knights’ weaknesses and abilities that can help you survive or deal extra damage. Ashes can be used to interrupt a lot of attacks of Spear Knight.

Strategies And Challenges To Navigate The Cave

Navigating the abandoned cave can be tough! It’s a treacherous dungeon filled with all sorts of obstacles and enemies. But don’t worry – if you’re up for the challenge, there are ways to make your way through it. Here’s what you need to know for a full guide on navigating this Elden Ring:

Fight enemies to become an Elden Lord
  • Fight off any enemies that attack you – That knight ain’t gonna help himself!
  • Follow the walkthrough – Don’t take any wrong turns or take too long in one area.
  • Prepare for a boss fight – When things get heated, it’s important to stay focused and keep your wits about you.
  • Keep exploring the cave – You never know what secrets you may discover by venturing further ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Recommended Experience Level for Exploring the Abandoned Cave of Elden Ring?

Exploring the abandoned cave of Elden Ring can be daunting, and it’s important to know what level of experience you need to make the journey. There isn’t an exact number that dictates how experienced you have to be. Still, having a good amount of skill under your belt is recommended before attempting the adventure.

How Do You Avoid the Scarlet Rot Status Effect in Abandoned Cave?

Because of the dirt ground here, hugging the wall that a shattered Abductor Virgin faces will shield you from the accumulation of scarlet Rot. You can also use Blessed Dew Talisman for poison protection.

What Is the Boss’s Weakness in Elden Ring Abandoned Cave?

They are immune to many things apart from fire damage.

What Are the Main Differences Between the Regular Creatures and Enemies in the Abandoned Cave Elden Ring and the Field Bosses and Bosses?

Field bosses are much bigger and more powerful than regular enemies. They can’t be killed in just one hit; you’ll have to use your wits and put up a good fight. Plus, they usually drop great rewards when defeated!


Elden Ring’s Abandoned Cave is an interesting and mysterious location in the game. It is a dark and dangerous cave filled with monsters and traps and contains a powerful and mysterious artifact. With the right strategy, it can be a great place to explore and gain rewards. However, due to its dangerous nature, it’s best to proceed cautiously- and bring a few friends along for the journey.


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