Earnin Alternatives Unveiled: Dive Into the Best Apps Like Earnin Today

Published: 7 March 2024

Looking for alternatives to Earnin? Whether you’re seeking more flexibility in managing your finances or exploring different features, several apps can cater to your needs. These Earnin alternatives provide innovative solutions for accessing your earnings before payday, managing budgets, and saving money. From seamless user interfaces to unique perks, this roundup introduces you to the best apps that offer similar services, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your financial needs. Discover the freedom to take control of your finances with these top-notch alternatives to Earnin.

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What Is Earnin?

Earnin is a mobile app that allows you to access money you’ve already earned before your payday. With Earnin, you can avoid costly overdraft fees, high-interest payday loans, and other financial pitfalls. By simply connecting your bank account and setting up direct deposit, you can access up to $100 per day and up to $750 per pay period. This flexibility can be a lifesaver when unexpected expenses arise.

Unlike traditional payday loans, Earnin doesn’t charge interest or fees. Instead, they operate on a pay-what-you-think-is-fair model. Additionally, Earnin offers a feature called “Balance Shield” to help you avoid overdrafts by automatically transferring money to your account when your balance is low. If you’re looking to build your credit, Earnin also offers credit builder loans. These loans allow you to borrow money and repay it over time, helping you establish a positive credit history.

What Are the Features of Earnin?

After learning about what Earnin offers, you may be curious about the specific features that set it apart from other financial apps.

Here are some key features that make Earnin stand out:

Cash Advance App

Earnin operates as a cash advance app, allowing you to access money you’ve already earned before your payday.

Credit Builder Loan

Earnin offers a unique feature where it helps users build their credit through a credit builder loan option.

No Credit Check

Unlike traditional personal loans, Earnin doesn’t perform a credit check, making it more accessible to individuals with varying credit histories.

Tip Jar

The app includes a “Tip Jar” feature where users can leave voluntary tips to support the platform. While tipping is optional, it helps maintain the app’s “pay-it-forward” model, allowing others to benefit from the service.

Balance Shield

Earnin offers a Balance Shield feature to help users avoid overdraft fees. It can automatically transfer money from the user’s Earnin account to their bank account to prevent a negative balance, ensuring financial stability.

Lightning Speed

Earnin claims to provide quick access to funds, often within minutes, making it a convenient option for those in urgent financial situations. The app uses various technologies to verify work hours and facilitate fast transactions.

Community and Support

Earnin fosters a sense of community by allowing users to connect with others through the app. Additionally, the platform provides support and resources for financial wellness, including articles and tips to help users make informed decisions about their money.

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Best Apps Like Earnin

Below are the top apps like Earning:

1. Possible Finance

Consider Possible Finance as one option for a cash advance app similar to Earnin. One of the advantages of Possible Finance is the ability to get your paycheck advance deposited directly into your bank account quickly. By using these cash advance apps like Possible Finance, you can avoid costly overdraft fees or high-interest payday loans.

Additionally, Possible Finance offers personal loans that can be a more structured way to borrow money when needed. These loans typically have fixed repayment schedules, helping you manage your finances more effectively compared to sporadic paycheck advances.

Possible Finance provides installment loans with a maximum limit of $500. Unlike entirely cost-free services, they implement a monthly membership fee, which varies between $8 and $16 depending on the chosen option, instead of charging interest. This approach ensures a fixed monthly payment, regardless of the borrowed amount.

2. Albert

Albert stands out among apps like Earnin by not only providing cash advances but also focusing on enhancing your overall financial well-being.

Albert offers tools to help you build and improve your credit score over time, setting it apart from other similar apps. With Albert, you can access robust budgeting tools that empower you to track your expenses, set financial goals, and optimize your spending habits. Additionally, this app allows you to stay informed about changes in your credit report and receive alerts regarding any suspicious activity, ensuring you stay on top of your credit health. Moreover, the app goes beyond just providing cash advances, aiming to elevate your financial literacy and stability through its comprehensive set of features.

While the Albert app itself is cost-free and doesn’t have any monthly maintenance fees, there are optional charges associated with its money-moving features. Albert’s Instant feature allows users to access up to $250 from their upcoming paycheck, though there could be a minor fee for choosing instant access.

3. Chime

Chime is an online banking platform that offers users a range of financial services. One notable feature is its early direct deposit, allowing users to receive their paychecks up to two days earlier than traditional banks. Additionally, Chime provides a fee-free overdraft feature, rounding up transactions to the nearest dollar and saving the spare change in a separate account to promote savings. With no hidden fees and a user-friendly mobile app, Chime aims to simplify banking for its customers.

Chime, by itself, doesn’t provide salary advances. Nevertheless, they present SpotMe, a feature that permits overdrafts on your account, usually up to approximately $200, to handle minor expenses. SpotMe is regarded by Chime as a service without additional fees, but eligibility requires qualifying direct deposits.

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4. Current App

Current is a mobile banking app designed to provide users with a modern and convenient financial experience. Offering a user-friendly interface, Current allows customers to manage their money, make payments, and track their spending all in one place. One of its standout features is the ability to receive paychecks up to two days faster with direct deposit, providing users with quicker access to their funds. Current also provides budgeting tools, allowing users to set spending limits and save for specific goals, contributing to a more organized and financially aware lifestyle.

You can use a debit card for transactions, over 40,000 fee-free ATMs, one budgeting category, and one savings pod account if you choose the free monthly account. The benefit of receiving your paycheck up to two days early is not available with this basic plan, either. Upgrading to the Premium Account, which costs $4.99 per month, is required to enjoy this benefit as well as other benefits like early paycheck access.

5. Varo

To access early direct deposits and manage your finances seamlessly, consider Varo for a reliable banking experience. With Varo, you can enjoy early direct deposits of your paycheck, similar to apps like Earnin. Additionally, Varo provides the convenience of making debit card purchases, simplifying your transactions and everyday banking needs. If you value quick access to your funds and a straightforward banking experience, Varo is a solid choice among apps like Earnin.

Varo presents a feature named Varo Advance, allowing users to retrieve a portion of their earned salary, up to $500, before their scheduled payday. While the app is devoid of any usage fees, Varo Advance does impose a service fee instead of interest. The specific fee varies based on the advanced amount and the chosen repayment timeframe, and it’s important to note that there are no concealed charges associated with this service.

6. Empower App

The Empower app stands out as a reliable alternative to Earnin, offering various tools to help you manage your money effectively. Empower provides a convenient cash advance feature that allows you to access money before your next paycheck. With an Empower checking account, you can earn competitive interest rates on your deposits, helping your money work harder for you. Additionally, the app allows you to gain valuable financial insights and personalized recommendations through Empower’s app, empowering you to make informed decisions about your finances.

Empower provides users with the opportunity to access salary advances ranging from $10 to $250, with the potential for an increased limit over time contingent on consistent repayments. The app itself is available for free download and use, but it comes with additional considerations. Users can opt for features like instant advance delivery, incurring a fee, and also have the choice to leave an optional tip. Furthermore, Empower introduces a $8 monthly subscription fee after a 14-day free trial, unlocking certain features, but this fee can be waived if users choose not to utilize the unlocked features.

7. Brigit

Top Apps Like Cash App: Discover Your Perfect Money Transfer Alternative!

Similar to Earnin, Brigit allows you to access money between paychecks to cover unexpected expenses. To qualify for advances with Brigit, you need to set up qualifying direct deposits into your checking account. Brigit doesn’t check your credit history, making it accessible to individuals with varying financial backgrounds.

By using Brigit’s services responsibly, you can potentially improve your credit score over time. This credit-building feature sets Brigit apart as a tool not only for short-term financial assistance but also for long-term financial health. Brigit aims to help you avoid overdrafts and late fees by providing timely cash advances and budgeting tools.

Brigit can provide advancements ranging from $50 to $250 to assist with expenses until your next payday. However, it’s important to note that this service is not entirely without cost. Brigit implements a monthly subscription fee, of between $9.99 and $14.99, to access its advanced features. While there are no concealed interest charges, potential users should consider the monthly fee when opting for this service.

8. Dave App

Dave provides users with a range of features designed to assist in financial planning and emergencies. Dave offers a “Dave Banking” account that includes a debit card and the option to open a savings account. Also, Dave reports on-time rent payments to credit bureaus, which can help build credit history. While Dave does offer a free version, for premium membership, Dave Banking, includes a small monthly fee: of $1. Dave allows you to access cash advances of up to $500 without charging interest. Additionally, it provides alerts for upcoming bills and can predict potential overdrafts to help you avoid them. With Dave, you can take control of your finances and receive support in times of need.

9. MoneyLion

MoneyLion provides a range of services that go beyond just payday advances. One standout feature is the ability to monitor your credit score through major credit bureaus, allowing you to stay informed about your financial health. Additionally, MoneyLion allows you to link an external bank account to further streamline your financial management. This integration enables you to track your spending, savings, and investments all in one place, offering a more holistic approach to personal finance. Consider these features when evaluating MoneyLion as an alternative to Earnin.

MoneyLion provides cash advances of up to $250 through their Instacash feature, and the positive aspect is that it comes with no interest fees, monthly fees, or the need for credit checks to qualify. It’s important to note that while MoneyLion’s Instacash feature is fee-free, the app does offer other premium services that may involve additional charges, so it’s advisable to carefully review the terms before opting for any services.

10. One Finance

One Finance is a financial technology company offering a mobile banking app designed to simplify and enhance users’ financial experiences. The app provides features like early direct deposit, allowing users to receive their paychecks up to two days in advance. One Finance emphasizes a user-friendly interface and strives to eliminate hidden fees, providing transparency in financial transactions. Additionally, the app offers savings tools, budgeting features, and personalized financial insights to help users make informed decisions about their money.

Upon enrolling in direct deposit, One Finance issues a debit card equipped with a credit limit, resembling a cash advance mechanism with certain distinctions. An interest rate of 1% (equivalent to a 12% annual percentage rate) is applied to any outstanding balances. Similar to Earnin, users may qualify to receive direct transfers from their employers and government entities up to two days before the scheduled payday. Moreover, users have the opportunity to earn up to 3% annual percentage yield (APY) on the initial 10% of their direct deposits, capped at $1,000 per month. Additionally, users can acquire a secured credit card at no initial cost, facilitating the establishment of credit history, with no impact on their credit score upon application.

11. ONE@Work


ONE@Work stands out for its instant transfers, allowing you quick access to your funds when needed. One of the key features of ONE@Work is its cash advance limit, which determines how much you can borrow before your next paycheck.

The ONE@Work app enables you to receive up to 50% of your earned wages in advance, contingent upon your employer’s participation. Nevertheless, ONE@Work is not entirely cost-free. To access the salary advance feature, Instapay, users are required to pay a monthly subscription fee, the amount of which may vary based on their employer. It’s worth noting that, despite this fee, no additional interest charges apply to the funds received in advance.

12. SoLo Funds

SoLo Funds is a unique peer-to-peer lending platform that facilitates small-dollar loans between individuals. Users on the platform can borrow or lend funds directly to one another, creating a community-driven financial ecosystem. This platform emphasizes flexibility and affordability, allowing borrowers to set their repayment terms and lenders to earn a return on their investment. SoLo Funds aims to address financial gaps and promote financial inclusivity by offering an alternative to traditional lending institutions.

The repayment terms are negotiable, contingent upon the lender’s approval. Users can customize various aspects of their loan, including the amount borrowed (ranging from $50 to $500), the repayment date (up to 15 days), and the option to express appreciation to the lender through a tip.

13. Zirtue App

With Zirtue, you can easily borrow money from or lend money to trusted contacts, all while enjoying features like identity theft protection and secure transactions. The app facilitates seamless transactions, allowing you to split expenses, track IOUs, and manage shared budgets effortlessly.

Zirtue offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of managing shared finances, making it convenient for both parties involved. You can set up repayment schedules, receive reminders for pending payments, and even automate transactions for a hassle-free experience.

The amount you can borrow from this app ranges from $20 to $1,000, with a repayment schedule of three to six months. The annual percentage rate for each loan is 5%.

While Zirtue doesn’t charge a monthly subscription fee, users may incur a small fee for debit card purchases. However, Zirtue also offers the option to link high-yield savings accounts to earn more on your idle funds, making it a versatile tool for efficient money management among friends and family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Trust the Security of Earnin Alternatives?

The security measures implemented by Earnin alternatives differ, but reputable financial apps typically prioritize user data protection. It’s essential to review the privacy and security policies of each app to ensure they meet your standards.

Are There Any Apps Like Earnin That Offer Additional Financial Management Tools Beyond Just Early Access to Wages?

Check out apps like Varo, Empower, and MoneyLion. They offer additional financial management tools, helping you budget, save, and invest. Explore these options for a comprehensive money management experience.

Do Any of the Apps Like Earnin Have Specific Eligibility Requirements or Restrictions for Users?

Yes, apps similar to Earnin often have specific eligibility requirements and restrictions for users. Common criteria include having a regular source of income, being employed, and often receiving pay through direct deposit. Additionally, some apps may impose minimum income thresholds or specific banking requirements, such as linking to a checking account. It’s crucial for users to carefully review the eligibility criteria and restrictions of each app to ensure they meet the necessary qualifications before using the services.

What Are the Key Features to Look for in Apps Like Earnin?

When considering alternatives to Earnin, look for features such as early wage access, flexibility in repayment terms, low or no fees, user-friendly interfaces, and additional financial management tools like budgeting and savings options.


Exploring Earnin alternatives opens up a realm of possibilities for users seeking enhanced financial flexibility and management. The diverse range of apps available allows individuals to tailor their experience to specific needs, whether it’s quick access to earned wages, budgeting tools, or unique features that cater to their financial goals. As the landscape of financial technology continues to evolve, these alternatives present an opportunity for users to take charge of their finances, making informed choices that align with their preferences and lifestyles.



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