Elden Ring Trophy Guide: Dominate the Realm and Collect Your Trophies

Published: 5 September 2023Updated: 8 September 2023

Are you ready to embark on an epic journey through the mystical world of Elden Ring? Prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure as you dominate the realm and collect your hard-earned trophies. This comprehensive trophy guide will provide you with all the tips, tricks, and strategies you need to conquer every challenge that comes your way. Whether you’re seeking secret endings or alternate paths, this guide has got you covered. With detailed instructions on defeating powerful bosses and maximizing your build, you’ll become an unstoppable force in no time.

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Elden Ring Trophy Overview

While there might be more efficient ways to swiftly collect all the trophies, my recommendation for players is to embrace a natural approach in the initial stages. Take your time to immerse yourself in The Lands Between, and don’t hesitate to savor the experience. The game does a commendable job of guiding you through the main storyline, introducing you to the six major regions on the map. So, don’t rush, engage in battles with the necessary Shardbearers, and when you finally reach the Erdtree, standing only one step away from becoming the Elden Lord with the Elden Beast in your path, that’s when it’s prudent to start paying closer attention to a detailed guide. Note that your results may vary, as several bosses in Elden Ring are optional, but the following trophies are likely to be earned through natural gameplay:

  • Margitt the Fell Omen
  • Shardbearer Radahn
  • Shardbearer Godrick
  • Great Rune
  • Shardbearer Morgott
  • Roundtable Hold
  • Maliketh the Black Blade
  • Erdtree Aflame
  • Rennala Queen of the Full Moon
  • Red Wolf of Radagonn
  • Godfrey, The First Lord
  • Magma Wyrm Makar
  • God Slaying Armament
  • Hoarah Loux The Warrior

Tips To Unlock Achievements and Trophies

Here is a guide to securing treasures in Elden Ring:

Understand the Game Mechanics

Understanding the game mechanics is crucial for you to fully immerse yourself in Elden Ring’s vast and intricate world. From epic boss fights to obtaining legendary weapons and talismans, mastering these mechanics will be key to your success. As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter formidable bosses that will test your skills and strategy. Learning their attack patterns and weaknesses is essential to overcoming these challenges and emerging victorious. In addition to the thrilling boss fights, Elden Ring offers a wide array of legendary weapons and talismans for you to collect. These powerful items can greatly enhance your abilities in combat, allowing you to deal more damage or provide additional defenses. It’s important to explore every nook and cranny of the realm in search of these treasures as they could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

As you journey through Elden Ring, you’ll eventually face off against the final boss. This ultimate showdown will push your limits as a player, requiring all the skills and knowledge acquired throughout your adventure. Be prepared for an intense battle that will truly put everything you’ve learned to the test. Additionally, understanding how spirit form works is crucial in Elden Ring. In certain situations or during specific encounters, you may find yourself transforming into a powerful spirit entity with unique abilities. Mastering this form will grant you advantages over enemies or provide access to hidden areas within the game world. By fully comprehending the game mechanics such as boss fights, legendary weapons, and talismans, facing off against the final boss, and utilizing spirit form effectively, you’ll be well-equipped to dominate the realm of Elden Ring and collect all its glorious trophies along the way.

Explore the Vast World of Elden Ring

Roaming through the expansive world of Elden Ring is like embarking on an epic adventure where surprises await at every turn. As you explore the vast world, you’ll be captivated by its stunning landscapes and intricate design. From towering mountains to dense forests, there’s no shortage of breathtaking scenery to behold. Each area is meticulously crafted, immersing you in a world that feels alive and teeming with secrets waiting to be discovered. To truly dominate the realm and collect trophies in Elden Ring, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with every nook and cranny of this vast world. The game encourages exploration by rewarding those who venture off the beaten path.

Uncover hidden treasures tucked away in forgotten corners or stumble upon powerful weapons that will aid you in your quest for victory. Don’t be afraid to stray from the main objective; sometimes, detours can lead to unexpected encounters or valuable resources. As you traverse through Elden Ring’s expansive world, keep an eye out for unique landmarks that serve as important waypoints on your journey. These landmarks not only provide a sense of direction but also hold significant lore that adds depth to the game’s narrative.

Whether it’s a crumbling castle ruin or an ancient burial site, each landmark has its own story waiting to be unraveled. Take your time to soak in the atmosphere and appreciate the attention to detail put into crafting these memorable locations and you will:

Discover Hidden Paths

In Elden Ring, not everything is as it seems. Keep an eye out for hidden paths that may lead you to secret areas or shortcuts.

Encounter Diverse Creatures

From fearsome dragons soaring through the sky to grotesque monsters lurking in dark caves, prepare yourself for unforgettable encounters with a wide array of creatures.

Solve Challenging Puzzles

Along your journey, you’ll come across puzzles that will test your wits and problem-solving skills. Be patient and observant; solving these puzzles often leads to valuable rewards.

Embarking on the adventure of Elden Ring is an experience unlike any other. The vast world beckons you to explore its every corner, uncovering hidden secrets and conquering formidable challenges along the way. Don’t rush through your journey; take the time to fully immerse yourself in this breathtaking realm and forge your own path towards domination. Collect trophies as a testament to your triumphs and become a legend in the world of Elden Ring.

The journey to becoming an Elden Lord by finishing Boc questline

Master Combat Techniques

Unleash your skills and conquer opponents with masterful combat techniques that will leave you feeling like a fearless warrior in the world of Elden Ring. Mastering combat techniques is essential for success in Elden Ring. From the moment you step into battle, every move counts. Whether it’s dodging an enemy’s attack or landing a critical hit, your mastery of combat will determine your fate. Boss fights are particularly challenging, requiring precise timing and strategic thinking. However, overcoming these formidable foes is worth it, as each victory brings you closer to earning a coveted boss trophy.

As you progress through Elden Ring, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire legendary armaments and sorceries that will enhance your combat abilities. These powerful weapons and spells can turn the tide of battle in your favor. From enchanted swords to devastating fireballs, mastering these legendary tools is crucial for taking down even the most fearsome adversaries. Don’t underestimate their importance as they may be the key to defeating a mandatory boss or unlocking hidden areas filled with valuable treasures. In Elden Ring, combat is not just about brute force; it’s about finesse and strategy. Learning different combat techniques such as parrying, riposting, and chaining combos together will give you an edge over your enemies. Timing is everything when it comes to executing these moves successfully. Practice makes perfect, so don’t shy away from engaging in countless battles until every swing of your weapon becomes second nature.

Defeat Powerful Bosses

Prepare yourself for epic battles against formidable bosses that will push your combat skills to the limit. In Elden Ring, boss fights are the ultimate test of your abilities and a key part of earning that coveted platinum trophy. These powerful foes are scattered throughout the realm, each with their own unique movesets and strategies. Defeating them requires precise timing, quick reflexes, and a deep understanding of their attack patterns.

To dominate these boss battles, you’ll need legendary armaments at your disposal. Throughout your journey, be on the lookout for rare weapons and armor that can give you an edge in combat. Upgrading your gear is essential to face off against these mighty adversaries. Seek out hidden areas or complete challenging quests to acquire these legendary items and increase your chances of victory. While some bosses are essential to progress through the game’s main story, you can encounter an optional boss waiting to be discovered. These optional encounters provide an additional challenge for those seeking to truly master Elden Ring. Defeating these bosses not only rewards you with valuable loot but also adds depth and variety to your overall gameplay experience.

In addition to powerful weapons and armor, mastering legendary spells can greatly enhance your chances of success in boss fights. Experiment with different spell combinations and find the ones that best complement your playstyle. Whether it’s raining down fireballs from above or summoning powerful allies by your side, harnessing the power of magic can turn the tide in even the most difficult battles. Defeating all the powerful bosses in Elden Ring is no small feat, but it is a necessary step towards earning that platinum trophy. Each victory brings you one step closer to becoming a true champion of this fantastical realm. So prepare yourself mentally and physically for intense boss fights, gather legendary armaments, learn devastating spells, and conquer every challenge thrown at you as you strive for greatness in Elden Ring!

Uncover Hidden Secrets and Lore

Uncover the hidden secrets and lore of this immersive world as you delve deeper into its mysteries. As you explore the vast landscapes of Elden Ring, you’ll come across various clues and artifacts that’ll lead you to legendary talismans acquired by ancient civilizations. These talismans hold immense power and can grant you unique abilities or unlock hidden areas. By collecting them all, you not only strengthen your character but also gain a deeper understanding of the rich history and mythology behind this fantastical realm.

In your journey, you’ll encounter formidable foes such as the fell omen Margit or the fearsome dragonkin soldiers. Defeating these powerful adversaries not only rewards you with valuable loot but also reveals fragments of hidden lore scattered throughout the game. Piece by piece, these fragments paint a vivid picture of an elder lord who once ruled over Elden Ring and his tragic downfall.

Uncovering these hidden secrets allows you to connect the dots and unravel a captivating narrative that adds depth to your overall experience. Exploring every nook and cranny is crucial in uncovering hidden secrets and lore. From abandoned ruins to forgotten caves, there are countless locations waiting to be discovered. Each area holds its own story, sometimes unveiling forgotten legends or shedding light on enigmatic characters from long ago. By immersing yourself in these intricately designed environments, piecing together clues, and engaging with non-playable characters, you’ll slowly unravel the tapestry of Elden Ring’s mysterious past.

Navigate Intricate Level Design

Fight enemies to become an Elden Lord

As you navigate the intricate level design of this captivating world, every twist and turn will leave you breathless with anticipation and wonder. The developers of Elden Ring have truly outdone themselves in creating a visually stunning and immersive environment that will challenge even the most seasoned players.

As a player, you will need to:

Discover Hidden Passageways

As you explore the intricate level design, be sure to keep an eye out for hidden passageways. These secret paths often lead to valuable treasures or shortcuts that can make your journey easier. Look for cracks in walls, suspicious-looking statues, or environmental clues that hint at hidden pathways. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try interacting with different objects or using specific items in certain areas.

Uncover Ancestor Spirits

Throughout your adventure, you may come across ethereal figures known as ancestor spirits. These spectral beings hold ancient knowledge and can provide valuable insights into the lore of Elden Ring. Interacting with them will not only deepen your understanding of the game’s rich mythology but may also reward you with special items or abilities. Seek out these ancestral spirits whenever possible to gain an edge in your quest.

Master God-Slaying Armament

In order to overcome the challenges that lie ahead, it’s essential to equip yourself with powerful weapons and armor. Elden Ring features a wide array of god-slaying armament that can be found scattered throughout its intricately designed levels. All legendary armaments acquired, from ashen remains forged into mighty swords to enchanted shields imbued with protective magic, each piece of equipment has its own unique properties and advantages. Experiment with different combinations to find a loadout that suits your playstyle best.

Level up and Enhancing Your Character

As you progress through the game, defeating powerful enemies like the fire giant and regal ancestor spirit will reward you with valuable experience points. These experience points can be used to level up your character, increasing their stats and abilities. Leveling up is crucial in Elden Ring as it allows you to become stronger and face tougher challenges. By allocating your earned experience points wisely, you can customize your character’s build to suit your preferred playstyle. Whether you choose to focus on strength for powerful melee attacks or invest in intelligence for devastating magic spells, the choice is yours.

In addition to leveling up, enhancing your character with various items and equipment can also greatly improve your combat prowess. Throughout your journey, keep an eye out for rare treasures such as the mimic tear or legendary ashen remains acquired from defeated bosses. These valuable resources can be used to forge powerful weapons and armor, granting you additional bonuses and advantages in battle. Remember, in Elden Ring, every decision matters. So take the time to carefully plan out your character’s progression path and make use of all available resources at hand.

Find and Use Weapons and Equipment

Discovering and utilizing powerful weapons and equipment is essential for your success in Elden Ring. As you embark on your journey through the vast realm, you’ll come across a wide array of legendary weapons and armaments that can turn the tide of even the most challenging boss battles. One way to acquire legendary weapons is by defeating powerful enemies or bosses. These formidable adversaries often drop rare loot, including weapons that possess unique abilities or enhanced stats. Make sure to thoroughly explore each area, as hidden paths may lead you to secret chests containing coveted gear. Additionally, keep an eye out for NPCs who might offer quests or trade opportunities in exchange for exceptional weaponry.

Another method of obtaining legendary armaments is by engaging in side activities such as completing challenging puzzles or overcoming difficult obstacles. Some areas might require specific items or abilities to unlock hidden weapon caches. Be prepared to use your problem-solving skills and think outside the box when faced with these challenges. Once you’ve acquired a new weapon or piece of equipment, don’t forget to try it out in combat! Experiment with different weapon types and find one that suits your playstyle. Remember that each weapon has its own unique moveset and special attacks, so mastering their intricacies will give you an advantage in battle. With dedication and perseverance, you’ll amass a formidable arsenal that will make even the toughest encounters more manageable on your path towards becoming a true champion in Elden Ring’s treacherous world.

Complete Side Quests and Optional Objectives

In the world of Elden Ring, there are numerous side quests and optional objectives waiting to be completed. One particularly exciting questline is the ‘Rannis Questline,’ where you must navigate through treacherous lands and face formidable foes to achieve the frenzied flame ending. This questline will push your skills to the limit as you battle against hordes of enemies and unravel the mysteries of this captivating realm. As you progress through the Rannis Questline, one crucial objective is to defeat Hoarah Loux, a fearsome warrior known for his unmatched combat prowess. Prepare yourself for an intense battle as you engage in a deadly dance with this formidable adversary. Master your timing, dodge his relentless attacks, and strike back with precision to emerge victorious.

By conquering Hoarah Loux, not only do you prove your worth as a skilled warrior but also unlock invaluable resources that can aid you in your future endeavors. Another significant milestone in this questline is defeating Godfrey, a powerful lord who holds immense power within Elden Ring’s vast kingdom. The battle against Godfrey will test both your strategic thinking and combat abilities as he unleashes devastating attacks upon you. Utilize every trick at your disposal, exploit his weaknesses, and seize victory from him by sheer determination and skill.

Overcoming Godfrey not only grants an immense sense of accomplishment but also rewards you with unique weapons or armor that can turn the tides in even the direst of battles. Completing these side quests and optional objectives not only provides thrilling gameplay experiences but also offers substantial benefits essential for surviving Elden Ring’s challenging world. Uncover hidden treasures along the way, arm yourself with powerful weapons obtained through these quests, and strengthen your character’s abilities as you progress further into this dark fantasy realm.

Solve Puzzles and Riddles

Get ready to put your problem-solving skills to the test as you navigate through Elden Ring’s intricate puzzles and riddles, immersing yourself in a world where every solution brings you one step closer to unlocking hidden secrets and uncovering untold treasures. Solving these puzzles is not only essential for progressing in the game but also for obtaining the coveted Elden Ring trophy.

Here are some tips to help you conquer these brain-teasers:

1. Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

Elden Ring’s puzzles are often integrated seamlessly into the environment, so keep an eye out for any clues or hints that might be hiding in plain sight. Whether it’s a cryptic inscription on a wall or a pattern on the floor, every detail could hold the key to unraveling the puzzle.

2. Think Outside the Box

The developers of Elden Ring have crafted some truly mind-bending challenges that require you to think creatively and consider alternative solutions. Don’t limit yourself to conventional thinking; sometimes, the most unexpected approach can lead you to success.

3. Trial and Error

Don’t be discouraged if you find yourself stumped by a particularly tricky puzzle. Experiment with different strategies and combinations until you find what works best for you. Remember, perseverance is key in your quest for victory.

Utilize Magic and Spells

Unleash the power within as you wield spells and harness magic to overcome the challenges that await in Elden Ring. As a player, you have the ability to use various magic attacks to your advantage. By utilizing magic and spells, you can deal devastating damage from a distance or create powerful defensive barriers. Whether you choose to specialize in offensive spells like fireballs or defensive spells like healing, mastering magic will be essential for success in this game.

To access your magical abilities, you’ll need to obtain the Lord’s Talisman. This precious item acts as a conduit between the realms of mortals and gods, allowing you to tap into the supernatural forces that surround you. Once equipped with the Lord’s Talisman, you can channel your inner sorcerer and cast an array of potent spells. From hurling bolts of lightning at enemies to summoning ethereal allies, your magical prowess will make you a formidable foe. However, relying solely on magic may not always be the best approach. Elden Ring offers a vast world filled with diverse enemies and challenges. Some foes may possess resistance or even immunity to certain types of magic attacks. In these situations, it’s crucial for players who primarily utilize magic and spells to adapt their strategies accordingly.

Consider switching up your tactics by combining melee fighter skills with magical abilities such as legendary sorceries and incantations, or using enchanted weapons that complement your spellcasting capabilities. Remember that versatility is key when facing off against formidable opponents such as the fearsome Dragonkin Soldiers of Nokstella. Mastering the art of utilizing magic and spells is vital for domination in Elden Ring’s realm. With access to an arsenal of powerful magical attacks through obtaining the Lord’s Talisman, players can unleash devastation upon their enemies from afar or create impenetrable defenses when needed. However, it’s important for aspiring mages not to solely rely on their magical abilities but rather adapt their strategies when faced with resistant adversaries like Dragonkin Soldiers of Nokstella.

Discover NPCs and Factions

Discovering NPCs and factions in Elden Ring’s vast world will introduce you to a rich tapestry of characters and alliances, adding depth and intrigue to your journey. As you explore the realm, keep an eye out for non-playable characters (NPCs) who can provide valuable information, and quests, or even join you on your quest. These NPCs often have their own stories and motivations, making them more than just mere inhabitants of the game world.

Joining factions is another way to immerse yourself in the complex web of relationships within Elden Ring. Factions are groups or organizations that have their own agendas and goals. By aligning yourself with a faction, you can gain access to unique abilities, items, and quests that may aid you in your quest to dominate the realm. However, be aware that your choices may have consequences within the game’s narrative as different factions may have conflicting interests. To discover NPCs and factions, it is crucial to thoroughly explore each area of Elden Ring. Talk to every character you encounter and exhaust their dialogue options to uncover hidden secrets or potential allies. Some NPCs may require specific conditions or tasks to be fulfilled before they reveal themselves fully or offer their services. Similarly, factions might not openly recruit members but instead require certain actions or accomplishments before extending an invitation. Discovering NPCs and joining factions adds an extra layer of depth and immersion to the already rich gameplay experience offered by Elden Ring. Engaging with these characters and alliances will not only enhance your understanding of the game world but also provide opportunities for unique quests, abilities, and items that can help you dominate the realm.

Make Choices and Impact the Story

As you journey through Stormveil Castle, one of the central hubs in Elden Ring, you’ll encounter a myriad of characters and factions vying for power. Each interaction presents an opportunity for you to make a choice that aligns with your own goals or beliefs. Whether it’s deciding which faction to support or determining how to handle conflicts between different groups, every decision has consequences. The choices you make not only affect individual characters but also ripple throughout the entire realm. Your actions can alter alliances, shift power dynamics, and even determine who sits on the throne as the First Lord. From negotiating peace between warring factions to uncovering hidden truths within the shadows of Shaded Castle, every step you take shapes the narrative and ultimately leads towards one of many possible endings. You may need to:

Uncover Hidden Secrets

Explore every nook and cranny of Stormveil Castle and Shaded Castle to discover hidden clues that could change everything.

Forge Unlikely Alliances

Form alliances with unexpected allies that may provide crucial aid in your quest for dominion over Elden Ring.

Embrace Moral Ambiguity

No choice is purely good or evil; weigh each decision carefully as there are often unforeseen consequences tied to even seemingly righteous actions.

Explore Multiplayer and Cooperative Gameplay

Understand the best spells to use in the game

Delving into the multiplayer and cooperative aspects of Elden Ring adds a new layer of depth and camaraderie to the already immersive gameplay experience. One exciting feature is the ability to summon help from other players using the blue summon sign. When you come across a particularly challenging boss or area, you can leave your own summon sign for others to find and assist you in your quest. This not only makes difficult encounters more manageable but also creates opportunities for collaborative strategies and memorable moments with fellow adventurers.

Cooperative gameplay in Elden Ring allows you to team up with friends or strangers to tackle quests and explore the vast open world together. By joining forces, you can effectively take down powerful enemies that would be near impossible to defeat alone. Additionally, cooperating with others opens up new avenues for exploration as you venture into areas like the subterranean shunning grounds where teamwork is essential to overcome obstacles and uncover hidden treasures. To truly master cooperative gameplay, it’s crucial to have your god-slaying armament upgraded. This ensures that you are well-equipped to face any challenges alongside your allies. By defeating Maliketh, one of the toughest bosses in Elden Ring, you will unlock special upgrades for your weapons and armor that greatly enhance their effectiveness in multiplayer scenarios. With these enhanced abilities, you’ll become an invaluable asset to any team and be able to contribute significantly towards accomplishing shared goals. Exploring multiplayer and cooperative gameplay in Elden Ring offers an exciting opportunity for camaraderie and strategic collaboration with other players. Utilizing features such as the blue summon sign allows for assistance when facing tough challenges while venturing into areas like subterranean shunning grounds requires teamwork.

Farm and Grind for Resources

Embracing the grind, you can amass a wealth of valuable resources to enhance your abilities and forge powerful equipment in Elden Ring.

There are several key locations where you can find an abundance of resources to aid you on your journey.

1. Eternal City

Explore the ruins of the Eternal City to uncover hidden treasure chests filled with rare materials. These chests are often well-guarded by formidable enemies like the Valiant Gargoyle, so be prepared for challenging battles.

2. Volcano Manor

Venture into the depths of Volcano Manor, where molten lava flows and dangerous creatures lurk. Here, you can harvest volcanic ores that can be used to craft powerful weapons and armor.

3. Great Rune

The Great Rune is a mystical location infused with ancient magic. Within its walls, you will find ethereal crystals that possess unique properties. These crystals can be used to imbue your gear with special enchantments.

4. Royal Capital

Journey to the grand Royal Capital, home to opulent palaces and bustling markets. In this city, you can trade various items for rare resources or purchase them directly from merchants who specialize in providing adventurers with essential materials.

Manage Your Inventory and Equipment Loadout

Mastering the art of managing your inventory and equipment loadout is crucial to achieving success in the challenging world of Elden Ring. As you venture through the realm, you’ll come across various enemies and bosses that require different strategies and gear. One key aspect to consider is the type of enemy you’re facing. For example, when facing a powerful foe like Nokstella, a defeated dragonkin soldier, it’d be wise to equip armor with high fire resistance and weapons that deal extra damage against dragons. This’ll give you an edge in battle and increase your chances of victory. In addition to choosing the right gear for each encounter, it’s also important to manage your inventory effectively. The world of Elden Ring is filled with valuable resources that can aid you on your journey. Make sure to regularly check your inventory for items that can be used for crafting or upgrading weapons and armor. Prioritize keeping essential consumables such as healing items readily available as they can save your life during intense battles.

Lastly, don’t forget about the weight limit of your character’s loadout. Carrying too much equipment can significantly impact your mobility and make dodging enemy attacks more difficult. Consider equipping lighter armor sets or using rings like the Valiant Gargoyle or Dark Moon Ring, which increase carry capacity without sacrificing defense or other valuable attributes. By optimizing your loadout based on enemy types, managing resources wisely, and keeping an eye on weight limitations, you’ll be better prepared to conquer challenges and ultimately collect that coveted Elden Ring trophy. Remember these tips when facing formidable adversaries like the Black Blade defeated Maliketh or any other challenging boss encounters throughout Elden Ring’s vast realm. With careful management of your inventory and equipment loadout tailored to each situation, nothing will stand in your way as you strive towards domination in this treacherous land.

Overcome Environmental Challenges

When facing environmental challenges in the treacherous world of Elden Ring, you’ll need to adapt and overcome obstacles using your surroundings. The game is designed to test your problem-solving skills as you navigate through various terrains and hazardous environments. Whether it’s traversing a crumbling bridge or braving a harsh blizzard, knowing how to overcome these challenges is crucial if you want to dominate the realm and collect trophies. One key strategy for overcoming environmental challenges is utilizing your surroundings. Pay close attention to the environment around you; there may be hidden paths, structures, or objects that can aid you in progressing forward. For example, if you encounter a large chasm with no visible way across, look for ropes or vines that can be used for traversal. Similarly, if you find yourself facing an icy slope that seems impossible to climb, search for ledges or crevices where you can gain traction.

Another important aspect of overcoming environmental challenges is understanding your character’s abilities and limitations. Each character in Elden Ring has unique skills and attributes that can be utilized in different situations. Experiment with different strategies and approaches to see what works best for your playstyle. For instance, if your character has the ability to summon elemental powers like fire or lightning, use them strategically to clear obstacles or defeat enemies blocking your path.

Lastly, don’t forget about the importance of saving your progress regularly. Overcoming environmental challenges often requires trial and error as well as learning from mistakes. By regularly saving your data at bonfires or other designated save points, you ensure that even if things go awry during an intense challenge, you won’t lose too much progress. This will allow you to approach each obstacle with confidence and persistence until finally emerge victorious.

Strategies for New Game Plus and Higher Difficulty Levels

As you progress through the game and unlock new achievements and trophies, it’s time to test your mettle by venturing into New Game Plus. This mode allows you to replay the game with increased difficulty while retaining your character progression, weapons, and equipment. To dominate the realm in New Game Plus, it’s essential to develop effective strategies. First, make sure to upgrade your weapons and armor to their maximum potential. This will give you a significant advantage against tougher enemies and bosses. Additionally, consider experimenting with different builds and playstyles to find what works best for you. Whether it’s a heavy-hitting strength build or a nimble dexterity-focused one, finding the right balance is crucial. As you progress through higher difficulty levels in Elden Ring, remember that patience is key. Enemies will hit harder and have more aggressive tactics, so learning their attack patterns becomes even more crucial. Take the time to study each enemy type and boss fight carefully. Look for openings in their defenses and exploit them when possible. Utilize dodges, parries, and well-timed counterattacks to turn the tide of battle in your favor. By implementing these strategies for New Game Plus and higher difficulty levels in Elden Ring, you’ll be on your way to collecting all those hard-earned trophies. Remember that perseverance is vital; don’t get discouraged if a particular area or boss proves challenging at first.

Tips for Efficient Progression

Don’t miss out on maximizing your progression in Elden Ring by following these efficient tips that will help you navigate the game with ease.

Seek Out the Red Wolf

The Red Wolf is a powerful enemy that roams the world of Elden Ring. Defeating it will grant you significant rewards and open up new pathways for exploration. Keep an eye out for any clues or hints that may lead you to its whereabouts. Taking down the Red Wolf will not only boost your experience points but also provide valuable resources for crafting and upgrading your gear.

Overcome Hoarah Loux the Warrior

Hoarah Loux is a formidable boss who guards a crucial checkpoint in Elden Ring. Be prepared for a tough battle, as he possesses incredible strength and agility. However, defeating him will grant you access to new areas and further progress in your journey. Study his attack patterns, enhance your combat skills, and gather powerful weapons to increase your chances of victory.

Triumph Over the Fell God Omen

The Fell God Omen is one of the most challenging bosses in Elden Ring. This epic encounter requires precise timing, strategic thinking, and mastery of various combat techniques. Prepare yourself by leveling up your character, acquiring potent spells or abilities, and equipping gear with high resistance against its attacks. Defeating Omen will not only bring immense satisfaction but also unlock hidden content and advance your story.

Understanding the Lore and Deep Storytelling

In your journey towards becoming an Elden Lord, understanding the lore becomes crucial. Maliketh is a central character who holds immense power within this world. Legends speak of his descent into madness and his insatiable thirst for control over the realm. Unraveling his story will provide valuable insights into the overarching narrative and may even lead you to hidden treasures or formidable allies.

The deep storytelling in Elden Ring extends beyond individual characters like Maliketh, painting a vivid picture of a world teetering on the brink of destruction. Every item, every location has a story to tell if you’re willing to uncover it. By immersing yourself in this intricate web of tales, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the world around you and forge a stronger connection with its inhabitants. So don’t rush through your adventure take your time to absorb every detail and let yourself be captivated by Elden Ring’s immersive lore.

Why Should You Customize Your Character’s Appearance and Abilities?


Imagine the thrill of creating a character that not only looks stunning but possesses unique abilities that’ll leave your opponents in awe. In Elden Ring, the customization options for your character’s appearance are endless. You have complete control over how your character looks – from choosing different hairstyles and facial features to selecting armor and clothing. Whether you want a fierce warrior with battle scars or an elegant mage adorned in flowing robes, the choice is yours. Show off your creativity and make a character that stands out in the realm.

But it’s not just about appearances – customizing your character’s abilities is equally important. As you progress through the game and defeat powerful enemies, you’ll earn experience points that can be used to level up and unlock new skills. Will you focus on becoming a master swordsman, wielding legendary weapons with precision? Or perhaps you prefer to harness the power of magic and unleash devastating spells upon your foes? The choice is yours, and it’ll shape how you approach battles and overcome challenges in the game.

To truly dominate the realm, it’s essential to equip yourself with legendary armaments. These powerful weapons and armor pieces offer unique bonuses and enhance your character’s abilities even further. Discover hidden locations and defeat formidable bosses to obtain these coveted items. Each piece tells its own story, adding depth to both your character’s journey and the world of Elden Ring itself.

How To Unlock Secret Endings and Alternate Paths

In the game, you’ll encounter various choices and actions that can lead to different outcomes. These secret endings offer a new level of depth and replayability, enticing players to explore every nook and cranny of the realm. Unlocking secret endings requires careful exploration and interaction with the game’s NPCs. Pay close attention to their dialogues, as they may provide hints or clues about hidden paths or alternative storylines. Keep an eye out for subtle changes in the environment or unique events that may indicate a deviation from the main narrative. By delving deeper into these secrets, you’ll not only experience a fresh take on the story but also earn prestigious trophies along the way.

Alternate paths in Elden Ring offer players a chance to deviate from the main storyline while still progressing through the game. These paths often present new challenges, enemies, and rewards that are exclusive to those who dare to venture off the beaten path. Whether exploring hidden dungeons, solving intricate puzzles, or making difficult choices, each alternate path adds complexity to your adventure. Unlocking secret endings and discovering alternate paths in Elden Ring allows players to delve deeper into its immersive world. By embracing your curiosity and actively seeking out these hidden gems, you not only enrich your gameplay experience but also dominate the realm by collecting coveted trophies along your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Obtain the Platinum Trophy in Elden Ring?

To obtain the platinum trophy in Elden Ring, you need to complete a series of challenging tasks and achievements. You must thoroughly explore the vast realm of Elden Ring, uncovering hidden secrets, defeating powerful enemies, and overcoming treacherous obstacles. This includes completing all main quests and side quests, discovering all locations, defeating all bosses, collecting all items and weapons, mastering different combat styles, and achieving various milestones throughout your journey. It will require dedication, perseverance, and skill to conquer every aspect of the game and earn this prestigious trophy.

Are There Any Missable Trophies in the Game?

Yes, there are several missable trophies in various games. Missable trophies are achievements or rewards that can only be obtained during a specific time or by completing specific actions within a limited window of opportunity. These trophies can be missed if the player fails to fulfill the necessary conditions before progressing too far in the game. Examples of missable trophies include Lord of Frenzied Flame, Elden Lord, Age of the Stars, Lichdragon Fortissax, and Legendary Armaments.

Can I Earn Trophies While Playing in Multiplayer/Cooperative Mode?

Yes, you can earn trophies while playing in multiplayer/cooperative mode. While playing with others, you’ll still have the opportunity to complete the challenges and meet the requirements for earning trophies. Whether you’re facing powerful enemies together or conquering difficult quests as a team, your accomplishments will be recognized and rewarded with trophies. So gather your friends, join forces, and show off your skills as you work towards collecting all the trophies in Elden Ring.

Are There Any Specific Strategies for Earning Certain Trophies?

There are indeed specific strategies that can help you earn certain trophies in Elden Ring. From defeating powerful bosses to discovering hidden locations, each trophy has its own requirements. For example, if you want to earn the ‘Master of the Realm’ trophy, which requires dominating all areas in the game, it’s crucial to explore thoroughly and conquer every enemy stronghold. Additionally, some trophies may require you to make specific choices or complete certain quests in a particular way. It’s important to pay attention to any hints or clues provided throughout your journey and make decisions accordingly. By being resourceful, observant, and strategic in your gameplay approach, you’ll increase your chances of unlocking those elusive trophies and showcasing your dominance over the realm.

Is There a Trophy for Completing the Game on the Highest Difficulty Level?

Yes, there is a trophy for completing the game on the highest difficulty level. By conquering the challenges that await you at this level, you’ll prove yourself as a true master of Elden Ring. It won’t be an easy feat, as enemies will become more formidable and unforgiving, but the satisfaction of obtaining this prestigious trophy will make it all worthwhile. You’ll need to employ all your skills, strategies, and knowledge of the game to overcome every obstacle in your path.


Elden Ring is a game that offers an immersive and challenging experience for players. This Elden Ring trophy guide helps you understand the game mechanics, explore the vast world, and master combat techniques, you can dominate the realm and collect your trophies. Defeating powerful bosses will test your skills and uncovering hidden secrets and lore adds depth to the game’s narrative. Customizing your character’s appearance and abilities allows for personalization while unlocking secret endings and alternate paths adds replayability. Maximizing your build and playstyle ensures that you can tackle any challenge that comes your way. And if you’re looking for an extra challenge, mastering the game for speed runs and other challenges will put your skills to the ultimate test. With its rich gameplay mechanics and rewarding progression system, Elden Ring is a must-play for fans of action RPGs.

Nial Setterfield


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