7 Craziest Pokemon Go Things That Have Happened In Real Life

Pokemon Go In Real LifePokemon Go, now, is officially the most played game of all time in terms of active players.

It overtook another hugely popular Android game Candy Crush to become the most played game of all time within a month of its release date.

Pokemon Go has also overtaken the likes of Angry Birds and Niantic Labs previous game Ingress.

But more players in any video game, means more mess.

Unfortunately, instead of being played in the virtual world, Pokemon Go is a video game that you can only play in the real world through the use of a technology known as Augmented Reality (AR).

The latest series of regrettable events that have been involved with the game include two dead men.

Yes, you read that perfectly right. A man found a dead body while he was looking for a Pokemon through his smartphone.

The craziest part is that this wasn’t even the first time that players found a dead body while hunting for Pokemon in the augmented reality game.

This is, believe it or not, the second report where a Pokemon Go player has found a dead body.

CBS Boston reported that a player in New Hampshire sighted a dead body in Salmon Brook (the exact place is Nashua New Hampshire if that wasn’t clear before) and immediately called the police.

Police officials told CBS Boston that Pokemon Go players had nothing to do with the dead bodies as the game only lead them to the location of these bodies in an attempt to find rarer Pokemon.

MeowthPokemon Go does put hard to find Pokemon in obscure places, only, this time, the place was so obscure that the player found the body of a dead person instead of a new Pokemon.

Officials also said that the death did not seem to indicate towards an act of mischief but for security purposes, they were keeping the victim details private for now.

If that wasn’t enough for you then here are the craziest 7 things that have happened in the real world as a result of playing Pokemon Go in the AR world.

1. Man’s Home Becomes a Pokemon Go Gym

Boon Sheridan, who lives in an old church house, took to Twitter to let the public know that his house was indeed marked as a Pokemon Go gym.

As a result, swarms of people parked outside his home to train their Pokemon Go characters and fight with each other in different multiplayer modes the game offers.

Boon said that now his driveway is being blocked and his life has become slightly more uncomfortable since he isn’t used to so many strangers staying outside his house.

The funny part about the whole situation is that, Boon doesn’t even know what Pokemon Go is.

However, Boon adapted well to the new environments and took the time off to take a photo with the man who owned the Pokemon Gym that was assigned to Boon’s house.

2. Holocaust Museum Became a Poke Stop

Now, granted, Pokémon Go does have the tendency to make players go into really weird locations such as near rivers or over bridges but this time, the game actually spawned a Poke Stop inside the Holocaust Museum.

As a result, people flocked into the museum to take advantage of the Poke Stop.

Some people thought that it was inappropriate to make such a place a Poke Stop.

Some players posted pictures of a coughing Pokémon inside the museum but that picture has been taken down now.

But there is no denying the fact that the museum’s environment has been visibly disturbed by Pokémon Go players.

The director of communications of the Holocaust Museum has said that they are looking for avenues to get in touch with the video game’s management and request them to kindly exclude the museum from the video game’s list of historical places in order to guard the museum’s respect and the feelings of the people who visit the place for purposes other than to find more Pokémon.

3. Pokemon Go Player Was Presumed to Be Part of a Drug Deal

If you aren’t careful where Pokemon Go may take you in your quest to hunt down and train more Pokemon, you might end up hurting yourself in more ways than one.

Some players reported being in the middle of a busy road unaware that their hunger for more Pokemon might actually get them killed.

Similar was the case with a Reddit user who found himself in an empty park.

The Pokemon Go player went inside the park hoping to find more Pokemon but instead found two guys who the user described as “sketchy”.

It turned out that those two guys were also Pokemon Go players and were in the park to add to their own collection of Pokemon.

Things got slightly more serious when a cop spotted the three gentlemen and started to question them thinking that three Pokemon Go players were sorting out a drug deal.

The three Pokemon Go players proceeded to explain to the cop that they weren’t dealing in drugs and were only present in the park to find more Pokemon.

The cop did get convinced that nothing fishy was going on but it took even longer to make him understand how the game worked, claims the 40-year-old Reddit (named “SlothOfDoom” on Reddit) user.

Eventually, the cop got around the idea of an Augmented Reality game and downloaded the game himself to relax after a hard day’s work.

4. Man Caught a Pokemon While Wife Was in Labor

Pokemon Go is, by all means, a game that wants you to move through the world in order to catch some Pokemon.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t just stand in a place and get nothing.

If you are patient enough, Pokemon does eventually reward you for your wait time.

A user on Imgur (popular online photo sharing platform) posted a photo of him trying to catch a Pokemon by the name of Pigey outside while his wife was admitted in labor.

His child wasn’t even born at that time but it is safe to assume that this guy won’t be winning any more “father of the year” awards.

5. Pokemon Go Players Robbed While Playing, You Guessed It, Pokemon Go.

Niantic labs have made sure that they don’t run into too many lawsuits by warning players to be always aware of their surroundings in order to have a safe video game experience.

Regardless of that warning people still have found ways to hurt themselves by falling down the sidewalk or twisting their ankles.

But this incident even more sinister. Pokemon Go players were robbed by a couple of teenagers while they were busy hunting Pokemon.

Robbers used their know-how of the game and picked relatively secluded spots to lure their pray and then robbed them while their minds were preoccupied with evolving their Pikachu into Raichu.

The police said that they have caught the teenage robbers and now are investigating them.

Officials also said that the robbers might have committed more than a dozen robberies in total.

The robbers also targeted overcrowded spots like Petrol Pump stations and parks.

Police have warned, just as the game developers, to be super aware of their surroundings at all times in order to avoid getting caught in the middle of an untoward event.

6. Murder Suspect Caught with the Help of Pokemon Go

Not all is doom and gloom outside the augmented reality world of Pokemon Go as the game helped catch a murder suspect.

Two players were out in the market when their game froze and they had to hang around for a while. Eventually, they stumbled upon a man who was trying to kidnap a child. They took action and the cops eventually locked up the guy.

Later it was found that the guy caught was a murder suspect. The two Pokemon Go players who helped solve the case are now playing Pokemon Go and saving the world.

7. Teen Caught another Dead Body While Playing Pokemon Go

Another player who happened to be a teenager, this time around, found a dead body instead of a Pokemon when she jumped over the fence to look for a rare Pokemon near the river.

The girl spotted a body that she said looked like a dead man’s body.

The police came on the scene and confirmed that they body indeed was dead and had been floating over the river for less than 24 hours.


There you have it. Pokemon Go has taken over the world and is involved in everything from saving children from murder suspects to identifying dead bodies.

Be sure to share with us any weirder and crazy news in the Pokemon Go world (or outside it) in the comments below.


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