Legendary Pokemon Go Monsters No One is Likely to Catch

Published: 22 July 2016Updated: 27 September 2016

There are many Pokemon Go monsters you may not have captured yet.

You might not have noticed it (since you and all of your friends were so busy playing Pokemon Go all the time) but Niantic Labs did say that Pokemon Go augmented reality game would have all the first generation of Pokemon Go monsters.
That means that the game should have at least 150 Pokemon Go monsters. As you might have guessed by now, no one has been able to collect the full set.
For those who were wise enough to play the first few Pokemon games, the concept of legendary Pokemon monsters would not feel alien.
Basically, you had these big, bad and powerful Pokemon monsters called “legendary Pokemon”. These Pokemon were extremely difficult to catch when compared to ordinary Pokemon.
Sometimes, players encountered these rare Pokemon during storyline missions while other times some obscure conditions had to be met in order to spawn a legendary Pokemon monster.
Furthermore, sometimes you needed some kind of a special event to catch these legendary Pokemon. And those special events had little to do with the actual game. In other words, The Pokemon Company would tie some legendary Pokemon to events that took place near locations like game stores etc.
Why are you being forced to read all this, you may wonder? Well because then it would be easier to understand that Pokemon Go might intentionally keep some Pokemon monsters hidden in order to reveal them at a special future event.
In short, some of these Pokemon Go monsters are not meant to be found, caught and evolved under normal conditions.
Now we come to the really unusual part.
Some of these Pokemon Go fighting animals are not legendaries in the strict sense of the word.
Here are the Pokemon Go monsters no one has, yet, caught.


This Pokemon monster is special because, according to Bulbapedia, it was created after some horrible gene splicing and DNA engineering experiments.
Bulbapedia says that this Pokemon has the most savage heart and is able to strike fear into its opponents with cold glowing eyes. Not to mention that it is devoid of all compassion.
And that’s because this Pokemon was developed to be lethal in battle and that’s what this Pokemon is thinking about all the time. Defeating its enemy.


Bulbapedia states that this Pokemon can breed with any other Pokemon except the ones that are included in the Undiscovered group. It can also, not, breed with itself but can breed with Pokemon which are genderless. Hence this Pokemon is able to produce Eggs of other Pokemon monsters.


This Pokemon is a mixed baggage. It is literally a mixed baggage in fact.
This Pokemon has the DNA of every other Pokemon that is in existence and because of that, is able to learn any new attack.
Mew also has the power of invisibility. Bulbapedia says that is one of the reasons why some scientists believe it to be an extinct species of Pokemon.
It only shows itself to the one who is pure at heart and for most other beings it is just an illusion.

Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno

Bulbapedia reports that Articuno and Moltres have the powers of ice and fire. Their powers are also the source and origin of the oceans.
Zapdos, on the other hand, has the power of electric energy that forms streams and currents.

Does it All Make Sense?

Most of the readers would agree that the list makes a lot of sense.
Except for Ditto that is.
See, Ditto isn’t exactly a legendary Pokemon monster. To be fair to people who thought it was, it should be mentioned that Ditto appears very rarely in the earlier video games too. Some might have taken this to be an indication that it was a legendary Pokemon.
Its power of breeding is irrelevant as far as Pokemon Go is concerned. That may change in a future update and Niantic Labs, realistically speaking, might develop a breeding feature for Pokemon Go monsters along with other features such as battling and trading.
The absence of Ditto along with the absence of a breeding mechanism in the game suggests that Niantic Labs might be keeping Ditto as a surprise for Pokemon Go players.
Some fans of the series have suggested that Ditto may actually be a failed clone of Mew or MewTwo and that it would only appear when the other two Pokemon legendary monsters appear.
That makes a lot of sense too.


The trailer above shows a crowd (about 2 minutes into the trailer) trying to catch a giant MewTwo in Times Square with a timer (somewhere on the screen) that is running out. Apparently, all players can attack MewTwo at once and the moment MewTwo’s health is drained, it can be caught by everyone present at the event.
Needless to say, an actual event of this sort wouldn’t look half as spectacular unless Niantic Labs throws breaks the bank in buying some holographic equipment and what not.


Pokemon Go has taken over the world without even launching the full roster of Pokemon.

From the perspective of mechanics, it is certainly possible that such an event could take place in the real world. In fact, it already is taking place at various Pokemon Gyms where several players can pair with each other in their quest to beat a burly monster.
The only difference is that the “legendary event” that is shown in the trailer is at a much larger scale than the Pokemon Gym battles.
The thing Niantic Labs need to clear up is that if the legendary event will be a one-off event, that will only happen once at a specific location like the one shown in the trailer or not.
Because Pokemon Go has been able to attract massive crowds even at unofficial events, and with many players going to extreme lengths to capture their elusive Pokemon, the idea of an area-limited legendary event seems impossible.
People would swarm such an event and things could get out of hand rather quickly.
It’s a catch 22 situation for the game developers because if Niantic Labs don’t make the legendary event an area specific one-time event then the whole concept of legendaries would become redundant. If they do, player who reside in far away areas may feel left out
Whichever way Niantic labs go; they are in for some trouble from a huge fan base. Ingress’s experience would count little here as that game never reached the heights Pokemon Go has reached within the first month of its launch.
Some Pokemon Go players who are good at computer code, like NesstendoYT, were able to look inside the game’s code and found out that as far as programming was concerned, every legendary Pokemon was accounted for, even if they were not present in the game’s present state.
Another Reddit Pokemon Go player, Kylecito, looked for a specific code that was relevant to Ditto and other legendary Pokemon monsters. He found out that Mewtwo doesn’t have a BaseCaptureRate but only a FleeRate.


Legendary Pokemon Go monsters only appear when specific requirements are met on part of the Pokemon Go player.

If you didn’t understand that, then know that these stats mean that Mewtwo will not appear in the wild and will only be obtainable if certain requirements are met for a special event.
The Reddit user also found out that all Pokemon have “family types” and Mew is the only Mythic type Pokemon in the game.
Another Reddit Pokemon Go player was able to alter Pokemon Go’s code to spawn Ditto, but he says his Pokemon Go got unstable and crashed. Reddit user FrozenAquaCat said that the game didn’t allow him to throw PokeBall at Ditto.
Check out the video below if you want to know how FrozenAquaCat used a Python (a programming language like JavaScript or C) script to coerce the game to alter ordinary encounters and turn them into legendary types.

For now, no one knows how Pokemon Go developers will move forward in order to introduce legendary Pokemon into Pokemon Go.
Perhaps, that is a good thing as Pokemon Go players will finally take a break from the game when they have caught all the available Pokemon Go monsters.
If you got bored reading about all the code that was discussed in the video, then why not read up some crazy stuff that happened in Pokemon Go here.
And just for fun, if you don’t want to die while playing Pokemon Go, check this out.



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