Pokemon Go Buddy System is Now Official

Published: 5 September 2016Updated: 27 September 2016

Pokemon Go will get new features soon. How soon? No one knows.

Your favorite augmented reality mobile video game Pokemon Go will get a pretty cool Buddy System.

Niantic Labs, the developer behind Pokemon Go, confirmed the news only after some data miners on Reddit shared information about the new feature earlier this week.

Not sure if Pokemon Go needed any new features since the number of people who are playing the augmented reality mobile video game seems to suggest that the game is pretty okay at the moment.

But of course, what doesn’t improve eventually dies.

Pokemon Go is no different and hence the augmented reality mobile video game will get a new feature called the Buddy System.

As revealed before, Niantic Labs’ statement verified earlier reports on various online rumor forums that the studio was indeed working on a brand new feature for its wildly popular augmented reality mobile video game.

Niantic Labs also discussed more details about Pokemon Go and its new features through a blog post.

The blog post stated that Niantic Labs did deliberate over Pokemon Go’s new Buddy feature at a high level. The studio didn’t reveal more details about the new feature but, as of now, due to the sincere efforts of some online communities, Pokemon Go fans have a pretty good idea of what the new feature would entail.

In fact, it can be safely said that whatever is known about Pokemon Go’s buddy system has only made the new feature sound cooler .

Niantic Labs said that Pokemon Go players would be able to pick their favorite Pokemon Go monsters from their collections in order to make those Pokemon Go monsters their buddies.

The statement from Niantic Labs also revealed that the new Buddy System feature would open up unique in-game rewards and enjoyable experiences.

The developer behind Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile video game further added that Buddy Pokemon would appear alongside Pokemon Go player’s Trainer avatar on their in-game profile screen.

The new feature would add more helpful bonuses such as increased Candy reward for walking together.


Pokemon Go Buddy System will allow players to earn more XP legitimately

The blog post also indicated that Pokemon Go players would have the ability to change their Buddy Pokemon at any time of their choosing.

However, the studio made no remarks about when the Buddy Pokemon feature would go live. But the developer studio behind Pokemon Go did tease that it feature would be released very soon.

It has to be said that Niantic Labs was more or less forced to confirm the news about the new Pokemon Go buddy system.

Just days ago some gamers data mined Pokemon Go and discovered references to a new buddy system. Some believe that Niantic Labs confirmed the news today because of those discoveries.

In fact, Niantic Labs went one step further and revealed that in addition to the new Buddy System, the studio would also bring a lot more updates to Pokemon Go.

The studio also added that Pokemon Go players can look forward to experiencing the new features this fall.

Nothing has been confirmed yet about additional new features but the studio is likely to announce more information about upcoming features very soon.

Readers might recall that one of the first Pokemon Go post-launch features was the Pokemon appraisal system which allowed Pokemon Go Team Leaders to impart valuable information to regular PoGo(Pokemon Go) players in terms of battle tips.

The new feature also enabled users to see a PoGo monster’s attack and defense statistics.

The appraisal system was launched by Niantic Labs at the end of August.

Of course, the new Buddy System doesn’t have anything to do with the appraisal system. The Buddy System in PoGo will allow players to walk with their Buddy Pokemon which will enable players, as disclosed before, to earn more candy.

For those who have yet to play, PoGo augmented reality mobile video game: more candy allows trainers in the game to evolve their PoGo monsters to higher levels.

The confirmation of the new rumored feature comes at a fortunate time for PoGo since many players complained about the augmented reality mobile video becoming a “watch the meter grow” kind of game.

In the past, some PoGo players complained about the game’s mechanics which gave players no reasons to keep their early PoGo monsters.


Pokemon Go Buddy System will bring you closer to your favorite pocket monsters

The game enabled players to catch stronger PoGo monsters as their trainer reached higher levels.

As a result, most PoGo players dropped their early PoGo monsters because those earlier PoGo monsters were simply too weak to compete with the newer and stronger PoGo monsters.

Moreover, even though the new Buddy System is being received as a breath of fresh air for PoGo, Niantic Labs still hasn’t announced any new features that are related to the most in-demand game mechanics such as trading and an improved tracking system.

And while the buddy system might help PoGo players evolve their early PoGo monsters quickly, the smarter PoGo players will still continue to grind till they reach a level that is close to twenty before they decide which Pokemon they want to keep and which they want to leave.

After Niantic Labs shut down third-party Pokemon tracking applications such as Poke Radar, many fans of the augmented reality mobile video game decided to significantly reduce the time they spent each day on PoGo.

Most people who played the game simply did not have the time to go out in the wild and search for a Pokemon that was worth catching among thousands of useless Pokemon.

And since, most of the time, any PoGo player is far likely to come across weak Pokemon than a strong Pokemon, this resulted in some becoming disenchanted with the game.

One of the reasons why an improved and simplified tracking system made more sense than a Buddy System, is the fact that most players would first like to be able to search for Pokemon easily before they choose one as their buddy monster.

And besides, the introduction of a Buddy System which awards players more Poke Candy might still not be enough for most players since the urge to get to a higher level quicker than the next guy is an ever-present phenomenon in PoGo which pushes players to use unethical means in order to get ahead and become the ultimate Poke master.

It would be interesting to see what additional features Niantic Labs has in store for players who won’t appreciate a Buddy system before a new tracking system and a fleshed out trading system.

What do you think about Niantic Labs’ new Buddy System? What are the top three features you would like to see in PoGo? Do you think that Niantic Labs should have gone for a simplified tracking system before the Buddy System?

Do let us know your thoughts and opinions about PoGo by using the comments section below. And don’t forget to subscribe so we can inform you about any new upcoming features for PoGo.

Happy ending because you have to “catch ‘em all”.




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