Can You See Other No Man’s Sky Players?


Good news. It turns out two players can end up at the same spot in No Man’s Sky. Bad news: they can’t see each other.

When you think about the massive size of the universe that No Man’s Sky has been able to create through procedural generation, it seemed impossible that two No Man’s Sky player would wound up on the same planet.

But that is exactly what happened and it happened within 24 hours of No Man’s Sky PS4 launch.

The bad news is that the two players who met each other on the same planet were not able to see each other.

No Man’s Sky followers and fans alike, since the day it was announced how big No Man’s Sky procedurally generated universe would be, wondered if two players would be able to see each other if they ended up on the same planet at the same time.

The answer is a clear no at the moment.

The two players in question are TheSadCactus and Psytokat. TheSadCactus observed within the first few hours of his game time with No Man’s Sky that the planet his ship landed on had already been discovered, and named, by another player.

As mentioned before that other player was Psytokat. TheSadCactus proceeded to make contact with Psytokat by sending his new friend a message and after a couple of exchanges both players were seen on Twitch where they were streaming their progression in No Man’s Sky.

Both players then decided to show up in the same place at the same time in order to see what happened.

Needless to say, what they observed was zilch. In other words, nothing happened. No change was noted in either of the player’s universe.

At the time of writing this post, both players are still trying out different things in order to make some sort of a change in the other’s game universe.

But given the fact that you can pause the game, it seems that different No Man’s Sky players are located in different versions, or instances, of the same universe within the game.

As hard as TheSadCactus and Psytokat have tried, they have been unable to see each other either on the planets or near a space station outside planets.

In a 2014 interview, Hello Games senior designer Sean Murray clearly said that players would be able to see each other if they bumped into each other. However, he also stated that the chances of that happening were way less than minuscule since No Man’s Sky contained about 18 quintillion planet.


The two players who were present at the same spot could not interact with each other in any way or form.

Sean Murray, as awkward as he is in his interviews, has discouraged No Man’s Sky fans to talk or discuss multiplayer features within No Man’s Sky.

People are now wondering if Hello Games developers lied to the public about there being significant multiplayer options before the launch of the game in order to get more sales on launch date.

Though not telling the truth and just not being able to come up with a solution to implement a feature within the game are two entirely different things. One has to wonder as to why Sean Murray felt the need to mislead the public about what No Man’s Sky would and would not offer to those who buy the game come launch date.

It has also been revealed that No Man’s Sky Limited Edition Boxes have a PEGI stamp on them and those stickers are placed right where “Online play” icon was previously printed.

So just to make sure everyone is on the same page. Two No Man’s Sky spacefarers were able to meet each other on the same planet (out of a massive 18 quintillion planets) and could not see each other.

Not only could they not each other, they also weren’t able to interact with each other in any meaningful way.

Apparently, the two players (TheSadCactus and Psytokat) tried several methods like move around to notice environmental changes and set off explosives to observe the resulting blast in each other’s game universe.

But nothing worked. Neither of the two players saw any noticeable effect of each other’s presence at the same spot within the game.

No Man’s Sky is still a very impressive game and lack of multiplayer options would not have been a big deal except for the fact the NMS(No Man’s Sky) developer team had explicitly said in previous interviews and media talks that two players would be able to see each other if they managed to end up at the same place at the same time.

The two players, TheSadCactus and Psytokat, also tried other locations but after several tries both were forced to conclude that one player could do nothing to influence the other player’s universe.

It is certainly possible that the two players were simply unlucky. Maybe the game malfunctioned or maybe they were present in different “worlds” even though they were present near to each other.

Other possibilities certainly exist such as NMS may have experienced some server problems. But as of this moment in time, it is clear that the game simply does not have a multiplayer feature that allows other players to see each other.


No Man’s Sky developer team clearly stated in earlier interviews that players would be able to see each other if they met within the game.

Sean Murray, after hearing about the meeting between two NMS players, tweeted about how surprised he was. Though he didn’t address the primary question of why the two players weren’t able to interact with each other in any way.

“Two players finding each other on a stream in the first day – that has blown my mind,” he said. “We added a ‘scan for other players’ in the Galactic Map to try to encourage this happening. We wanted it to happen – but the first day?”

Another sign which indicates that NMS may have no multiplayer features is the game box itself. All NMS game boxes (along with store listings) labeled NMS as a singleplayer game.

And there is nothing wrong with that except that the past promotional nonsense clearly underlined online elements of NMS.

Perhaps, it is no wonder that a game which promised so much to its potential customers fell victim to its own hype. Sean Murray has been downplaying online multiplayer elements of NMS since the last few days.

He has also said that people who intend to buy NMS should not expect a multiplayer game.

“We do have some online features and easter eggs so people can know they are playing in the same universe,” he said in an older tweet. “It’s about cool ‘moments.’”

Hello Games has not commented on the two player meetup incidence. But Sean Murray did address the server status issue that some NMS players have experienced. Using his Twitter account, Sean said, “There are way too many people playing right now. Maybe some of you can just log out? Decide amongst yourselves plz.”


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