No Man’s Sky – Players Will Try and Reach the Outer Rims of the Universe on June 22

Sean Murray, the creator for No Man’s Sky, has an goal to let everyone who is interested in playing this title is not just your ordinary galaxy simulator as it is actually a video game. While there are many videogames out on the market that would boast meticulously crafted designs by artists and designers, this particular game lets players reach for the stars, and possibly even beyond that, as they travel to a fictional sci-fi galaxy which is populated in a near-infinite amount of planets. Each planet has its own ecology, which is generated by a PC or PlayStation 4.

No Man's Sky - Players Will Try and Reach the Outer Rims of the Universe on June 22

No Man’s Sky is Essentially Minecraft in Space, Minus the Blocks

No Man’s Sky delivers a breathtaking vastness that perhaps no other game has ever done before. There are many seemingly open-world games but many of them would just loop the map to create the illusion of an infinite world. While this particular title may not have an infinite map, it sure is larger than a whole lot of other titles in the videogame industry.

It displays a colorful art style which is reminiscent to classic sci-fi novels along with a moody background music (provided by electronic-rock band 65daysofstatic), this game captures the gaming industry back in 2014 back when it was first teased in E3 of said year and also within the Spike Video Game Awards.

No Man’s Sky (PC and PS4), which is scheduled to be released on the 22nd of June of this year, and it does not feature the usual narrative that are found in many games. “It’s not like a typical video game,” Murray stated. “You don’t start off in prison, then someone throws you a gun and you have to rescue your dad or something. It’s about finding these places and becoming more engrossed in them.”

In this game, you have the freedom to choose your playstyle. In other words, you can be good or evil towards other players. You can be a good citizen and help other players with the cultivation of their own planets, or you can be a total jerk and shoot them with a laser gun. The decision is entirely up to you.

Despite the seemingly endless possibilities that you can do within No Man’s Sky, the creator of the game suggests that it does have a natural conclusion to it and that is when a player reaches the center of the universe.


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