FlyBoard Air – The Hoverboard That You’ve Been Waiting for

Today’s hoverboards have left many with dire disappointment due to the fact that they’re not exactly floating on mid-air but have two wheels strapped on either side; but the FlyBoard Air is of a different sort. The makers of the water jetpacks have ditched the idea of water jets to strap what appears to be a jet turbine engine that can be stepped on. The company claims that it can fly for just about 10-minutes and has a top speed of 93-miles-per-hour (or 150-kilometers-per-hour). The device was created by Franky Zapata, a French jet ski champion, who had personally tested the device.

FlyBoard Air - The Hoverboard That You've Been Waiting for

The FlyBoard Air Lets You Fly up to 10,000 Feet, for About 10-Minutes

The FlyBoard Air claims to allow users to fly up to a maximum height of 10,000-feet into the air untethered. The height is equivalent to approximately seven Empire State buildings stacked on top of each other.

Over the weekend, Zapata has showcased the first footage showing the new FlyBoard Air in action. Although the company is responsible for creating the water jetpacks, they have ditched that technology in favor of an “Independent Propulsion Unit.” This will allow users to fly for just about 10-minutes. In the video, the French jet ski champion was able to fly off the ground at the height of 30-meters (or 98-feet). He hit a top speed of 34-miles-per-hour with a flight time of 3-minutes and 55-seconds.

A report by The Verge points out that the video does not actually show how Zapata took off from the ground. Furthermore, there are no specific details as to how the jet ski champion was controlling the device or what exactly is powering it. However, if you could look closely at the video, there seems to be a joystick that appears to be wired that can be found at the base of the device.

At the time of writing, there is no word as when the device will be available on public markets, or if it will even be available to the public in the first place. And of course, with just about every new technology that is introduced into the world, there will be skeptics. For instance, Yoni Heisler writes in stating, “The video is undoubtedly incredible, but sad to say that there’s no way that this can be real, right? I mean, the laws of physics simply won’t allow it.”

In the video wherein Zapata is shown riding the FlyBoard Air, Zapata Racing writes: “The Independent Propulsion Unit represents 4 years of hard work for a result exceeding all records. Although the UFO is still in prototype phase and won’t be on the market in 2016, it has exactly the same behavior as the WFD Flyboard Pro Series.”

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